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FPS Rate Help!
Hey There,
Let's just start off with saying that my PC isn't the best, but it's not horrific either. And it is definitely not the cause of my unstable FPS rate for TF2.

Moving on,

I've been playing TF2 for a good while now, having to deal with these unexplained FPS drops that seem to be coming from particles appearing in game (I'm assuming.) So let me explain the issue thoroughly.

My FPS rate is stable at around 100, when I first connect to a server. I play for about ten minutes (or less occasionally.) and then my FPS rate goes from 100, to about 6. And after another estimated 10 minutes, it solves its self, and returns to normal. This usually happens when I am close to players and or in a firefight with other people. I have issued and attempted to use various FPS configs, and numerous launch option tweaks (-dxlevel 80 being one of them.) They seem to help with the overall frame rate, but they do not solve the problem of the FPS drops that I get when particles and such appear on screen. Keep in mind that I am assuming that it has something to do with particles, and is not necessarily the main reason.

So I guess my overall question is - is this something to do with my computers hardware (If you need my specs then I'll post them a bit later), or is something wrong with TF2?

If there are any solutions to this problem I am having, please post below.

Thanks in advance mates.
Team Fortress 2 > Discussioni generali > Dettagli della discussione
Data di pubblicazione: 1 apr 2013, ore 17:22
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