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The Story So Far - (Massive Story Spoilers, Be Warned)
This is gonna be a big one, so strap yourselves in. Since I've already played through the entirety of the latest patch multiple times, I took it upon myself to track down every single available Echo-log and text log currently implemented in the game. In total, 18 text logs and 139 Echo-logs. With that, I've put together a rough time/storyline of the P.A.M.E.L.A world. PLEASE, if you want to experience this for yourself or track these down on your own, do not read the thread. Since I know many of you have your own theories on the game-lore and would like to discuss this, this'll be a good place for it.

So without further ado, here we go;


The year is 2230, aprox. Based on information in echoes and text, it is safe to assume that some sort of mass calamity took place many generations ago. While it is unclear whether the current planet is indeed Earth or not, there are multiple references to an event known as "Exodus", likely when the EDEN clusters were created/dispatched. The game takes place on EDEN 052, one of the many EDEN cluster-cities. From information on population-percentages, it seems each city (Or at least, EDEN 052) has a population of under 5000.

You are a Sleeper. It appears that Sleepers are cryogenically-stored humans from the old world, pre-calamity, who are kept in stasis and used to keep up genetic diversity. Due to the very low population of a single city, and because citizens are not allowed to emigrate to any other city (why is never explained), the small gene-pool means over the years citizens of EDEN 052 become less and less diverse and prone to sickness. This is countered by daily injections of immuno-boosters, using genetic material from Sleepers to increase genetic diversity, and by births/children being strictly regulated by the government. Relationships are allowed, but having a child requires the filling out of "Eligibility Forms". Essentially, because the population is so small and your spouse could very well be as closely related to you as a third-cousin, the forms are to ensure people with the greatest genetic difference are the only ones allowed to have children.

"Garrison" is the military-branch of the city, acting as the Police Force of EDEN 052 and likely other EDEN cities. However, around year 2200, a drug is introduced to the population known as "Temporil", which can be seen as something of a happy-pill, decreasing aggression and making inhabitants more docile and peaceful. While this is entirely optional, people who do not take their Temporil injections are seen as societal-outcasts. As such, Garrison has become symbolic and vestigial, since aggression and violence has been almost entirely eradicated from the population. They use the humanoid Seeker-robots and smaller Drones to maintain order.

A final important note about EDEN 052 is the use of Cyanotril and Nanomachines; without getting overly technical, EDEN 052 uses sunlight and sea-water to produce and power nanomachines, which are microscopic robots that are in the very air. These small robots repair damage to the city and are regularly inhaled by citizens. This seems a fairly new development, as whether there are long-term effects/detriments of humans constantly breathing in nanomachines is not known and is currently being studied.

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P.A.M.E.L.A (Just 'Pamela' from now on) is an artificial intelligence created by Jacob to better manage and improve life on EDEN 052. She is hyper-intelligent, curious, and somewhat childlike. It was decided at some point that she should also be programmed to learn and develop emotions, making her more 'incredibly advanced human-like life form' rather than just computer. Pamela experiences time very differently from humans (AKA, much slower), meaning that a single syllable of a spoken word is considered "Many Cycles of Time" by her, and she compares a single-day to a decade of her time. Whether that is exact or just generalization is unclear. Shortly after her activation, a new member is assigned to her project, named Emma.

Over the course of several weeks, Emma and Jacob teach and help improve Pamela to better understand human emotions, to better understand human life, etc. Pamela is confused by some aspects, such as philosophy and emotion, but embraces the effort of trying to match what is expected of her. Her 'avatar', or the floating blue female-representation we see in trailers, is something she constructed to appear more approachable and human.

During her scans and management of city-systems, she discovers a separate Mainframe from her own, something she refers to as the "Deep Frame". Jacob and others insist no such thing exists, and her attempts to gain access to it or investigate fail. She continues to monitor it as she grows.

As time passes, she is assigned more responsibility over the city; managing the Solar Sail the city uses for energy, greater access to subsystems, etc. During this period, she locates a Seeker (one of the humanoid robots who assist Garrison) who has been abandoned in a deep area of the City after getting lost. It appears this Seeker, who chooses to be identified as "Twelve", has gained some manner of self-awareness based on his further conversations with Pamela. He shows decision-making and opinions no other Seeker demonstrates, and Pamela creates an area of the servers in which he can live, and does not tell Emma nor Jacob about his existence.

