Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

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This game should be renamed "Bug Hunters"
I don't think there's anything really less fun than being attacked literally every turn(sometimes 2-3 times per turn) by swarm queens from across the galaxy. Every game I play on larger maps becomes completely unplayable by about turn 150 with 4-6 queen moving through my territory at any given moment. coming from so far away that attaking their home hive isn't a viable option, at least for another few hundred turns. Every turn starts to take upwards of 30 minutes, and thats is all you do is hit the end turn button. And its not like the battles are difficult or rewarding. Nope, same tired ♥♥♥ queen with the same tired ♥♥♥ swarm every damn turn. Adjusting the random encounter slider doesn't seem to help at all. Just as many queens at 10% as 100%. In other words, cut the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t and just rename the game "Bug Hunters in Space:Enhanced Edition" or something. At least you'll be mentally prepared for the hundreds of hours of fighting the same damn swarm over and over. You'd think there'd be a bug repellant tech tree. Some galactic Raid or something. But nope. Also, the AI seems to refuse to do its part to clean its areas of space so half the time if I want to attack a hive I must first declare war, and fight my way through the enemy, for the sole purpose of killing a hive. And thats if I'm lucky enough to have it be in range of anything. I can't even imagine trying to deal with this as the humans or any race without direct travel capabilities. Even playing as the Loa its just exhausting to deal with, the swarms come from so far away that I can't place gates to the planet and have enough cubes left to fight anything when I get there(if i can literally place enough gates). So yea, unless you enjoy bug hunting stick to 2-3 player maps. And even then it can get annoying.
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well theres 2 things you can do about this.
1) go bug hunting really early on nd kill as many as you can find.
2) turn down the random encounters.
Dude 19 janv. 2013 à 9h01 
1) Have you played the game? That is not possible. Could you elaborate on how you can fly across an entire map "early on"? My fleets mission range seem to be limited by supply. I don't know about yours. This means to get out that far i have to colonize, build stations, possibly construct gate networks/node paths. Did you even read the post?
2)Only the chance of inital queen/hive spawn is conrolled by that slider, as mentioned in my post, turning random encounters down to 10% does nothing for the severity of an infestation should one happen to spawn. It really leaves you with the option of no random encounters or risk discovering at turn 100 that the map is full of hives and you're getting hit at 5 colonies every 3 turns or so from multiple directions 30+ lightyears away.

I'm not looking for assistance with an issue, if I don't want swarms I can turn off random encounters completely. I am posting this in the hopes that one of the devs or someone sees it and thinks "hmm, maybe we could tune the swarms a bit, and maybe make the AI able to deal with them too" not because I want suggestionson how to handle them. I can deal with them just fine, its just the few hundred turns it takes to get to that point is not fun, due to the high frequency of attacks, as well as the incredibly long range of the queens. If the queens could not fly farther than a fleet with 4 supply ships, this wouldn't be as much of an issue, nor would it be if they only attacked every 20 turns or so. I don't feel I should be forced to play 2 player maps or turn off random encounters completely to avoid the constant tireless harassment.
Pear 19 janv. 2013 à 9h42 
if swarm queens work like in the first game (i dont really know if they do) then try finding the place where they are spawned from
its theoertically possible but in practice slightly harderi will admit.
Either turn them off via modding the Commonassets.XML (or turning all randoms off ingame), or learn to field fleets with energy weapons insteas of ballistics\missiles and placing Supply ships with your fleets.

Ship Supply directly affects the endurance of your fleets. Having a fleet with lots of energy weapons using almost no ship supply will give far more endurance than a fleet fielding ballistics or missiles. Or, as said before, bring supply ships along.

