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λ.w.t1998 3/fev/2013 às 15:39
I think my Batallion's backup is cursed D:
A day or so ago I bought a Battalion's backup from a tf2wh bot and everything was normal. After I made the purchase I noticed that I didn't get deducted credits. I thought it was a website glitch so I left it alone. The next day I went to tf2wh and I still had all of the credits. I thought I got a pass to free items so I tried to buy stuff. I was put in the trade queue like normal but I always got kicked from the trade. A bot finally added me but everytime it was an error. I tried posting it in the tf2wh forums but each time an error would occur. I decided to leave it alone. Now to the gameplay, everytime I get my rage meter filled I immediatly die. If I ever got the chance the use my banner my team would always lose. It could be a coinsidence but these things always happens when I'm Soldier. I'm starting to deal with it and Officially brand my Batallion backup a cursed one with a name tag. Do you guys have suggestions of what to do?
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ohno 3/fev/2013 às 15:41 
You're just having bad luck. I've actually stopped using tf2wh since there always seems to be an issue with the site or the bots are experiencing downtime. Aside from that your issues in-game are just a series of unfortunate events you are experiencing.
λ.w.t1998 3/fev/2013 às 15:46 
Maybe. I'm thinking of letting my friends borrow my Backup and see if they experience it too. If they don't have the same things happen then I'm just having bad luck.
the problem is you're using wh in the first place. That site is more of a ripoff than actual traders that follow spreadsheet's prices
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λ.w.t1998 3/fev/2013 às 15:52 
I only use wh if I don't feel like searching for someone with certain items that aren't always outrageaously high or if people don't give me the price I want of a certain item which I see alot on outpost. I actually stopped trading unless I need to.
ohno 3/fev/2013 às 15:52 
Escrito originalmente por SharkWithALaserBeam:
the problem is you're using wh in the first place. That site is more of a ripoff than actual traders that follow spreadsheet's prices

It's actually possible or at least was last time I used it to profit from the system by taking advantage on how metal and tools were priced. However the site is either experiencing downtime most of the time or the bots will instantly decline trades.

From observation though the admins are very rude but this is just my opinion. More or less I quit using it because it gets more and more time consuming waiting for a trade. Although I don't know about ripoff. The website (In its earlier state) saved you a lot of time and items were relatively cheap compared to spreadsheet prices as well as actual prices.
Zoxphyl (Banido(a)) 3/fev/2013 às 18:46 
I think my Buff Banner is cursed too. Whenever my rage meter is full or nearly full, I always get killed by a stray enemy before I can deploy the buff.
sdsas 3/fev/2013 às 19:52 
That website is not a ripoff to sell stuff that normally would take too long on other websites. Theres always little gems from time to time as well, i once bought a vintage bill for the price of a regular one and made some nice profit from it.
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