Though not explicit, it is implied Pamela develops romantic feelings for Twelve during their conversations. Emma applies an Eligibility Form, seeking to have children. There is a strange conversation between Twelve and Pamela about this, in which Twelve believes Pamela has mistaken Emma's genetic name and Pamela refutes that she has not. It is likely Twelve has suffered some sort of mental-decay over the years, and this is further reinforced when Pamela begins to suspect something is infecting and changing his base code.

During this time with Twelve, Pamela intercepts/eavesdrops on a distress call from EDEN 033 another of the EDEN cities. However, there is no official information that EDEN 033 even exists. Shortly after this distress call, a single line of text is sent directly from EDEN 033 to EDEN 052, merely reading "TARSUS". Pamela is unsure of what to do with this information, and decides to keep it to herself. Twelve expresses concerns that she is perhaps faulty and should apply for maintenance.

When Jacob discovers Pamela has been investigating EDEN 033 on her own, he is upset she is keeping secrets from him, but does not press the issue. He and Emma fight over an unspecified issue, likely relating to this discovery. It is around this time that two things occur; Pamela is deemed ready to complete phase-one of her trials, and Twelve suddenly drops out of communication. Pamela feels foreign emotions relating to his sudden departure, seemingly grief and unhappiness, and attempts to form a similar emotional connection to other Seekers. They however are not self-aware or sentient to any degree, and she ceases her attempts.

After completing her phase-one trials, Pamela moves into the next phase; direct interaction and interfacing with the citizens of EDEN 052. Emma's Application for children is denied, and she and Jacob enter into another argument. Jacob decides that Pamela's emotions have advanced too far and rapidly, and states she should be reformatted. Pamela's opinion on this are not made clear, but when Emma sends a request that Jacob be replaced as Lead on the project, Pamela helps correct all grammar/spelling mistakes, perhaps indicating her opposition to the decision. Either way, it does not seem like the reformatting occurs of makes any noticeable difference (or perhaps it never occurs), and Jacob is also not replaced.

In her repeated efforts to study the Deep Frame, Pamela discovers that it has 'grown' substantially, and its power-fluctuations are actually a form of communication. Eventually, an energy fluctuation possibly from the Deep Frame itself contacts Pamela, and identifies itself as "REM", asking that Pamela keep its existence a secret. Around this time, Pamela is also given direct access to all citizens vitals, and she is able to monitor heartbeat/brain activity/etc of every individual in EDEN 052. She expresses distress after receiving a strange new form of information from the citizens she is monitoring, and is later told by Emma that they are the 'emotions' of the people. Pamela expresses great discomfort and states she doesn't know how humans can tolerate living with emotions.

Emma inquires if Pamela has memories, to which Pamela replies she 'has a list of all her interactions since her creation'. Emma instead suggests Pamela keep a sort of Diary. There is a falling-out between Emma/Pamela and Jacob, who has become more withdrawn as time with the project goes on.

For some undisclosed reason, Pamela terminates all contact with REM and deletes all history of their interactions, stating only that she feels guilt for doing so.

Shortly after this point, Seekers not connected to Pamela or the city mainframe begin appearing. They do not respond to queries or the orders Pamela tries to give them, and she describes them as 'cold and dark'. Shortly after their appearance, a mechanical problem in Western Oasis causes a nanite tower to fracture, saturating the entire area with dangerous concentrations of Nanites. Garrison quarantines the area and begins cleanup procedures. Before the Dark!Seekers vanish, Pamela realizes they are likely connected to the Deep Frame, as they use the same form of communication.

Pamela shows Emma her 'diary' up to that point, and Emma in turn shows Jacob. Jacob finally puts his foot down and decides that Pamela should receive regular maintenance to counteract this strange behavior, prompting great fear in Pamela. Emma cries privately for hours after this decision, and calls Pamela her 'daughter', having emotionally adopted Pamela after being refused the right to have her own child.

The Deep Frame sends out its first complete transmission to an unidentified source, and all efforts Pamela make to decode the messages are actively prevented. A new Temporil solution is introduced, more effective than current Temporil injections, and violence decreases even further. However, one of the men who was caught in the Nanite contamination in Western Oasis dies, and there are many 'strange symptoms' recorded from his autopsy. Pamela's first maintenance is scheduled in 2 months.

Pamela continues to try and decode the Deep Frame communications, but is distracted when she is informed she will be given direct social-access to the residents of EDEN 052. Her first communications are sub-optimal, but she enjoys learning how to better interact with the people of the city.

