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Community Created Content (Information & Guides)

These have been put together by TF2 community members for the benefit of all.

[INFO] Useful TF2 Sites And Other Resources!

Community Services

'Not for profit' services offered by community members.

[OFFICIAL] Free SFM Artwork Creator Ads

Class Q&A Discussions
Steam Community Discussions Rules and Guidelines

Yep. Shock horror, we do have actually some of these and you can find them here:

Discussions Rules and Guidelines

As you got this far it is probably safe of us to assume you haven't forgotten how to click links so you have no excuses.

Keeping these in mind when posting will hopefully spare you from the attentions of your Moderator friends.

(Face it guys, I don't expect you be angels, but there's a limit. I'm trying to be pretty laid back here. Let's try to keep it that way eh?)

There is also one other request we make in the ol' TF2 forums and that is:

Don't touch the poop!

If you see a crappy post, please don't reply. Just report the post and move on. Leave it alone so it can die like the rest of them.

Steam Community 101 Guide

There's also the AWESOME Steam Community 101 guide put together by many community members including some of us Moderators. I encourage you to read it as you can learn a heap about the features on the Steam community.

(It's also available in Russian, French and Turkish)

Forum Feedback

At great risk to his sanity a Moderator Better|Off|Dead operates a general forum feedback group for topics that don't belong anywhere else. Due to his blazing popularity, Better|Off|Dead cannot accept 'friend' requests so this is the most reliable way to contact him:

B|O|D's Karaoke and Burger Bar

Public Service Announcments

Below is a (very short) list of increasingly self-indulgent PSAs to guide you on your path to forum happiness.

So the forum is not cluttered with 'pinned' PSA topics one of these will rotated every few days for maximum forum awareness and annoyance.

Thread 'necro'

What's OK, what's not and how you can fight back against the undead:

[PSA] I wanna be a 'necromancer', Live the life of bans and danger.

Support thread 'derailing'

What's the best way to help users and avoid touching the 'third rail':

[PSA] 'Derailing' support threads - Don't mess with the fat controller.

'Low-effort' threads

What's a 'low-effort' thread and why we don't like them.

[PSA] 'Low-effort' Threads - Crushing your expectations since October 9, 2007.

Competitions - Everyone's a WINNER!

These are suggestions (not rules) for running and playing forum games:

[PSA] Forum competitions - suggestions

Slammin' the Trade Scammin'

Good news for a change. You get notified when Steam Support busts a trade scammer:

[PSA] Another reason to report trade scammers...

'Rate TF2 inventory' Obituary

The thread that was not quite too big to fail:

[PSA] Vale 'Rate TF2 inventory' thread 2014-2016

Forum 'Vox Pop'

Occasionally we have a bit of 'Vox Pop' (look it up you troglodytes) with you guys in thread form.

[Vox Pop] Dumb management tools (a.k.a. your thoughts)

A discussion on forum moderation - 'stop/start/continue'.

[Vox pop] - all these giveaway threads

A discussion on giveaways - what is cool, what is not.

[Vox Pop] 'Low-effort' threads

A discussion on 'low-effort' / bait / pointless threads and how they should be treated.

Thanks for reading!
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