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What is a pyro's "anti" class
I have been playing for a while now and when ever i have to go againest someone better than me I play a class that is strong againts what they play as.

BUT when ever i have to play vs a good pyro player im stumped.

I would first think heavy but he is too sluggish to keep up with a pyro that has a better long range side arms and can crit combo and close range.

then I would think another pyro with a shot gun but then im playing on my opponents terms and he is presumably better then me, so no you can't fight fire with fire on this one.

Spy maybe? hahah no....

soilder? ehh he gots that airblast, so that would destroy him and also mess with a demoman arssenal as well.

scout? eeh maybe.... but both classes are close range fighters. the scout is plays like a more extreme version of a pyro. he is faster and fights more effectively when he can shoot for near point blank, his pistol deals better "chip" damage from long range. the major issue with this class is how much of a feather wieght he is. the pyro just needs to hit a scout ones to have him burn to death.

So tell me what you guys would do when you have to face a better player that is using a pyro class
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ohno Jan 28, 2013 @ 10:50pm 
Personally I feel as though the counter for pyro is Scout and Engineer (Sentry only) and even those are loosely used in terms of counters. It's all about positioning in the end for Pyro.
dukevin Jan 28, 2013 @ 11:28pm 
The heavy. You make a good point but I still think it's the heavy because that minigun is so powerful up close the flame thrower can barely touch him. The pyro's only chance is the flare gun.
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Sentient_Toaster Jan 29, 2013 @ 12:00am 
Soldier usually either has a shotgun -- non-reflectable -- or gunboats, which let him reach areas that the Pyro can't get to or rain down rockets from mid-air (which, even if reflected, are difficult to reflect *back* to the soldier relative to reflects on a soldier who isn't moving at high speed through the air).

Scouts have a scattergun that two-hits just about anything but a heavy at point-blank, a pistol chipping away from mid, and enough speed to make it to a health pack or medic (or Mad Milk or Jarate) before they take much fire damage at all if they're only burnt a little.
ploopity Jan 29, 2013 @ 1:03am 
Royal Chairforce Jan 29, 2013 @ 1:19am 
<- Pyro main speaking.

While you can shut a Pyro down as an Engineer to an extent only matched by how much a turret screws over a Scout, the hard counter to a Pyro in direct combat is the Heavy.

A Heavy with situational awareness means game over; the damage output and health advantages on the sides of the Heavy are so big, assuming both players hit m1 the same instant a Heavy can spin up his gun and shred a degreastinguisher pyro with the Pyro dropping dead before the heavy went below 100 health - and this is assuming the Heavy hits only half of the bullets he fires.
The only thing a Pyro can try is spam long range flares and cross fingers for the Heavy to move predictably enough to enable repeated hits.
Harley (Banned) Jan 29, 2013 @ 1:44am 
Everyone except Spy and Medic can easily counter Pyro when you use their primary or secondary weapons.
If you can't keep your distance and if you run in straight lines, then it's your fault when a Pyro kills you with either the Flamethrower (+ Axtinguisher) or the Flaregun.
Scout : Scattergun + Pistol\Guillotine. Jumping, double jumping and speed outruns and play a Pyro.
Soldier: Rocket Launcher + Shotgun. Keep switching to make it unpredictable
Pyro: Airblast game\ Fire game\ Shotgun Game
Demoman: Grenade Launcher + Sticky Launcher. Same thing as Soldier. Stickies are much harder to airblast.
Heavy: Minigun. Priceless.
Engineer: Sentry\Mini sentry + Shotgun + Pistol\Wrangler.
Sniper: Sniping as always.
Spy can manage to use the primary for a certain extend but Medic is the first to quickly die.
smash Jan 29, 2013 @ 5:05am 
Pyro is super easy to counter, even the good ones. There are two weaknesses pyro has, they are range and bullets.

Scout- Heckle the pyro at mid where he can't airblast, a mid range scattergun shot does around 50 damage, so its only 4 shots to kill him. Pistol is also great for heckling, keep your distance and keep back peddling

Soldier- Use your shotgun if the pyro is good at reflects, if you have the gunboats get the height advantage and bomb him from above.

Heavy- Point your minigun at the pyro and press your mouse 1 button

Engineer- Stay behind your sentry and heckle the pyro at mid with your shotugn

Sniper- Keep your distance and shoot...

Demoman- Airburst your stickies and attack at mid where you are out of range.
Zyroxeon Jan 29, 2013 @ 5:10am 
Fight fire with fire.

Oh my gosh... that was just.. perfect... I now know my life meaning... it's.. it's beautiful :')
AWOOGA Jan 29, 2013 @ 5:11am 
If you're playing soldier and pyro's are giving you a lot of trouble I find Beggar's Bazooka + shotgun or righteous bison makes for a group of weapons thatare difficult to counter with a flame thrower.

As demo man I've had a lot of success with the loch n load, the high projectile velocity really helps hit scouts and pyros.
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templar Jan 29, 2013 @ 5:15am 
Originally posted by Zyroxeon:
Fight fire with fire.

Oh my gosh... that was just.. perfect... I now know my life meaning... it's.. it's beautiful :')



Fight Speed with Speed.

Fight Rockets with Rockets.

Fight Explosions with Explosions.

Fight Bullets with Bullets.

Fight Wrenches with Wrenches.

Fight Healing with Healing ( That doesn't make sense, though. AT ALL.)

Fight Headshots with Headshots.

Fight Backstabs with Backstabs.
System 32 Jan 29, 2013 @ 5:57am 
I fight fire with um, guns.
Guns solve everything.
Tin Foil Hat Jan 29, 2013 @ 6:12am 
Not sure if some of the people in this thread are entirely serious but be honest, you know it too, the Pyro has no hard counter when the Pyro is half decent.

Scouts ? Luls, thats what reserve shooter is for, free crits when they jump. We all know how hard the reserve shooter hits as well. 1-2 shots and theyre done, i do it all the time when i play pyro.

Combat Engineers ? Same plan as any other class, destroy the turret before going after the engineer. Dont stand still and let him pick you off while you destroy it though.

As for the Heavy, this solution works often for me. Lead the Heavy where you can LOS (Line of Sight) them, then rush him, you can either keep spraying him with fire or axtingush crit him, preferably the second. Remember to strafe around him, the heavy's pointblank hitbox isnt very good, bullets tend to have a hard time hitting people when youre point blank and moving around them quickly.

Soldiers almost never carry shotguns soo that whole arguement is pointless. Id say a good 90% of Soldiers carry some kind of banner or wear gunboats. Majority of the time you have no secondary option to deal with a Pyro. You can rocket jump away at that point but you have to hope you dont burn out. Other than that your rockets will be reflected, Direct Hit Soldiers can counter Pyros a little bit but only if that Pyro isnt experienced in reflecting.

Demomans projectiles are way too predictable, any Pyro that isnt W+M1 will be able to deal with this.

Blah blah, i dont think i need to explain the rest but i think most people can agree, Pyros have no hard counters.
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