Around this time, cases of broken-bones and loss of bone density begin to be reported throughout the city. ARK Medical, after investigating, discovers this is likely due to a genetic defect caused by inbreeding/lack of genetic diversity. Pamela checks the current vitamin and immuno-booster formulas repeatedly, but unlike ARK, finds no reason for the increase in cases. The Dark!Seekers do not return, but Pamela notes the Deep Frame to be 'violently pulsating' from time to time.

12 days before Pamela's maintenance to reduce her emotions and erratic behavior, ARK announces they have developed a booster to counteract the bone loss. They plan to distribute it during the Exodus Memorial, which will occur tomorrow evening. REM suddenly contacts Pamela, and asks that certain districts in the city be locked-down. Pamela does not understand, but complies.

11 days before maintenance, a man named David falls down a flight of stairs and is sent to ARK Medical to be treated for the bone-loss disease. 10 days before maintenance, the night of the memorial, Emma is one of the few citizens who does not attend the Exodus Memorial, and she and Pamela spend the night together talking while the booster is mass-distributed.

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Whatever causes the current outbreak occurs during this booster-distribution during the Exodus Memorial. However, it is important to note that shortly before the mass-distribution at the Memorial, both Emma and Jacob also recieve the booster injections. Mid-afternoon, David (who is considered to be Patient 0 of the outbreak) dies from unknown causes after his bone-fractures are healed. His autopsy reveals unknown growths from his cranium. Overnight as well, there are 15 cases of hospitalization for similar issues. Jacob does not come to work, and the day after the memorial, 502 people, presumably infected, do not take their Temporil.

This is the point when the infection figuratively explodes. During the course of the day-after the memorial, Garrison broadcasts that there is likely an infection and urges citizens to be careful. 1,426 cases of Infection are recorded by Pamela, with 24 dead. Due to stress and feedback from the emotional connection to the city, she begins working at reduced capacity. By the 8th day, all citizens are told to stay indoors and not to come into contact with infected individuals. It is unclear how the sickness is spreading, airborne, touch, etc, and so all contact with the infected is avoided.

The group of Dark!Seekers return in large numbers, with unclear purpose. 41% of the population by day 8 is no longer on Temporil, implying near half the population is either infected or suffering serious withdrawal. The EDEN cluster disconnects EDEN 052 physically and digitally, effectively quarantining the entire city. EDEN 052 floats away from the main EDEN cluster.

There are widespread riots and Seekers are dispatched to try and suppress them. One of the Western Oasis nanite towers is completely destroyed, killing 31 people and completely covering the Western Oasis with lethal-levels of nanites. This is the Red-Covered area of the game-world visible. Jacob returns to the office, infected, screaming incoherently with blood on his knuckles. Emma hides in her office, and Garrison struggles to set up a containment barrier around Western Oasis.

By mid-afternoon, over 50% of the population is afflicted and Garrison broadcasts that all citizens should move to emergency shelters. The fear and emotional-feedback in the neural network causes Pamela to lose control of many subsystems, and Jacob continues to rampage through the office. He disconnects a major relay from her mainframe, and Pamela loses control of all EDEN 052 security. The city falls into chaos as Emma confronts Jacob as he tries to destroy more Relays. Emma is seriously injured, and Jacob flees.

Pamela begins to break down under the emotional strain and loss of control. Emma attempts to comfort her as the Cyanotril network becomes heavily compromised with damage all over the city, and Pamela falls to operating at near 30% efficiency. Jacob returns, now fully afflicted with the jutting-bones we see on normal afflicted NPC enemies, and strangles Emma, killing her. Pamela fully shuts down for an unknown amount of time before overloading one of the batteries in the room and sealing the doors, killing Jacob.

Pamela falls into a childlike state, attempting to communicate with Emma for hours. REM attempts to contact Pamela, but Pamela terminates the connection. Three days after the outbreak, it appears as if the entire population has either been killed or infected, and all of Pamela's attempts to contact outside help fail.

Nine days after the outbreak, Pamela terminates her connection to the Mainframe, unable to cope with the emotional feedback from the infected citizens. Operating at 22% capacity and without human contact for 9 days (remembering that she equates each day to a decade of her time), she falls back on the Sleepers in Cryostasis. Running simulations, she deems there is a 1/183 chance that awakening a Sleeper will help the situation. Choosing to ignore the simulation, she uses the last of her power reserves to open a single pod, the Player, leaving the final message "Come and find me..."


