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Harmoniabot Apr 13, 2017 @ 11:47am
Release 2.0 – Launch and Sabotage – Patch Notes
Release 2.0 – Sabotage
Release: Orcs Must Die! Unchained will fully launch on April 19th!

Removed the “Beta: In Development” Watermark!
New Game Mode: Sabotage
With OMD!U 2.0, we are proud to debut a new mode: Sabotage! This mode introduces a new, head-to-head way to play OMD!U. In Sabotage, two teams battle on separate versions of the same map, competing to see who can finish their waves with the most rift points still intact. However, both teams can meddle in the other's ability to defend their rift by selecting potions, scrolls, and spells that can interrupt, distract, and disrupt the other team's strategy. Whoever has the most rift points left when all waves are completed wins!

Also, beginning with this mode is an exciting new ranking system. Players can compete to become silver, gold, platinum, and finally diamond ranked. Win Sabotage games to become one of the honored few to reach diamond rank! Players can also work together to be one of the few guilds at the top of the ranked guild ladder.

Have fun, war mages!

Redesigned: Score System
All leaderboards have been reset to accommodate new score changes.
  • The base score for leaderboards is now entirely dependent on minion kills and combos.
  • Players receive an 8x bonus score multiplier for zero deaths. Each death will reduce this multiplier by 10%, to a minimum of 1x.
  • In Sabotage and Survival, players receive a 4x multiplier for zero rift points lost. Each point lost will reduce this multiplier by 5%, to a minimum of 1x.
  • In Endless, each wave completed after wave 5 now provides a 15% bonus to players' scores.
  • The time-score bonus has been reworked and is more significant. If a player hits par time, he or she will receive a 2x multiplier. If a player completes a battleground under the par time, they will receive a >2x multiplier. If a player exceeds par time, he or she will receive a multiplier between 1x and 2x.
  • The combo point timer on minions now pauses while the minion is in the air.
  • Coin is no longer a factor in score.

    Developer Comment: We were uncomfortable with score being independent from star performance. With these changes, we hope to align perceptions of performing well with higher scores. In addition, these changes should result in combos still being necessary, but not the only consideration in maximizing scores.
Redesigned: Chest Opening Sequence
  • Players no longer need to click through each card one-by-one. Instead, with a single click, all cards are revealed.
  • If players have multiple chests, they can now quickly proceed to other chests to open them.

    Developer Comment: Back when players were not getting multiple chests as rewards, the slow presentation of cards for chest-opening worked well. However, now that players collect many chests and many cards for upgrades, the chest-opening sequence needed to be streamlined. These changes dramatically increase the pace of opening chests.
Updated: Enemy Heroes Replaced with Mercenaries
We heard your feedback: enemy heroes are not fun to fight. We have created four new mercenaries to replace them that have intelligent AI and will mix up gameplay in different ways.
  • Pride Assassin: An enemy stealth mercenary that will attempt to gank players and run away to heal.
  • Bouncer Bear: An enemy mercenary that escorts minions and tries to forcefully push heroes away. Be careful; he will damage barricades if he steps on them.
  • Dwarf High Shaman: This dwarf mercenary occasionally shields the minions around him, making them invulnerable unless heroes cross through his shield.
  • Chaotic Kobold Wizard: A chaotic kobold mercenary that roams the map, placing crystals that slow players and disable traps.

  • Quests related to killing enemies now include assists as well as direct kills
  • Previously, players received 3 quests: one that granted a chest, one that granted XP, and one that granted skulls.  In 2.0, the XP quest has been replaced by another chest quest.  This quest always requires you to win two sabotage games.
  • The 1 billion coin achievement has been lowered to 200 million coin.
  • Many quests' completion requirements have been lowered.

New Loading Screens:
  • Each map now has its own dedicated loading screen!

General Balance:
  • Stables of Eventide (war mage), Restricted Section (war mage), Falling Foley (master), Crogon Keep (war mage and master), Training Grounds (master), Cliffside Clash (master) and Maximum Security (rift lord) have been made slightly less challenging.
  • Cliffside Clash (apprentice), Highlands (war mage), Shark Island (war mage), Orcatraz (master), Avalanche (master), and Docks at Eventide (master) have been made more challenging.
  • Additional floor grating has been added to Throne Room.
  • Many par times have been loosened slightly.

  • Deckhand Guardian - Bonus combo points lowered to +1 (from +4).

