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Ace 0f Blades Feb 2, 2016 @ 6:55am
FAQ - MODO indie 901 + MARI indie 3.0 - UPDATED
FAQ - MODO indie 901 + MARI indie 3.0 - UPDATED


Q: What are MARI indie 3.0 and MODO indie 901 and how are they different than the full versions of MARI and MODO?
A: The indie products are available at a fraction of the cost but contain the full toolsets of MODO and MARI with some functional adjustments meant to service individual production needs. There are no individual commercial limitations on these products and can be used for paid projects.

Please see product comparisons below for a more detailed functionality comparison.


Q: Where can I purchase MODO indie 901 or MARI indie 3.0?
A: You can only purchase MODO indie 901 and MARI indie 3.0 on the Steam store.


Q: What versions are MODO indie and MARI indie built off of?
A: MODO indie: MODO 901 SP2
MARI indie: MARI 3.0

Q: What is the feature comparison between MARI indie 3.0 and full MARI?
MARI indie 3.0 Restrictions:
Project file (.mra) linked to Steam account / cannot be shared with other users
The UDIM texture patch count is limited to 6 patches per object
The object count is limited to 5 objects
Export texture resolution size limited to 4k and 16-bit color per channel
Allowed export formats: .exr, .psd, .png, .tga, .jpg
Output formats no longer available: .tif, .tiff, .hdr, .dds, and .ptx
Python scripting disabled
Session scripts disabled
Custom shaders not allowed
Advanced colourspace configurations and the loading of custom OCIO config files have been disabled. Basic "Nuke-Default" configuration is available, however.
The advanced Node Graph has been disabled, but nodes can still be utilized in Mari indie via Graph Layers.
2D colour correct filter has been disabled
Custom C-API plugins not supported
NukeMari bridge has been disabled

Q: What is the feature comparison between MODO indie 901 and full MODO?

MODO indie 901
EULA : Commercial for-profit use allowed for individual use, or individuals of a sole-proprietorship organization where only one license of each variant is allowed
OBJ and FBX export limit expanded to 100k polys
Limited Bake and Render resolution to 4k
Full dynamics toolset
Full animation toolset
Full rendering toolset
Command eval options in the system menu disabled
Remove Commands, Scripts and results from Command History panel removed except Undo
and History
Form Layout added
Python editor and third-party script loading disabled
Third-party plugin loading disabled
Kit management options from the system menu disabled
Export is FBX and OBJ only
Can only save in .lxf format, although can still import all formats.
Image save formats limited to .png and .jpg, .tiff and .exr
Network Rendering is disabled
Available on Mac and Win only
Full stock content is available for download

Q: Is MODO indie 901 or MARI indie 3.0 replacing my current applications in my library?
A: No, there will be a new app in your software library called MODO indie 901 and MARI indie 3.0 that you need to install.

Q: Having all of these apps in my software library is annoying. Why can't you just update my indie app to the new version?
A: Unfortunately we are at the mercy of what Valve can do on Steam in regards to the application packages. What this means though is that you have access to all of the previous versions if you own a perpetual license or you are current on the subscription.

Q: Why am I having performance issues while working in the Advanced viewport?
A: Powered by The Foundry’s Clear technology, the new advanced viewport lets you manipulate geometry and materials in a real-time setting that accurately displays lighting and shadows, BRDF materials, reflections, gloss, screen-space ambient occlusion, high-quality transparency, anti-aliasing, supersampling and a number of 2D post-processing effects. If you have older hardware and have issues running the Advanced viewport you can always switch to the default viewport for performance issues.

Q: If I run into crashes or find bugs with MODO indie 901 or MARI indie 3.0, where should I report them?
A: Please report in detail everything you did step by step before the crash in the Support Discussion thread. We will then send these reports to our QA department so they can try to duplicate what you experienced and fix the bug for a future service pack. (Please try to include a link to the download of your .lxf file as well)

Q: Can MODO indie 901 be used for baking and can it bake normal maps that are properly configured for the major game engines?
A: MODO can be used for baking. We are currently improving our baking features to allow for baking of normal maps that are compliant with game engines.

