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Prototype2033 Oct 25, 2017 @ 3:08am
Русских банят - Ban for Russian players
Заблокирован разработчиком игры
В общем играл 2 дня в H1Z1 King of the Kill
В игре море читеров, и производителю на них пралельно.
Убивают с первого выстрела с огромной дистанции, а я мог убить только в блези затаившись в доме с дробовика и то не каждый матч, в основном набирал очки за счёт выживания.
Лично я не понимаю читаков, какой смысл тогда в игре.
И тут в стиме я увидел мод. Футболка с надписью Россия, для персонажа.
Продаётся официально, и я купил.
Получается Стим меня попросту подставил, ведь после этого меня начало выбрасывать из игры с надписью потеряна сязь с сервером и на заднем фоне виден пинг соединения, что связь нормальная.
Потом я дня 2 не играл, а когда решил зайти поиграть увидел в стиме это:
1 игровая блокировка
При чём Стим не стал блокировать доступ к игре, видимо понимая что он сам и виноват.
Не когда не думал что столкнусь с подобным, но видимо некоторые стали диградировать и смешивать игры с политикой.

Мой игровой ник был: Morlok356
пришлось зарегатся заново, для связи с поддержкой.

Request #448546
Why do this?

Morlok357 Yesterday at 04:16
I do not have third-party programs on my computer. not viruses.
As soon as I bought it on Steam mod: T-shirt with the inscription Russia.
I started having problems. I was just killed instantly, after the match began.
Personally, my opinion is that it was not the system that banned me, but who really hates the Russians.
When I entered the game, I saw them jumping through huge fences and got up in the helicopter cockpit on the players' site, and I understand that they are scammers, but they do not become banned.
If you look at my statistics, it's clear that sometimes I can kill 1 player for 1 game at worst, and then hide somewhere in the house.
In an open country, I was killed preemptively from the first shot.
Sometimes I met honest players and it was immediately noticeable.
If you really do not want to see players from Russia on your servers, just write that we can not be hanged here.
Yours faithfully Mikhailov Sergey.

Morlok357 Yesterday at 05:17
Unfortunately I do not know English and translate with Google.
I read the automatic letter, the answer to my request, where it says that they block only with proof, etc.
But I hate cheaters. I do not understand what they are trying to achieve the goal, because the whole sense of the game disappears.
Could I be thrown out of the game by the same people standing in the cockpit of the helicopter in the team square?
My answer is yes.
Are some of them administrators?
My answer is yes.
Could one of them block me?
My answer is yes.
Is it moral?
My answer is no.
Of course, these are words of desperation, because the wording itself, that we do not need proof, says that no one will help.
Just a shame how unjust it is.

Stephanie B. Yesterday at 13:10
After reviewing your case it appears the account in question was permanently terminated a direct violation of Daybreak Games Terms of Service. We do not disclose our findings in these cases as 3rd parties could use this information to better circumvent detection, however we are confident the account was not banned in error. The decision is final and this account will not be released no further response will be given in regards to the account.

We always regret when this type of action is necessary, and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.


Stephanie B.
Supervisor Player Support

Morlok357 Yesterday at 13:38
You have not written: Why sell the game to Russian gamers, do not sell or cheat on different things.

Morlok357 Yesterday at 13:42
It's a pity that you go to politics, even in games, I'm genuinely surprised.

Morlok357 Yesterday at 13:59
I have many friends who, like me, hate cheaters and scammers, with your permission I will publish this correspondence on the website.
My friends know that I do not use cheats.
People should know the truth, even if it smells.
I do not want to offend you.
Russians have such a saying: in the family, not without ugliness.
Perhaps in your team he is.
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Manitou Dec 26, 2017 @ 2:17pm 
Как успехи? Сняли бан или как? Сегодня после 2 часов получил бан, читов, конечно, не использовал, тепрь хрен знает, что делать
LOUIS KÜSTER Mar 9, 2018 @ 11:33am 
Originally posted by Manitou:
Как успехи? Сняли бан или как? Сегодня после 2 часов получил бан, читов, конечно, не использовал, тепрь хрен знает, что делать
А у тебя Получилось снять?
OneLetter Mar 9, 2018 @ 11:35am 
For any ban appeals, they must be done via http://help.h1z1.com.
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