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Tim  [developer] Jan 11 @ 2:00pm
Android App Beta
You can join the Android Beta Test on Google Play if you would like to help us test new features and certain bug fixes. We don't recommend that you join the beta program if you don't intend to provide feedback as the beta may be unstable and may contain incomplete and buggy features.

To join the Wallpaper Engine beta, you can sign up on Google Play:


A beta test outside of Google Play is currently not available, as it's easier for us to manage the beta in all in one place. Keep in mind that Google Play rolls out updates with a delay, so if you expect an update, please always double-check the version number in the app settings and try looking for updates after a day or two to be sure the latest beta update has reached you.

Please also note that for certain features and bug fixes, it may be necessary to also use the beta version of Wallpaper Engine for Windows. If you intend to use the Android beta, you may also want to join the Wallpaper Engine beta on Steam to ensure both versions match:

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