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Cheesellama Jan 20, 2013 @ 7:14pm
Which Advanced Weaponizer weapons would you like to see added?
I am just curious to see what AW weps everyone wants added. If you want them added, state which ones you want added and why. I'd prefer if you only state the ones that you really want and sincerely think are balanced. Please also state the stats of the weps for those who are unfamiliar with them. If you don't want any added, say that you don't want any added and state why.

I would like to see the Firkin Flamer and Penetrator in game. The Firkin Flamer is a flamethrower that lacks airblasts and has a very, very short afterburn that is 90% less than the stock flamethrower's afterburn. However, for alt-fire it sprays down oil which can then be ignited. (Enemies ignited by oil have a normal burn time.) I think that this would be a great defensive weapon for Pyro, since you can then put oil on a point or narrow gap and use a flare gun at a distance to ignite it. It's also good for setting up walls of fire to delay enemies from advancing. However, you can easily kill yourself by igniting oil you are standing on when you aren't being careful. It also stinks against spies due to lack of afterburn and attacking an enemy head-on is not always an effective tactic, making playing offensively harder for Pyro.

Then there's the Penetrator. It's a bow just like the huntsman, but it cannot headshot. To make up for this, it penetrates enemy players and gets one ricochet on a miss. While trying this out, I find plenty of times when I say to myself, "well, it's a good thing that I had that ricochet or that scout could've lived!" or "I'm so glad that the arrow went right through the heavy so that I could get an assist on the medic pocketing him!" However, I also say just as often, "Man, I wish this thing could headshot so that the enemy heavy didn't kill our scout in spite of the arrow going right through his head!" It also has the same taunt as the huntsman.

Now please post below what you would like to see in-game that is in Advanced Weaponiser if you think it is good.
Date Posted: Jan 20, 2013 @ 7:14pm
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