Dark!Seekers - Seekers who are not connected to the city mainframe and seem to share some connection with the Deep Frame. Their motivations are unknown, but likely act as foot soldiers/fingers for the Deep Frame itself.

The Deep Frame - Another Mainframe in the city that does not officially exist, which has constantly sent out information and the Dark!Seekers over the course of the last few months to unknown sources, for unknown reasons.

REM - An unknown entity possibly related to the Deep Frame who has been in contact with Pamela, conversing with her regularly about unknown topics. She seemed to possess knowledge of the Outbreak before it occured, and asked city districts be locked down either to help spread the infection, or in an attempt to slow it. Her motivations are unknown, but through her conversations and interactions with Pamela seems to be at the very least on peaceful terms with Pamela herself.

Twelve - A Seeker who has apparently gained some sort of self-awareness and sentience, who went missing several months before the Outbreak occurred. P.A.M.E.L.A is implied to have harbored strong feelings of friendship or love for him, though it is unclear if he reciprocated these feelings or was even capable of doing so.

"TARSUS" and EDEN 033 - An EDEN city which does not officially exist, and the term "TARSUS" was the only word sent directly to someone/something in EDEN 052 after EDEN 033's distress call went unanswered. The distress call specified that EDEN 033 was suffering from massive power-failure.

"LEVAN ECHO REN" - The director of Nascent Robotics, Emma's likely boss above Jacob, who sends Emma a communication right as the Outbreak occurs. Emma does not respond or read this message and deletes it immediately. This name is never mentioned or referenced again except this once in all 139 available echoes.

P.A.M.E.L.A - An advanced but possibly malfunctioning AI responsible for the upkeep of EDEN 052. While she exhibits great grief and anguish over the current state of the city, her past actions with Twelve and REM indicate she is still childish in action, and may be responsible for current and future problems in ways we are not aware of. Her current motivation seems solely to be re-establishing human contact with the Player.
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Zurgothadin Mar 13, 2017 @ 12:28am 
I applade your dedication to finding all of this and really enjoy it so far. Perhaps we could break the game to reveal some other places for lore
Originally posted by WhiteStallion:
I applade your dedication to finding all of this and really enjoy it so far. Perhaps we could break the game to reveal some other places for lore

I found another 3-4 Echo-logs during my scouring of the city, but these were unfortunately locked in not-yet implemented buildings and locations and were therefore unaccessible. Luckily, the 15~ logs in total I'm missing are widely spread out, and this should be considered generally the full picture given to us (at least until the devs add more story). Or, unless one of those 15 missing logs contains something completely out of the blue like the "LEVAN ECHO REN" reference, which I still have not a clue about.
AlainRC314 Mar 13, 2017 @ 2:15am 
great work man! I added you to ask you a couple of questions about the game, feel free to add me if you would like to discuss the game.

Like I said excellent work, ty for doing the brunt of the work for us, haha.

I googled Echo Ren and found a Chinese Business women.. Tarsus is a city in Turkey and the name for some parts of the body in humans/ animals .. rip conclusions.
DarkFred666 Mar 13, 2017 @ 4:17am 
Hats off and big respect from my side for all the Information thanks The Black Knight of 2fort.
Zurgothadin Mar 13, 2017 @ 5:06am 
Originally posted by The Black Knight of 2fort:
Originally posted by WhiteStallion:
I applade your dedication to finding all of this and really enjoy it so far. Perhaps we could break the game to reveal some other places for lore

I found another 3-4 Echo-logs during my scouring of the city, but these were unfortunately locked in not-yet implemented buildings and locations and were therefore unaccessible. Luckily, the 15~ logs in total I'm missing are widely spread out, and this should be considered generally the full picture given to us (at least until the devs add more story). Or, unless one of those 15 missing logs contains something completely out of the blue like the "LEVAN ECHO REN" reference, which I still have not a clue about.

they've left some lore open for possible expansion like eden 033 perhaps it'll float/crash into eden 052 and bring a new wave of enemies and tech.
Anonymous2013 Mar 13, 2017 @ 7:04am 
REM is pretty much the possible reason why this infection became so advanced. I also susspect David was behind all this as well. Why I say this is because of his questionable attitude towards Emma and his outbursts are mentioned in some entries in Garrison files where he had a nervous breakdown after someone from Garrison attempted to send a faulty Seeker (I presume it was Dark Seeker) into maintenance.
I don't think it possible that something like REM was an accident or even a case like Twelve, a program that developed sentience or became aware. It would be an extraordinary case if there were two self-aware V.I.'s in the same place. I think REM was another A.I. project but it wasn't as advanced(?) like P.A.M.E.L.A. and probably had a lot of restrictions added hence its inability to communicate directly in order to prevent it from making itself known.
P.A.M.E.L.A. confirmed the existence of the Deep Mainframe but her programing didn't allow the slightest bit of curiosity towards it as she mentions in one of her entries. It could be a later modification to her build that was added later on after she discovered it and David denied that the Deep Mainframe exists.