Q: Why is The Foundry so awesome?
A: We have no idea, but thank you for the kind words. We just do our best to make awesome tools for smart and creative people.


Q: How much does a new seat of MODO indie 901 and/or MARI indie 3.0?
A: $299 and $149, respectively.

Q: What are the subscription term options?
A: You can purchase a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription.

Q: How much is saved on a 3 month or 6 month subscription?
A: You save 20% per month for a 3 month subscription and 33% for a 6 month subscription.

Q: I already purchased the MODO indie 901 + MARI indie bundle, does that mean that I have to pay a second time now that MARI indie 3.0 just came out?
A: Fear not, MARI indie 3.0 is part of the bundle. If you upgraded the bundle when MODO indie 901 came out, then you get the 3.0 update free. It wouldn't be fair to charge you twice. ;)

Q: Will I be able to upgrade from MODO indie or MARI indie to the full version of MODO or MARI?
A: Yes, you may upgrade to the full version by contacting Brandon Reddick our MODO/MARI indie Advocate ( and providing proof that you own an indie version in the form of an invoice from your Steam purchase.

Q: What is the subscription cancellation policy?
A: Customers are allowed to cancel their subscription at any time through their Steam account. Users will be allowed to access their products until the subscription period has ended and will not be refunded a prorated amount.

Q: Is there a free demo (trial) of the product I can try?
A: We currently are not offering a free demo of the product.


Q: What platforms does MODO indie 901 and MARI indie 3.0 support?
A: MODO indie 901 will be available on Windows and Mac. MARI indie 3.0 will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q: Will a Linux version of MODO indie 901 be available soon?
A: Unfortunately no, since there is little to no demand for this currently.

Q: What are the specific hardware requirements for MARI indie and MODO indie?
MODO indie 901:
OS: Windows 7 and 8 (only 64-bit supported)
Processor: Intel Xeon/Core 2 Duo, Quad/Core i7 or AMD Opteron/ Phenom processor(s). Must support SSE2 instruction set.
Mac® OS X 10.7 or later (only 64-bit supported)
Intel processor(s), Core2Duo processor or higher.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 accelerated graphics, at least 1280 x 800 resolution
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Mouse or pointing device, including pressure sensitive tablets or 3Dconnexion 3D mouse
Internet connection required to access Steam

MARI indie 3.0:

NOTE: Mari increases its level of performance with newer, more advanced hardware configurations.
However, Mari is tested and capable of operating on many older, prior-generation systems. For this reason
we are listing below-minimum requirements, recommended, and on which tests have been performed.
Your particular needs may vary from that of other users.

Required Operating Systems
• Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks) or higher
• Windows 7 64-bit or higher
• Linux 64-bit operating system (CentOS/RHEL 5.4)

Minimum Hardware Requirements
• Quad-core processor
• 10+GB disk space available for caching and temporary files
• At least 4GB RAM
• Display with 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution
• An NVIDIA or AMD* graphics card with the latest drivers
• 1GB of graphics memory
• OpenGL 3.2* or higher

Recommended System Requirements
• 2.5+Ghz Quad-core processor
• 250+GB disk space available for caching and temporary files. SSD is preferable.
• 16GB RAM with additional virtual memory*
• Display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
• An NVIDIA or AMD* graphics card with the latest drivers
• 2+GB of graphics memory
• OpenGL 4.4 or higher support
*The use of virtual memory improves stability and helps prevent data loss on large projects.
Recommended does not guarantee that it meets your particular needs.

Feature Enhancements
• You can now fill patches with Face selection enabled, as you would with objects or patches. Simply select the faces
you want to fill, and select Patches > Fill from either the menubar or right-click menu.
• You can now create a Pass Through blend mode for Group layers that work similarly to the Pass Through blend
mode in Photoshop. In the Layers palette, with the Group layer selected, click on the Pass Through icon.
• BUG ID 50082 - The Data > Cache category has been renamed to Data > Project in the Mari Preferences.
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