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Steam overlay issue.
So when I'mplaying tf2 i go to open the steam overlay but the buttons i assign the keys to never work. Yes I have check the box that allows steam overlay in game. I cant type if im in a trade. I can stillplay the game behind the steam overlay. I'm currently running on 10.6.3 snowleopard OS X(mac)
Thanks for your help!
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dev 2013年2月1日 17時13分 
It's your keyboard. Throw it at the house next to yours.
IT started to work for like a day but it quit again. Please help!
Are you using like a macro button, on which you set Shift + Tab?
im using \
but... you edited it to be a macro?

Are you using a keyboard which requires software?

Or did you just change the key?
I just changed the key
I dont have any macros.

YEah i have no clue.
can you even change the Shift/Tab without keyboard-side software/programming?

But then again, I don't know how it works on Mac's.
yeah if you go Steam > Prefrences > In-game >change key
I see.
Yeah like it wasnt working for like a week then yesterday it started to work. and then today it stopped.
Any other help?
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1-14 / 14 のコメントを表示
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