Alchemist's Awakening

Alchemist's Awakening

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My Thoughts On The Game So Far
I purchased the game as i love building games especially ones with loads of mods and you can have the beauty of somewhat realistic looking world not like the minecraft type. I am not really into magic spell type game either but because i noticed you could play creative mode on this game i thought i would give it a go. I loved the look of the trees and sea. The placing of more than one block at a time is really great.The animals look really cool too and loads of mods. I have only played in creative mode so i cannot comment on anything else. I am really enjoying the game so far you can spend hours just casually building and designing, very relaxing.

Now what i didnt like.

I thought there would be some nicer looking areas on the map to build but the ground all looked the same too many hills and all cluttered. I tried the flat mode but that was just bare i think it would have been nice for the creative mode if there had been at least a sea and some trees etc or you where able to add them when choosing creative flat land area rather than it just been as it is.

Nice game but i think the maps are too hilly and cluttered.

I have just been notified that there is a flattening tool thats so cool just what i needed, now how to clear away all those little floating stones is the next thing as it will take ages to remove them one by one. If you know of a tool please let me know.
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