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Hope Dealer Jun 19, 2014 @ 3:35am
Minigun ne- changes, and what they mean for you. (6/18/2014 patch)
Just like the stick 'em bombs, valve tweaked the minigun, making it ramp up in damage as you fire it. Also, the spread has been increased, but 'ramps down' as it is fired.

To get the same damage and accuracy as a heavy had pre-patch, a heavy would have to fire continously for one second.

To some this would make little to no difference, an example of someone who is largely unaffected it a heavy who remains spun up on the cart, firing continuously at any enemy no matter the range.

To others it can make a world of difference, an example of someone who needs to compensate for these changes is a flanking/ambushing heavy.

For straight up damage numbers, point blank the minigun does around 27 dmg per hit, ramping up to 54. This means that in the first second of firing a heavy has lost 50% of his damage, not counting for increased bullet spread.

For Heavies: This means that you are more vunerable when just starting to fire. You do less damage, and thus, enemies can take advantage of this to kill you, or your medic, while you ramp up.

For Others: This means that if a heavy is not spun up, you do not have to worry about getting evaporated instantly by a quick spin down. And if the heavy has fists or a non-shotgun secondary out he is easy prey.

As an important note: Currently, this ramp up is based on continous firing, not continous spinup. In short- if you stop firing, you have to start the one second 'slow start' all over again. If you un-rev, you have to wind up for .87 seconds and then fire for a full second to get to max damage.

What this means for heavies: If you even think there is a target still alive that knows your posistion, don't just spin up, you can shoot the air (care for ammo) until the target pops into view. While this gives away your posistion clearly, it keeps your damage at the highest. Don't, DON'T STOP FIRING BETWEEN TARGETS. I know it's a habit that some heavies have made to conserve ammo, or to just not look like an idiot spraying into the sky, but now it hinders your damage. By a large amount.

What all this implies:

Valve wants the heavy to be a frontline class, not a 'spin up at point blank range for free kills' class.

You cannot reposistion midfight without having to spend ~two seconds to ramp up your damage. This means that staying spun up is a must in many situations, and that means dodging is nigh impossible.

Chasing a fleeing target as heavy is now even more impossible.

Heavies are more reliant on a medic than ever before.

Trying to ambush a pyro won't work as well as it has before.

This should be everything, if I made any errors or forgot anything please, point them out ASAP.

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aaa a a aa AAA Jun 19, 2014 @ 3:38am 
why the ♥♥♥♥
Scott Pilgrim Jun 19, 2014 @ 4:01am 
And for all the reasons you named is this a stupid nerf.
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