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Odd Engies gamemode idea
So, i've been watching some Saxxy entries, when i came across this:
and i thought, this would be a GREAT idea for a TF2 mod. Just some ideas:

Basic settings:
6-10 players start up on the same team. The maps will be in the format with large mazes, such as abandoned mineshaft systems, abandoned science facilities etc. The goal is to reach the exit of the map. However, players will encounter AI-controlled "Odd Engies", like in the video. There will be checkpoints scattered along the map, and all dead players can only respawn at a checkpoint when said checkpoint is reached by a player. Players cannot respawn otherwise.

Basic goons consist of small waves of Odd Engies. Only 6-10 will be spawned at any given time depending on player number. These engies can run on spy AI, basically being sneaky, ambushing, approaching from odd angles etc. They will also have different abilities, like cloaking, damage buffs, burn or bleed inflicting, agility etc. However they can only melee.
There will be a few large "abomination" bosses in arena-esque areas scattered around the map, that players must kill to proceed. These can run on giant robot AIs, and will have large health pools and multiple unique special abilities, like fire spit (flares), toxic auras etc.
There will also be rudimentary traps such as pitfalls and darts, things that would resemble what neanderthals would put down to hunt prey.

The main point of the Odd Engies mod would be to be creepy as hell, and the visuals will reflect that. The maps would look like crosses between Ravenholm and alien hives, with corpse pieces, blood stains, glowing alien goo, pods, crazy lightings etc., with added surrealness like the corridor of arms in the vid for added creepiness. The engies themselves, aside from distorted models, will also move weird, particularly the abominations, which would move as if it's completely made from rubber in slow motion. There would also be scripted ambushes, for example a part where players must climb through a narrow pipe to proceed, and half-way through, the thing at 2:30 in the vid appears on the other side and players have to kill it as it crawls in after them.

To help with survival, players will get a few extra perks at the start of each round, similar to upgrades in MvM, though not requiring money and is in turn only allowed to choose 3 different perks.

This is very much just a concept that i came up with off the top of my head that i wanted to share. It'd be great if someone made this idea a reality though :)
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Kinda sound like's ZF perks with checkpoints, and you'd have to make SO many models for the odd engies, because none of them are similar.
Definitely would be awesome, although the engie models would be one of the smallest issues I believe in getting it made. I like how it would give TF2 a more storylike gameplay mode, those maps are the most fun in my opinion.
Origineel geplaatst door The Mind's Reality:
Definitely would be awesome, although the engie models would be one of the smallest issues I believe in getting it made. I like how it would give TF2 a more storylike gameplay mode, those maps are the most fun in my opinion.
Jesus Christ you bupmed a thread from December 8th. Learn to look at the last post before you post something.
I hope this mode will come true because its very popular nowadays its kinda impossible to make the odd engi models you must make every size and shape
Kinda reminded of Vagineer.
I know I'm bringing back this thread, but I am sincerely interested in this gamemode being made, as well.

To expound on the idea that it should be a storyline, here's my two cents.

1) The Engineers have been "captured" by the unknown man in the blue suit, and is being used as testing fodder for a "replicating" portal of sorts. It would be just like in USAFMike's video, where one engie is being subjected to an unknown force (dark energy ball) and it is causing his DNA to be reproduced, but with abhorrent after effects. (This would create some kind of link between the Half Life world, and Mann's world.)

2) The other eight classes have to search for their lost companion and rescue him from the portal energy ball. However, they must traverse diverse landscapes, intricate tunnels, and variegated obstacles in order to reach their engie buddy, all the while running the risk of being attacked by the Odd Engies that have decent A.I.

3) Some Odd Engies would have similar abilities as the zombies in Left 4 Dead, those possessed by characters such as Tanks, Witches, and Boomers (Maybe not creating a link between worlds, but instead creating a somewhat familiar playing experience between the two. Since both are VALVe games, what the hell...)

4) Odd Engies would have the ability to teleport to their initial destination similar to the way Vortigaunts teleported in Half Life 1, thus creating a tense atmosphere for the players, since the engies could spawn anywhere and at any time.

5) Each of the eight classes would have one new weapon that has been adapted for fighting against the Odd Engies. Here's a few of what they might be like:
Medic - Tranquilizer needle gun (sedates/slows enemies so that they can be killed easier)
Heavy - Jackhammer (Hey, use an mechanical engineer's tool against their evil clones)
Sniper - Rebar Rail gun (Again, thinking about construction workers made me envision this)
Demo - Implosion Charges (Complete with T-handle detonator, but can't be carried too far from laid charges because of wire)

I've been thinking about this possibility for a while. If I think of more soon, I'll add them.

But seriously, someone does need to make this a reality for us VALVe gamers...
Meme Fortress 2 (Verbannen) 25 jul 2013 om 2:12 
Origineel geplaatst door Insanejughead:
I know I'm bringing back this thread, but I am sincerely interested in this gamemode being made, as well.
herp derp.
why would you bump this dead thread?
Legostyle03 (Verbannen) 25 jul 2013 om 3:22 
do you dont think it will be a bit too hard for the players
Origineel geplaatst door {λ³} Another brick in the wall:
why would you bump this dead thread?

Sorry. I didn't see the Grim Reaper's memo on which threads he had killed and carried with him across the river Styx. I guess I'll go play a game that is still very much alive, such as Pong.

Silly mortal me; he that would be willing to fork out more money for a VALVe game loaded with creativity.
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