Team Fortress 2
Nametag ideas for S Gunslinger
Exactly what the title says, have a nametag and want to use it.

Also, if one of you comes up with a name that's amazing, I'll give you a scrap or something.
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Ecolo 22.4.2013 kello 17.05 
I went with "Scrubslinger" as a name for mine once.
Octavia 22.4.2013 kello 17.15 
Eh, if I had name-tags and we assume I wasn't going to go with musical words to fit my persona, I'd probably choose something like "Mechanical Marvel" or "Magnanimously Mediocre Machination". Something like that, although I'm certainly bad with names because I think they need to have the same letter for each word included, but anyways, best of luck finding a decent name; I always think something someone manages to conjure up themselves is better than something someone else gives them, but to each their own.
Texas Style Cookie Dough Mixer
grandpappy conagher's right hand

( if you go on the tf2 wiki and look radigan conagher, you'll see what i mean)
Kirb 22.4.2013 kello 20.59 
I gotta HAND it to you, The iron grip, Super-Speedy-Mini-Sentry-Squeezy, Punch-o-matic, The Mini Sentry Slider Station, The rage maker, or The most obnoxious weapon in tf2.
Tolna 22.4.2013 kello 23.45 
Balance - "Pure and simple."

The Minute Man - "The lil guy's ususally gone in 60 seconds."

Muhamad Ali - "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bullet to the knee."

Bob - "He builds things."

Fist of Tebigong - "Gong yi tanpai!"

Waldo - "Hay! You found him!"

Trollider's Bane- "On Use: Prevent any and all Market Gardner or Mantread kills nearby."
*Nooga* 22.4.2013 kello 23.54 
Hmmm....Punch 'n' Judy? I dunno, naming block. If this was Pokemon I could come up with a gajillion, LOL
I GOT THE BEST IDEA SINCE PANTS. THE "W+4+1+M1 ENGIE". Basically W is to walk, 4 is the build tool, 1 is the Sentry, M1 places the sentry. :)
Mr. Bojangles lähetti viestin:
Texas Style Cookie Dough Mixer
Can i plzz use that name. Thx if u say yes
Mr. Bojangles lähetti viestin:
Texas Style Cookie Dough Mixer
Can i plzz use that name. Thx if u say yes

did you necro a years old thread just to say that?
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