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Koromaru 31. jan 2013 kl. 23:43
What is your favorite Team Fortress 2 Class of all time.
I always wonder what other players like to play as the most. I am going to put my top 3, 1 from offensive, 1 for Defense, and 1 for support. Also hats and misc items don't count for a favorite class. I am looking in Personality, gameplay, and how useful the class is for the game.

Offensive: Scout
Now I just love the scout. He is so annoying, but we all love it. His personality is just funny to listen to. His speed is amazing and can distract other players. He is great for payload, and capture the flag. His Boston accent is just worth listening to. The Scout is fun to play as, and can make other users rage. I do rage when a scout annoys me at times.

Defensive: Heavy
The Heavy isn't one of my favorite class, but that dosen't mean he can be useful. Heavy is an easy target for snipers and spies, but he is just funny as hell. He is a simple minded man who he mostly cares about is his minigun Sasha. He can become a living tank with aided with a dispenser or medic. Also, his voice and insults about calling the other team babies is just funny. Also, Heavy is Russian.

Support: Medic
The Medic is my favorite class of all time. Although I don't play medic much, the medic is still awesome in every. His personallity is funny. The medic is just a satanic german who loves to play with body parts. Last thing, his medicgun. HANDS DOWN the most creative weapon in video game history. His gun can heal teammates to keep fighting. Also, his ubercharge can basically win the game. His ubercharge is so useful that you want to make sure your medic dosen't die.

This is my top 3 classes and I like to know what classes you like.

P.S: I like to give credit to The Green Scropian and Joshscorcher for showing me details about the nine classes. They are sorta the reason how I started to understand the Team Fortress 2 Story and character personallities when I was new to Team Fortress 2.

This is all I have to say.
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Frogmorton 1. feb 2013 kl. 1:54 
Medic; I really enjoy excelling as a medic whan I have grasped the tactics of 3 or more team members. Less than that takes the fun away, and supporting an attack force that doesn't think to protect the BACK of their attendant medic, well, ruins running as that class for me. Other times I think I have seen some of the best action sequences while mediccing.

According to the statistics, soldier is actually my most preferred. Sometimes wth th scotch etc <like flashbacks to rocket arena and such like> I just want to go hard out with a rocket launcher. I like to use this role to protect the backs of heavies and their support team. Don't get a lot of points but see a lot of successes.

Engineer would have to be my next fav, tho only when there are a number of team members inclined to defend their team assets (regardless of whether they thnk your sentry is in the RIGHT place at that time) or at least clear out spies in th vicinity of team assets. A team of engies working to the same gameplan can be an intriguing basis for some fun alterntative tactics. Or they can loose team support and be wiped out in seconds. Still always worth trying tho.

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Cenno 1. feb 2013 kl. 2:14 
I'd go with the spy because some of the things he says is just hilarious, and oh I appear to of burst in to flames
ohno 1. feb 2013 kl. 2:28 
Oprindeligt skrevet af Moccasin:
Go away person we don't care

Quoting his links is only helping him and makes it hard for mods to hide all links sometimes. Just think the more you quote people spamming those the more you spread out those links.
Zyroxeon 1. feb 2013 kl. 3:15 
>Gun that heals
>Most creative gun in history

u wot m8
Koromaru 1. feb 2013 kl. 3:18 
Oprindeligt skrevet af Zyroxeon:
>Gun that heals
>Most creative gun in history

u wot m8

Ok, there are other many creative guns in history, but The medic gun is my favorite. It's just my opinion. I do love the portal gun, Gravity Gun, B.F.G, etc.
Lucky Cinnamon 1. feb 2013 kl. 3:52 
Ignoring the spam bot for actual discussion!

Offence: I quite enjoy playing as a Pyro, although my style doesn't really favour being offensive. I don't enjoy being the front line player. Mostly, I'm content to Spycheck, push people off points (to cap or defend), extinguish teammates, and generally burn everything not on my side to ground if they get near the other team members.

Defence: Engineer. Sure, some people find it boring, but there's nothing quite like finding that one Sentry position with barely any blindspots and holding off an entire team for a few minutes. Healing with a dispenser and keeping the momentum of a push going is a bit of a thrill, too, even if you don't get MvP.

Support: The Medic. My favourite class and reason for my beginning to play. I can not help it. Maybe it's the almost complete control over who lives and dies. Maybe it's the fact that I'm the most important person on the team. Maybe it's the fact I can turn a random unskilled player into a god of death for a few seconds simply by doing my job and utterly obliterate any opposition. Whatever the reason, I've put three to four times as much time in as a Medic compared to any other class, and I quite enjoy it. Yes the occasional team full of potatoes might make me angry, but turning them into a force to be reckoned with is just another part of the job.
GITGUDZILLA 1. feb 2013 kl. 4:20 
I love playing as the Spy - been a sneaky bugger and helping the team any way I can is always rewarding!
3: Hmmm. The Soldier. He's the first class I learnt to play, I have had some absolutely amazing kills and vicious massacres with him, and I love any awesome WWII veterans.

2: The Scout. I've used him on 2Fort many, many times, and it's always almost ended up with me capturing the Intelligence. He has wonderful hit and run tactics, and he can dodge almost everything that's thrown at him.

1: The Pyro. I've found it fun to airblast projectiles, get quick kills, launch assaults and spycheck. He can even do teammates a service by lighting huntsman arrows, spychecking, capturing the Intelligence, and extinguishing fires.
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