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cybergebi  [developer] Jan 3 @ 12:13am
What happend in 2017 and why was there no update.

first off i'm realy sorry that there was no Update in 2017. I will try to explain this and hope you understand.

So, im the only one developing on this and last year was very difficult, it started with my finals and studying for them in almost the first half of the year. I graduated in July and had to move into my first own flat really fast after that. So i got a full-time job to pay my living costs. Because of the full-time job it already was pretty difficult to get enough time for developing. Second, my PC broke and it's sadly still not working as it should, so i don't get into developing as i want. If your pc makes problems and crash all the time it doest make fun developing and it costs much time resarching and trying to get it work correctly. It's now 4 years old and my gurante is expired so i was saving money to buy a new machine, for development it should be a bit stronger than the normal pcs, but now i got the money and should recieve the parts in the next weeks to build it together. I now try to get more time for development as i releaized the last days (also New Year) that i got way to lazy regarding doing what i loved for years.

And sady, there was also a kind of fear visiting the Game's Storepage and Community seeing more hate. I'm really greatful that there still is support and feedback even it was way to neglected by me.

I want to be more active and hope you understand, i got new fancy ideas and i'm working to get multiplayer running stable in Q1 this year :)


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Vision Runner > Announcements > Topic Details