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Alchemist's Awakening

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Create your own weapons, tools, items and creatures. Share your most beautiful buildings and discover what other players have made.
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Recent Announcements
0.84b - Share your maps on Workshop
Update 0.83 - More scripting options
New Syntax:
function <name>

if <condition> then

New accessors:
entity.blockx - entity.blocky - entity.blockz
entity.targetx - entity.targety - entity.targetz

New Commands:
  • call calls a function previously defined
  • spawnMob spawns a mob (wolf, thief...)
  • spawnItem spawns an item/weapon (chest, sword, custom item...)
  • placeBlock places a block of specified type in the world
  • removeBlock removes a block
  • spawnSchematic paste a building to the world
  • timer sets a timer to call a function after some time
  • raycast cast a ray to find the first block in the looking direction
  • display shows messages with custom style on screen
  • ...

A full guide of all commands will be available soon here:

Other news:
  • You can now update your custom items/weapon on workshop
  • Effects now follow the item correctly (for example you can create a Fire Sword, see below)
  • Mobs spawn less frequently during the day and more during the night
  • New shortcut to rotate a block when placing it: press R
  • Bug fixes

Thanks again for your support, the next update will focus on more content and new mobs!