Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

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woofer 3/dez/2012 às 17:34
Hello All,

I’m looking to buy a laptop soon and am wanting to play Sword of the Stars II and the End of Flesh expansion on it.
I’m a little strapped for cash, so I wasn’t wanting to spend more than $600 to $700 dollars on it.
I understand I will have to turn the graphics options way down. Can anyone recommend
a laptop in that price range that would run this game?

If anyone is successfully running this on your laptop, could you please tell me what GPU your laptop is using?
Is this GPU list still accurate? http://www.game-debate.com/games/ind...he%20Stars%202
Any one running it with the Intel HD4000 mobile?

Thanks in advance for any info that might be helpful!

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Kinakin 3/dez/2012 às 17:52 
atm the biggest demands seem to be of the CPU. so youll prbly want something with base clock of 3ghz or more. When it comes to laptop GPUs thats a crap shoot as there are way to many variations between laptops.
Shadow 4/dez/2012 às 6:21 
I have a Dell XPS 17L X17L-3333ELS, which has the i5-2430M CPU and the Nvidia GT 550M Graphics chip, it came with 6 Gig's Memory and I upgraded it to 8Gigs. It runs SotS2 flawlessly with good speed and fps (during combat). I would not count on the Intel HD 4000 running it well graphically (it'll do it, but it'll be slow. Also SotS2 does not "officially" support the HD 4000.

My advice is get a strong CPU (faster the better) and a dedicated graphics. I got my Laptop Oct 10 for 739 and it was a great purchase. It's a shame you didn't get your system during Black Friday or Cyber Monday (week). There were some super deals.
I have a Lenovo y570 that I got for about $650 a while back and it plays this game very well. It has a 2nd gen i7 and a 555m Nvidia card (with an Intel 3000HD integrated). Nice little mid-grade laptop for games. I don't know about a 4000HD, my my 3000 doesn't run this well. Obviously I use the Nvidia haha. Anyway the y series from Lenovo is great if you want a game laptop and don't have a lot to spend. I'm sure the new ones are nice. The only thing (though this has nothing to do with performance) that I don't like about it is the screen. It's one of this washed out looking ones with low viewing angles. Aside from that, I recommend looking into them!
woofer 8/dez/2012 às 16:00 
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all of the usefull info. I ended up buying a Dell Inspiron R17 at Bestbuy for 879.0 0. It has an I7 at 3.4 ghz, GT650M 2gb gpu , 1tb hard drive, and 17 inch dispaly. It runs SWotS II with all maxed settings. The only negatives are it has a 5400 rpm drive, W8 and only does 1600 x 900 display. I'm really starting to like W8 the more I use it. Overall I'm very pleased with this laptop. It also has a backlit keyboard which helps with those late night gaming sessions I had to plead with my better half a bit, but she finally gave in and now she wants one too!
Thanks again for you opions!
Shadow 9/dez/2012 às 8:24 
Great purchase woofer! I wish I had a bit more cash available when I got mine. At the time the Dell Inspiron R17 SE was 1049. So great deal indeed. Only thing I would caution you on, is keeping that laptop cool, so hope you also got yourself a good laptop cooling fan/pad. ;) Yeah bummer about the 1600x900, but then again my 17.3 inch is also a 1600x900 and for my old eyes works fine. Plus you can always invest in a LED monitor and get better resolution that way! Enjoy! (P.S. I can play SotS 2 the same, max setting and it runs flawless. :) )
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