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Fish Jun 2 @ 9:20pm
Anti-LGBT bots, and not giving up hope. (TL;DR at bottom)
Hello everyone, as of recently there is a new wave of bots known as Anti-LGBT bots. From what I've heard they are the Rick May was a Pedo bots, just now they spam homophobic and transphobic messages (and one that has anti-semitism in it too).

Being a trans person this was. Rattling to see to say the least. It's obvious this is because of pride month. So it's at least gonna be around for the rest of the month, and that really sucks. But we can't give up hope. This game has been a source of joy for me for a long time now, and I'm not gonna give up on it.

This is sorta about the Bot Crisis in general. If we give up on this game the script kiddies win, and specifically if we give up because of these bots in particular, bigoted people win. It's rough for everyone no matter what, but giving up isn't going to fix any of it.

If you are LGBT I recommend muting them all once you get in, and blocking their profile. There will still be a bunch, but blocking them keeps them from entering the same game as you. Of course you should also attempt to kick them, but you should do the other 2 first.

If you are not of the community, but wish to help, I also recommend blocking them as it prevents them from entering your game. You should also kick them, and maybe just occasionally post an LGBT positive message in chat, even if it's just a simple as saying "Hey it's okay you exist." That means a lot more than it seems, especially when faced with this ♥♥♥♥.

TL;DR: There are new aimbots that spam homophobic and transphobic comments, it's very demoralizing, but we can't give up. If you see them do the usual bot stuff, but also occasionally drop a LGBT positive comment to balance it out.

No matter what we cannot give up hope on this game. I hope everyone continues to be okay, and Good luck!
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