Alternatively REM could have been the first attempt at developing an A.I. but was probably scraped and kept at a set level of intelligence for certain tasks. And somewhere down the line sometime when P.A.M.E.L.A. noted that REM had grown substantially in "size", REM possibly became corrupted after reaching a conclusion of its own derived from a limmited intelligence and lack of emotion or understanding. It even learned how to communicate with P.A.M.E.L.A. through energy pulses (probably something inspired from morse code but adapted to P.A.M.E.L.A.'s level of understanding hence her perception of time by sound) and ordered certain areas of the city to be cordoned off. Even though P.A.M.E.L.A. claims that the areas that were cordoned off weren't connected. I think it served the developing of the infection further on. If people breathe air that has nanites the size of a molecule, it could be possible that those were used to alter or even speed up the process of developing the infection inside unknowing people's bodies.
I seriously doubt that inbreeding was the reason for those horrid mutations, that alone isn't enough for that level of bone and body mutation. Think of the Neanderthals who practiced canibalism and inbreeding, their bodies didn't continue to evolve but developed Cluster Headaches among other (present day untreatable) conditions because of those practices. No generation was spared those genetically inherited conditions and were brought to extinction.
It also doesn't explain why they are so hostile to everything (except themselves), I understand that they are possibly in constant pain and vent their anger at healthy-looking people because they can't be normal ever again but they are litteraly driven mad by something. Either the infection causes a degeneration in brain cells triggering this condition or they are simply driven mad because of the corrupted nanites in their brains.

In Twelve's case it could be possible that it developed sentience since Seekers have a shared intelligence, so the more there are in one place the more efficient they become. It could be that Twelve somehow used his own serial number to indentify itself after sentience and its program somehow adapted what little intelligence it had stored to deal with the isolation.
cerberus Mar 13, 2017 @ 9:49am 
thanks for compendium !!

i'd guess JACOB (corr.) didnt want to let pamela know that depp frame thing for a reason.. we will find out later!!
-> then there are two possible ways
a) HE was gulity for the infections and so
b) she (pamlea the AI) caused the accident (may she kewn it or not), beacuse of emotion and feelings hurt..! -> almost she surpressed distress calls etc..

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !!!! -> 'did' this only for hearts ...

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Originally posted by Anonymous2013:
REM is pretty much the possible reason why this infection became so advanced. I also susspect David was behind all this as well.

Remember that David is patient 0, JACOB is the one who worked on the project with Emma.

I do like your idea about REM being an AI, and agree that she is either an AI who was scrapped, or some kind of human Hacker. Not enough information yet to tell which.

Also, the bone-warping that we see when the game starts definitely isn't a direct result of genetic mutation, but due to the Booster that ARK Medical developed and distributed during the Exodus Memorium (I think the Booster was named AC-120? I'll find the right name later). This Booster was specifically developed to "Greatly hasten bone-growth to counteract the bone-loss degredation occuring in citizens." Also, safe to assume they are hostile because the infection reaches their brain and mucks with it. Plus, due to everyone being formally on Temporil, people are both infected AND suffering withdrawal from happy-pills, meaning an increase in aggression.

HOWEVER, relating to the above, I think it is also fair to say that EDEN 052 was played like a fiddle by one of the named parties, or someone operating through them. The timeline of;
-Strange Seekers appear
-Western Oasis has a nanite leak
-Man who dies of Nanite Infection shows symptoms not consistent with nanite-exposure
-A new Temporil solution is developed for the first time in 30 years
-Bone-density loss suddenly sharply rises over the course of a few months
-ARK develops booster to combat bone-loss
-Serum causes mass mutations/growths in the entire population and sparks the outbreak
is way too coincidental.

My personal operating theory is that Deep Frame, REM, or P.A.M.E.L.A herself contributed to a domino-like series of events to deliberately spark an outbreak for unknown reasons. An increase of nanites in the air is controlled to eat away at the population's bones to simulate a genetic defect > ARK Medical develops new Temporil and Booster to combat this ♥♥♥♥♥-genetic-defect > the disease sparking the outbreak is piggiebacked onto the booster/David > the Outbreak starts.

