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MikeGreyWolf Nov 2, 2016 @ 9:09am
Devlog #10 - Planetary management
Hello everyone!
Two weeks ago we talked about the various types of factions you can come across in Dawn of Andromeda. To commemorate our 10th Devlog, today we’re going to do not just talk about a specific area of the game as usual, but also make a small announcement.
One of the most important aspects in any 4X games is how you build and develop your colonies.

In Dawn of Andromeda we have streamlined this to make sure you still have all those important and interesting decisions to make when it comes to what the main purpose of your colony will be and how you want it to develop while at the same time not force the player to constantly micromanage each one, which can easily become a chore, especially my mid to late game when you have several colonies.

There are 6 types of Infrastructure: Housing, which increases the maximum population capacity of that particular colony; Farming, which increases the food production output; Industry, which increases the production of strategic resources (helpful when trading those) and the speed at which infrastructure is built; Social, which increase population approval; Research, which increases research production and Military speeds up the rate at which ships are built, as well as increase the maximum defence points of that colony.
Instead of choosing which buildings and placing them each time, all players need to do is assign points to each infrastructure type and it these will develop automatically as time passes.

There is a maximum of 5 and each one has a significant cost, so players need to chose wisely. There is also the option to let the Governor AI handle this, which some players may still prefer, even though this system was designed so automation wouldn't be needed.

Players can also assign a governor to their colonies, who has traits that can boost specific areas such as Industry infrastructure development speed for example, and just like your council members will interact with you and gain experience and level up over time, gaining new positive traits and losing bad ones.

This is a short summary of how planetary management works, and to end this devlog we have a small announcement to make.

We are going to do a live stream for Dawn of Andromeda the 17th November along with the Iceberg Interactive crew. It will be the first time we show gameplay footage in quite some time, so make sure you don’t miss it!

And that’s it today, talk to you again in two weeks!

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Clayment Nov 2, 2016 @ 4:03pm 
im afraid you lost a bit of momentum but i expect to see more people popping in once they see a bit more then they have so far :)
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