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dacap  [developer] May 20, 2019 @ 12:01pm
About standalone DRM free version and keys for Steam users
Aseprite is DRM free
The Steam version of Aseprite is exactly the same as the portable/standalone one. Aseprite is DRM free so you don't need to start Steam to execute it. You can create a direct shortcut to the executable file to avoid starting Steam when you run Aseprite. To do so go to Aseprite properties on Steam (right-click Aseprite on Steam, or Ctrl+click on macOS), and select Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files (step by step guide[]).

Getting keys
We don't offer keys (or Humble Bundle keys) to users that purchase Aseprite from Steam.

Why? The Steam platform doesn't give us a proper way to check how a specific user got its Aseprite copy (e.g. through Humble Bundle, or, so we cannot check if the purchase was made from Steam itself or redeemed from other website. As this cannot be validated, we cannot avoid a situation where an customer redeem an Steam key and then ask for another key (getting two copies for the price of one).

Until Steam doesn't offer an solution/API/etc. to this issue, we cannot do nothing about it. (There are other problems like the ability to check if an user can still refund the product, etc. but they might be solved in other ways.)

If you would prefer the standalone versions (.zip/.exe/.dmg files), or don't want to install Steam to install Aseprite, or you have plans to close your Steam account in the future, you should buy Aseprite from the website:
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