Team Fortress 2
sudden drop in fps
hi, up until about a month ago I ws getting 40-60fps in every map on medium settings, then all of a sudden when I play on a big map like payload badwater, I get 10-20fps in big areas with players. lowering my settings and res didnt help. and HL2.exe doesnt seem to end when I close TF2, so I have to manually end it in the task manager every time. HL2.exe hogs around 50% of my cpu after game is closed.

anyone know a fix? Im using an AMD A4 laptop(it aint much but its enough to play well) and windows 7. Hard drive is halfway full and recently defragged it. I upgraded and downgraded drivers too. only thing I havent done is reinstall the game, which I'll do if there isn't another fix.

thanks for any help I can get.
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Not really sure. TF2 updates seem to nuke the game for people every time. Have you tried the launch option:

-dxlevel 81

Or turning multi-core rendering on or off? I can't say much, since I'm struggling with a bunch of unsolved problems myself on a system that used to run the game very well.

(to reverse the graphics changes of that launch option, you can use -dxlevel 95 or -autoconfig)
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