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Fix for improving framerate for Metro 2033 100%
To improve Metro 2033 framerate go into the directory
(AppData\Local\4A Games\Metro 2033\user.cfg)
Double click or edited in txt
Before you do it you can backup the file if your uncertain
Overwrite (Copy and Paste) the text below into text (user.cfg)
After save and quit and the game should run smooth 100%
You can change the resolution by editing after (r_res_hor) OR (r_res_vert)
Comment for feed back

_show_subtitles 1
ai::feel_vision off
ai::feel_vision_ex off
ai::graph off
ai::graph::links off
ai::graph::normals off
ai::graph::radius 10.
ai::look_body off
ai::look_head off
ai::path::detail off
ai::path::patrol off
ai::path::vertex off
ai::patrol off
ai::space_restrictions off
aim_assist 1.
bind changemenumap kESCAPE
bind wpn_1 k1
bind wpn_2 k2
bind wpn_3 k3
bind wpn_4 k4
bind wpn_5 k5
bind medkit kQ
bind forward kW
bind use kE
bind wpn_reload kR
bind time kT
bind wpn_next kLBRACKET
bind wpn_prev kRBRACKET
bind menu_enter kRETURN
bind crouch kLCONTROL
bind lstrafe kA
bind back kS
bind rstrafe kD
bind wpn_light kF
bind gasmask kG
bind console kGRAVE
bind sprint kLSHIFT
bind accel kX
bind crouch_toggle kC
bind nightvision kN
bind map kM
bind jump kSPACE
bind cam_zoom_out kSUBTRACT
bind cam_zoom_in kADD
bind pause kPAUSE
bind up kUP
bind left kLEFT
bind right kRIGHT
bind down kDOWN
bind wpn_fire mouse0
bind wpn_aim mouse1
bind nightvision x_dpad_up
bind gasmask x_dpad_down
bind wpn_next x_dpad_left
bind wpn_prev x_dpad_right
bind changemenumap x_start
bind map x_back
bind sprint x_left_thumb
bind wpn_light x_right_thumb
bind time x_left_shoulder
bind wpn_reload x_right_shoulder
bind jump x_a
bind crouch_toggle x_b
bind use x_x
bind medkit x_y
bind wpn_aim x_left_trigger
bind wpn_fire x_right_trigger
dbg_cameratrack 0
fast_wpn_change 1
g_autopickup on
g_debug_levels_enabled 0
g_diff_start 1
g_game_difficulty 1
g_input_hand 0
g_laser 1
g_quick_hints 1
g_show_crosshair on
gamepad_preset 0
inv_y_controller 0
invert_y_axis off
joy_sens_adhersion 0.8
joy_sens_aiming_x 0.4
joy_sens_frict 0.5
joy_sens_linear 0.
joy_sens_x 1.
lang_sound us
lang_text us
mouse_aim_sens 0.208
mouse_sens 0.4
msaa 0
ph_advanced_physX 0
ph_ce_sound_distance 70.
ph_ce_sound_maxvelocity 50.
ph_ce_sound_minvelocity 1.
ph_dump_stats 0
ph_enable_int_coll 1
physx_connect_to_agperfmon 0
physx_connect_to_debugger 0
r_af_level 0
r_api 0
r_bloom_threshold 0.01
r_can_miniformat 0
r_dao 0
r_dbg_portals 0
r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 1
r_dbg_texture_usage 0
r_deblur_dist 10.
r_dvd 1
r_dx11_dof 1
r_dx11_tess 1
r_exp_temporal 0
r_fullscreen on
r_gamma 1.
r_gi 0
r_gi_distance 16.
r_gi_intensity 2.
r_gi_overlap 0.5
r_gi_quality 0.4
r_hud_weapon on
r_light_frames2sleep 10
r_mipcolor 0
r_msaa_level 0
r_quality_level 1
r_res_hor 1280
r_res_vert 768
r_safe_area 0
r_sun_depth_far_bias 0.
r_sun_depth_far_scale 1.
r_sun_depth_near_bias -0.
r_sun_depth_near_scale 1.
r_sun_near_border 0.666
r_sun_near_range 16.
r_sun_tsm_bias -0.
r_sun_tsm_projection 0.3
r_supersample 1.
r_vsync off
s_dbg_peak_meter 1
s_dbg_portals 0
s_hdr_graph 0
s_master_volume 0.50
s_music_volume 0.50
sick_camera 0.
sick_fov 45.
sick_mblur 0.
sick_mouse 0.
sick_slowmo 0.
stats off
vibration 3
xbox_state_data (18)()
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> Comment for feed back

Ok... instead of pasting an entire config file, care to explain which changes are actually relevant to increasing performace and what impact you're making on image quality. No doubt lowering the resolution to 1280x768 makes a huge difference on both dimensions. Enabling aim assist, what's that got to do with framerate? Ditto volume level to 50%?
Makes it easier without taking step by step you can change it in game or the text
Just making it easier for people
The raw config file kinda makes it easier for people to make a mess of their game config, changing things w/o knowing what their changing and why, or even if it's appropiate for their hardware.

If you explained what you changed and why, that would be more useful. One config does not fit all hardware, explaining what hardware you've got and the resulting fps with that hardware would also be helpful.

I see you've dialed down the image quality quite a lot by setting r_quality_level 1. Framerate will go up for sure, but it won't look nearly as good. Depending on your hardware, you might be able to get framerates up w/o giving up nearly so much quality with some fiddling. Maybe try turning of DOF for one... r_dx11_dof 0

Fwiw, the single biggest config change to increase framesrate for me was setting r_vsync on. That was the tip given in the "Free FPS Boost Guide"... it worked great for me. And changing the FOV made the game less claustrophobic which was nice, sick_fov 60

I have no idea which settings your changing to 'improve' frame rates here. Having all settings in a text file to edit is a different subject/issue.
I had framerate problems before but i got it fixed from this forum . I turned V-sync off but still get l bad frames.
The vsync setting in the config file is not what it appears to be. As far as i can tell, turning it "on" does not actually enable vsync at all, but it does have some side effect that counter intuitively increases frame rates. (Somebody speculated that having it "on" disables some 3d stereo processing that saps performance... a plausible guess i guess).

Anyway... fwiw... if you have a gtx 670, i'm pretty sure you don't want r_quality_level 1 or 1280x 768. You can do much better than that.
Im playing on a laptop hahah which helped me improve the frames from like 20-60

If I had to lower settings that much... I just wouldn't bother. There are better ways of improving FPS; cut MSAA as low as possible/ disable or cut anisotropy plus the suggestions others have made.
Always run on DX9.

Im using a GTX 770 so i dont really need to but i get 60 average and 40 lowest (can actually drop to 20-30 at some points) with DX11 and 110 average and 80 lowest all high settings and DX9

Literally next to no difference in image quality either. 100% True.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: ORAS; 2013. aug. 25., 12:14
Works so good now! Cheers!
sick_fov 45.

It wouldn't matter if i change this to 90 right?
You can try but it would require more rendering which may be the cause of lag.
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