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xx 31. Jan. 2013 um 15:37 Uhr
New Weapons for engineer?
I think that engy has too little weapons,does anybody else think that?
Also if you have any ideas for weapons,id like to hear them! :)
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Since an Engineer can make buildings like the Sentry and Mini-Sentry, I think all of the weapons available are adequate.
Engie is fine for now, especially when it comes to primary and melee unlocks, although an alternative pistol would be nice for once.

I think we should rather focus on getting the Demoman a new Stickylauncher [only 1 variation] and the Spy a new watch [only 2 variations].
The engineer already has enough uber-draining Pomsons, Wranglers for stalling pushes, and Gunslingers for annoying people without effort. He needs better balancing (and some clarification on what the RTR is *supposed* to do), not more items.
id like a wrench last wrench came out in may i think iunno
Tim Timsen (Ausgeschlossen) 31. Jan. 2013 um 16:32 Uhr 
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Wrench called "Vagineer's Revenge"

+ Gives you unlimited metal
+ Builds all buildings from scratch to level three in 0.5 seconds
+ Emits a 30 meter fire ring around your buildings
+ Can shoot sappers off
+ If you successfully manage to remove a sapper, the Spy that attached it will instantly die
+ Gives you the ability to warp around the map and über yourself when you want
(+ Possibly ability to shoot rapidfire crit rockets and see disguised and invincible Spies. )

- Vagineer's Revenge looks like PS Move
- Warping will cost you one health (unless you übered yourself before warping)

Though I bet they would nerf the rockets to normal crit rockets, knowing how Valve loves to mess up with Engineer!
Sheesh, either you're new to TF2 or you deny the fact that Vagineer isn't funny anymore (since at least 2011).
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Tim Timsen (Ausgeschlossen) 31. Jan. 2013 um 16:45 Uhr 
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xx 1. Feb. 2013 um 10:44 Uhr 
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hey tim,u seem to have a comment in every blog nowodays :)
OfficerBooty 1. Feb. 2013 um 12:19 Uhr 
I'd like to at least have a weapon that's more useful when fighting against spies besides a wrench. Like... something more long-ranged that'll uncloak them. I hate building an entrance at a supply and then surrounding myself in a corner with a level 3 dispenser, and level 3 sentry gun, and then a level 3 exit. It's annoying when a spy comes near me and kills everything and I have to chase after them with a wrench or quickly repair everything.

Agreed. An alternate pistol or new Build PDA would be nice.
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