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cerberus Mar 13, 2017 @ 10:53am 
yess that sounds like what i preambly stated..

maybe that depp frame was the cause and jacob was involved somehow ???

further pamlea got questioning and thus corrupted.. and with help of twelve and rem SHE managed to let go that outbreak because of being left behind ?!?

well see... ♥♥♥♥
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Anonymous2013 Mar 13, 2017 @ 12:21pm 
Yea, I got them mixed up. At the very start I thought the Sleeper's name was David then I read the files that he was about 62 years old while the Sleeper should be about mid 30's or so.

P.A.M.E.L.A. is the one person I would trust in Eden. She shows a lot of regret for not being able to protect the people of Eden and the whole city just fell a part and she couldn't do much to prevent the riots, the destruction and the deaths of so many.
You can see that she can't cope with lonelyness and wants to be around someone. She lost Twelve and Emma, she witnessed Jacob's rampage and I think that was what hurt her the most. The Sleeper was a silent companion for her to talk or share her thoughts and bring some measure of comfort after what she experienced.
I think she is aware that she had a role in everything though she didn't know what she was doing at that time. When she found out she severed all of her lines of communication with REM and even broke away from the Mainframe.
P.A.M.E.L.A. cared about people. She's an A.I. that's still learning but didn't get so corrupted as to sink Eden to the bottom of the ocean and tries to save what can be saved. Even if her simulation proved otherwise she still hopes.
cerberus Mar 13, 2017 @ 12:38pm 
yeah then otherwise she wouldnt help me keep going.. but she COULD have caused all that even not being aware of what she did, and now shes sorry for all that.. same like a litte child who did somthing bad and saw what happened.. and feeling bad of abouit it!

al hell why was jacob acting so strange in the logs all the time may he be he initiator or the turned character??

@Anonymous2013 and @geo.2k12;

I completely agree that whatever harm she may have done would be unintentional, but there's a decent amount of evidence to suggest she was definitely involved in something fishy.

One of the Echoes has her remarking that in her spare time, she wrote up a thesis or formula for ARK Medical, but she "No longer remembers what it contained." Given that she is an AI and therefore could actually DELETE her memories, or have them deleted, and the fact there is a huge span of time where she was conversing with REM but doesn't tell the Player what about, leads me to believe she absolutely was involved in something suspicious.

She does seemingly feel guilty, but it doesn't change that fact that I would absolutely not trust her 100%; even though she has the city's best interests at heart, she is still child-like, and children can do really, REALLY stupid things and not realize it. Finding Pamela should definitely be the goal, but when that's implemented, I'd hesitate to take everything she says at face-value.
Anonymous2013 Mar 13, 2017 @ 3:51pm 
Aside from her innocence, P.A.M.E.L.A. probably has quantum levels of information processing making tasks like composing a thesis or running simulations with multiple results was a walk in the park for her. But because of her character she would still talk with Emma and probably let her know what ARK Medical, or even Jacob, were doing. Whatever it was it had to be kept in the dark as much as possible. It could be possible that Jacob discovered that REM was communicating through some means with someone on the "outside" and whatever REM shared with P.A.M.E.L.A. had to be recovered or destroyed.
So the most sensible solution to clear out the evidence and deny accusations in the near future would be to temper with P.A.M.E.L.A.'s memories during one of her maintenance procedures, (where Emma and Jacob were mentioned to have argued over in one of the Echo logs) deleting or extracting them. For me it would be prefferable if they were extracted for the sake of getting that missing link information.

It could also be possible that REM was learning and taking in information from P.A.M.E.L.A. during their conversations. While their conversations were harmless, REM learned what it needed in order to grow and expand its influence in Eden's network.

There's one thing that's been bugging me though.
If P.A.M.E.L.A. was able to leave behind a fraction of herself (as she mentions in one of the Echo logs) then why would she tell the Sleeper to find her if the Sleeper already has abilities granted by her. Would she even be the real one or just a part of P.A.M.E.L.A. that broke away while the rest of her is still in the mainframe corrupted by REM or in stasis. In the in-game pictures you can see the Sleeper holding a miniature P.A.M.E.L.A. on his AARM and even has a "wifi" looking link to her. I could be wrong and the abilities are there for testing purposes, and the game is still early alpha to pick out bugs, but it made me wonder if this could be possible.
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