Endless Mode:
  • Minions now gain slightly more health and slightly less damage each wave.

  • Elementals:
    • All medium elementals have had their health reduced by 20%.
    • Fixed an issue where elementals had incorrect health in solo games and incorrect damage in multiplayer games.
    • Fixed an issue where elementals were not scaling in Endless.
  • Pride Hunters:
    • Health reduced by 12%.
    • Attack range reduced by 8%.

  • Combo Generator:
    • Now only applies to minions that are stunned, frozen, mesmerized, or midair.
    • Trap part type changed to “trigger.”

      Developer Comment: In order to encourage interesting physics builds and prevent the combo generator from becoming mandatory for a high score, we have decided to redesign it. Players that previously had this part slotted will have it returned to their inventory. These players are welcome to re-slot the part in a trigger slot.

Hero Design:

  • Drop rate of delicious meals has been doubled.

  • Now aggros twice as many ranged minions. Back-pedal speed lowered by 20%. Developer Comment: This is a double-edged sword. It increases her ability to hold minions near her, but also reduces her survivability. We believe this will make her more powerful in solo play, while making her need to manage health more carefully in group play.

  • Coin bags now provide 200 coin (from 220).
  • Coin bags now de-spawn after 12 seconds (from 15).
  • There is now a max of 4 coin bags that can spawn from a single dynamite. Armor reduction from Dust Devil reduced to -15 (from -30). Developer Comment: When testing Sabotage, it became very apparent that Dobbin was far too powerful. These changes are designed to make him a competitive choice rather than a mandatory one.

  • Health increased by 10%.
  • Aggro increased by 20%.
  • ANGRY! stack duration lowered to 5 seconds (from 8).
  • Additional axes from MORE AXE! weaver will now deal half damage. FEEL GOOD! weaver now provides 4% max health per second out of combat (from 5 flat). Developer Comment: The recent changes gave Hogarth too much area damage, diluting his role as a tank. We have decided to make him even better at holding minions while lowering some of his high-damage capabilities.

    Health Potion secondary effect increased +1% of max health per second (from flat 1).
  • Mana Potion secondary effect increased to 2.5 mana per second (from 1). Potion of Rage secondary effect increased to +15% primary damage (from 10%). Potion of Speed secondary effect increased to +20% movement speed (from 10%). Potion of the Guardian secondary effect increased to +0.6% max health per second (from 1 flat) and +1.5 mana per second (from 1). Developer Comment: These potions are unutilized compared to the other potions. With the addition of Sabotage, we have taken the time to smooth out the balance between consumable options.

Additional Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed several bugs where trait icons were not showing in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where minions could path underneath the map on The Wall.
  • Fixed rollover text on several cards.
  • Fixed issues with ceiling trap grid on The Baths.
  • Fixed an issue where loadout popups would show behind other items.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to open chests after leaving a lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive a message that they would be penalized for leaving a non-matchmade lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where players could send a party invite while matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blacksmith guardian would say incorrect lines when placed away from home.
  • Fixed an issue where consumables would not be consumed in abandoned games.
  • Fixed an issue where Temper would not show how much rage he needed when trying to use an ability that required more rage than was available.
  • Fixed an issue where barricades were preventing boom barrel placement.
  • Fixed a situation where heroes could get stuck on Mausoleum.
  • Fixed an issue where Temper played hit effects when hitting non-enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the grinder reverts to the spit-up animation during go breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where Dobbin was not getting his passive bonus with the coin forge.
  • Fixed an issue where minions could spawn during go breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where Temper’s skills did not turn grey when he had insufficient rage.
  • Fixed minion pathing issues on the Academy Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not start waves or activate Unchained when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue with missing sounds on Dobbin.
  • Fixed an issue where some destructible props do not play sounds when destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where minions do not always disappear on death.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ Steam accounts could become bound to an invalid OMD!U account.
  • Fixed an issue where error messages related to Steam would not provide text.
  • Fixed issues where information on bosses was inaccurate in the battleground select screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shoot for the Stars, Starstruck, and Great Opener achievements were not tracking.
  • Fixed an issue where trip wire traps could be placed on top of each other.
  • Fixed an issue where hero victories were not tracked.
  • Fixed an issue where text for some minions was not displaying correctly in the battleground select screen. Some minions were renamed for consistency and to conserve space. The most notable of these are: Unchained ice minions are now the Frost Clan and dynamite crossbowmen/ bombers are now TNT archers.

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