Team Fortress 2
he guys,
im premium and everything,
and today i turned on steam because i needed to trade for the scotsman sculcuter because i had just gaunted the unusual haunted metal scrap and wanted to craft the headless horsemanns horseless headtaker
when i traded this dude it said you cannot trade with ...
when he traded me he said that the message said I ❤ F2P Newbs, Not Haters is not available to trade. More information will be shown to I ❤ F2P Newbs, Not Haters if they invite you to trade.

i restarted steam and traded like 3 other peeps and the same thing happened
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Buterol 30.4.2013 kello 16.12 
Maybe because your Steam Guard is disabled?
nope tried that
herro 30.4.2013 kello 16.17 
Internet Problem???
i have full internet
Having the same problem. Ever figure out why it's happening?
have u waited 15 days after Steam Guard was enabled?
Steam guard has been enabled for along time. I've tried trading with many different people so it's defiantly on my end.
Pinocchio 30.10.2015 kello 15.31 
my steam guard was on forever and it has been 1 year and 2 months. I still can't trade help please.
doesn't it say why you can't trade?
Good-Fella 14.12.2015 kello 17.01 
help me pls
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