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Question/Request regarding Hotbar Numbers & Keys
Firstly, cool game. It was a rough start but once I was able to figure out the basics I've been able to really enjoy it.

1. My first question is about the hotbar and if there's a way to cycle through the hotbar items 1-9 without pressing the actual number; something like Alt-Left/Right. Can this be implemented?

2. Also, I see that you can put approximately 3 (or is it 4?) additional items (after the 9th) before the first item begins to get shoved along the hotbar, to the left, out of existence. However, there is no button/hotkey assignment (that I know of) for anything past position 9 on the hotbar below. Can the 0, dash, and equals keys be included in as part of the hotbar numbers or did I just miss something?

3. Is there a dedicated hotkey that will allow my character have an empty hand? The purpose being that I often switch back and forth from something like "heal" for the light and so I can run without automatically flying and using up all my air; and I set my hand to "air" so I'm able to acquire materials/elements. In any case, if there isn't a hotkey for this, can this also be implemented?

Please let me know if any of this doesn't make sense or requires clarification.

Thanks for your time!
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Osaris Games  [developer] Jun 6 @ 2:21pm 

If you have a mouse you can use the mousewheel to cycle through the hotbar or use the 3 additional items.
Currently there is no option to bind other hotkey for this.

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Très super ! Thank you for the quick reply. Assigning mouse-wheel directions to my controller should work quite well for what I want to accomplish.

Additionally, is there a way to empty my hand, with respect to question number 3?
Osaris Games  [developer] Jun 6 @ 5:41pm 
Not really, to empty your hand you need to have the first item of the hotbar selected and use the mousewheel once to the left.
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I can work with that. Thank you.
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