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Grimnar Mar 18, 2013 @ 3:57pm
Pirates. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***?!?!
Ok. So. I'm a huge fan of space exploration and space empire games. I've played and loved them since Masters of Orion, and both its sequals. Have thrown hundreds of hours into Galactic Civs 1+2, SotS 1, Sins, the X series, Endless Space etc. etc. But this game is just such a mechanic bloated, buggy, irritating joke in so many ways...

In any case, I'm trying to work with it. There are some fun, and in many cases, interesting aspects of the game. It has to be worth it, right?(!) I've read the manual front to back, watched how-to-plays on you tube, and trawled forums.

213 turns into my latest game. For the last 170 turns, I have been plagued by pirates.

Not the swarm, or Von-Neumann devices, or Slavers, or Spectres, or even the fabled Ghost Ship - my admirals have ♥♥♥♥♥-slapped them all. But, PIRATES. .........PIRATES?!?!?!?!

I have FIFTEEN Police Cutters (in the defence fleet) of every system that has a Civilian Station in it, as these are supposed to lower the chance of piracy events occuring. A ratio of one Cutter per Freighter in each system is reccomended. Some of my systems have three, or four Cutters per Freighter. I have an upgraded Naval Base in most every system, as these are supposed to also lower piracy. I have fleet strength (at least eight cruisers) defence fleets in most systems on permanent patrol. But those motherf***ing pirate fleets just keep on coming. And coming. And coming. Sniping the Freighters in these heavily guarded systems, and fleeing before my fleet can get to them. And even if they kill a freighter, and move directly toward my eager fleets, weapons batteries, and clouds of planetary missiles, with zombie-like deathwishes the absolutely f***ing ridiculous 2 minutes and 30 seconds that you're given to complete a pirate raid battle (no matter the battle duration that you specify in the game settings - all my other battles are 12 mins. What's uip with that anyway?!) you're lucky to kill ONE PIRATE.

This has to be fixed. It's ruining the game.
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Strange. When I build a naval station, leave it unupgraded and add two police cutters (or four, if I'm within 10 ly of a Horde system), I don't generally get any pirate raids. I also haven't heard of this recommendation, either, as the whole thing isn't based on the number of freighters, but some simple factors you can find here[sots2.rorschach.net], in case you didn't already know.

I can think of only two reasons. One being another empire having researched Commerce Raiding (I haven't tried that yet, so I have no idea how exactly it works, but you could load the game as one of the other players and check whether they've researched it - it's in the C3 tree), the other being a bug, in which case I strongly suggest you go here[www.kerberos-productions.com] and upload your save game so that Kerberos can have a look at it.

The pirate battle length is strange, too, but that's not a bug, that's by design. It would make sense if the timer was based on your settings, but shortened by either a percentage or a fixed amount of time. I have no idea why they went with a fixed duration.

Edit: I just learned that my preferred race, the Hivers, have a bonus I didn't know about. The chance for them to be raided by pirates is lowered by a whopping 30 %, so that's why I'm basically immune to pirates. Take everything said above with a grain of salt if you're not playing Hivers. That being said, Convoy Systems in the C3 tree gives you the same bonus, albeit with a 5% loss in trade income.
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thundercactus Mar 18, 2013 @ 4:51pm 
Try stardrive beta. It's in beta (as the name suggests), but it's new, and way more fun than SOTS 2
IMO the only way they could make SOTS 2 any fun is to turn it into SOTS 1 with a good graphics engine lol
Originally posted by thundercactus:
Try stardrive beta. It's in beta (as the name suggests), but it's new, and way more fun than SOTS 2
IMO the only way they could make SOTS 2 any fun is to turn it into SOTS 1 with a good graphics engine lol

Be advised, though, that Stardrive is real time all the time. While it's a really good game, some people might not like that aspect.
Surge Mar 18, 2013 @ 6:44pm 
the part that gets me with stardrive is that it's a real-time turn based game, and while simple and easy to comprehend, I often feel this approach cutting into my ability to get much anything done in a manner that even resembles quick
going back to the OP im curious as to what kind of freighter he is using

also have you deployed your cutters in the defense/battle manager?
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Poodlestrike Mar 19, 2013 @ 11:27am 
Dude, that's pretty weird. Haven't had that problem before...
Grimnar Mar 20, 2013 @ 7:01am 
Unwerth: Many thanks for your detailed reply - I've loaded the game as all seven other players: none have Commerce Raiding researched. I'm going to try and get Convoy tech, it's become an essential one on my list! Interesting about the hiver bonus - I may have to give them a try. Am playing SolForce in this game fyi.

Stardrive does look good - but i'll most likely wait for it to come out of beta. Have spent more than enough on games recently (:P).

Commander Methos: I'm using standard freighters (Not the larger version that can be researched.) but they're upgraded with Pulse Phasers, and the top end structural and armor techs. The cutters are all deployed in the systems' battle managers, and along the routes where freighters usually get jumped. The trouble is, even with eight or ten cutters getting into a fight, i'm finding that they get wiped by five pirate cruisers. I'm beginning to remove them from the battle manager as the micro-managing required to replace lost cutters is getting old.
You're welcome. :)

Once we've figured out why you get so many pirates despite having so many cutters and solved the problem, you'll probably want some to stop the raids outright. In the meantime, you might want to try Q-ships, which are essentially standard freighters with loads and loads of weapons. You unlock them by researching Modular Construction[sots2.rorschach.net].
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