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Trillnar Oct 12, 2017 @ 5:26am
This game has made great progress. And a few Suggestions
I have not played this game in many months . I am more of an explorer then a fighter. I mostly Use the creative mode to look around and explore . I love the introduction of paths and roads . I have even seen a few good houses and a few NPC's

This is well on its way to becoming a great title.

I really have not run into any real towns or villages yet. I would like to see the game generate small towns and villages. It would also be nice to have a mode where the main goal is exploring, crafting , trading and nos so much fighting.

Keep up the good work.

Does anyone have any good seeds they can share that have any towns or villages in them ?

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I totally agree as i am the same as you and i only play creative mode because im not into fighting. I love exploring, building and crafting, i found the maps too hilly and cluttered.
Visit my map "Providence" if you like to explore. Available transportation includes cars, trucks, ultralite, A10 Warthog,2or 3 speed boats,lifeflight helo and custom Chopper.
Lots of different city districts many buildings and houses fully furnished and decorated!
(Shameless Plug)
Floyd ^A^--your shameless plug worked! I'm going to check out your map, it looks really interesting :)
Cool. I spent countless hours on it. It was a lot of fun to do.
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