Swarm Queens also only set up shop in asteroid fields.
Dude 21 janv. 2013 à 5h57 
Wow. I explicitly said I didn't need assistance. Also Rossina...You did not read my post NOR the comment to the other guy that wanted to help me out. I don't understand what energy weapons has to do with anything at all. I use energy weapons against the swarm. The problem is not killing the queens/hives, its the fact that I have to fight a stupidly easy combat between every damn turn. Thus making it take about 6 hours to get from turn 50 to turn 100. Never said i was losing to the queens, Hell afaik they have never killed a ship, not a single ship...ever. I wish they were harder tbh.
Also, on larger maps, i don't care if you make your ENTIRE FLEET out of supply ships(and one command) you're not gonna make it out to where some of the hives are attacking you from. And if you DO, then you have a fleet of supply ships against the swarm, not sure how well that would work out for you. YES, you CAN develop the technology to make it out to them, or expaknd toward them until you can make it, but it takes a couple hundred turns, and during that time you're fighting 2 queens per turn. Not to mention its not even viable with all races. For example, Humans have to follow node lines. What if there is an enemy empire between you and the hive(which has happened to me several times...) I mean who are you talking to with that comment? If you bothered for one minute to read before posting you'd see that I already covererd all that. Hell I even made the comment "My fleets are limited by supply. I don't know about yours" to the previous guy. And proceeded to explain why that was not a viable option. But whatever. Can't expect people on the internet to stop and read what they're replying to.

As an aside, thanks for the Commonassets.xml. I may just do that as a temporary fix.

Again, I reiterate, I do not need help. I just want the damn swarm attack rate/distance to be tuned a bit.
if you dont need help dont post it on the steam forums. you want to make this kind of complaint take it to the kerberos forums.
Dude 21 janv. 2013 à 9h29 
Is expecting people to read and comprehend English asking too much? The title of the post in no way implied that I required assistance. It was an opinion. The Steam Community is not for help only. Opinions may be expressed here as well. Look around, you may notice a few.

If you wanted to voice your opinion on the subject, that would be more than welcome. It just frustrates me that everyone who bothered to reply to my opinion did not bother to read it, even enough to notice that it was, in fact, an opinion.

As a side note, after posting the OP here, I did go to the Kerberos forums, as well as the Paradox forums, but in both cases noticed somene had beaten me to it.
for this game the steam forums are pretty much for help pnly since the devs come through here once in a blue moon.
Then remake your thread on the Kerb forums. Attacking our reading comprehension is adorable as well, considering the tone of the post is nothing but a whinefest.
Dude 22 janv. 2013 à 5h54 
Guess you missed to comment where I explained that such a thread already exists on both the Kerberos and Paradox forums. Ah well. Also, I imagine most any negative opinion more than a few words long could be considered a "whinefest". Not sure where you were going with that. But oh well. I'm done with this thread unless someon actually has an opinion on the subject.
You brought the responses onto yourself "Dude", instead of being thankful for people posting when they believed you needed help, you became hostile. This means that have you no one to blame but yourself for the responses.

In the future, when you post a topic and someone mistakes it for you needing help, don't attack the person by claiming they lack reading comprehension, that's a very quick way to not get any help at all in the future.

Also, reading your OP, it DOES sound like you were asking for help. So, in reality, it has to do with the tone of your OP that is the reason people believed you were asking for help. Some people have provided suggestions on how to fix the max-swarm problem (as I call it), you really should be thankful that people posted at all, some threads that involve people asking for actual help never get responded to.

I never had much of a problem with them even on big maps but i can imagine this to be just really monotone and boring
you can ban swarms from the game without affecting other random encounters by going to
STEAM/steamapps/common/sword of the stars II/assets/base/commonassets.xml an just change line 39 from <EE_SWARM>1</EE_SWARM> to <EE_SWARM>0</EE_SWARM> with an editor

or you could also symply ignore my post as you only seem to be interested in ranting around instead of solving your problem
Dude 22 janv. 2013 à 13h36 
Thanks Gigan and Rossina. I glanced through that file and found where to change the spawn rate of the queens. I'll try playing with that, or just turn them off.

And Gigan, thanks for not suggesting anything that doesn't really address the issue, or is impossible. :D

I do love to rant.
Wow they really couldnt admit to not reading your origonal post. Personally tho my solution to this problem is just to turn off random encounters. And yes i agree that the way
Queens work right now is overly over the top.
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