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calistaen  [developer] Feb 19, 2018 @ 5:13am

How many hours of gameplay can I expect in the current state of the game?
You can expect to spend around 3 to 5 hours on the Alpha questline. You can also explore the world for local dungeons. Once you’ve finished the questline, you will have access to the bounty (infinite dungeon), the daily dungeon, the arena where you can face challenges for nice rewards, and the housing system. For testing purposes, the level is presently capped at 20.
Of course, you can also explore all the archetypes and play with your talents and spells to make your own customized build to face Wolcen challenges.

What features are currently in the game and/or planned?
You can find detailed information about all the features we are planning for the game on our website[wolcengame.com] and on our Steam news.
Additionally, you can find more details and the state of the different features (released, being worked, planned) on our public roadmap[trello.com].

How often is the game updated?
The next update is planned for the end of September 2018 with the Beta transition. We still allow ourselves windows for hotfix to solve important issues and game breakers. We will keep you updated on our website and on Steam for incoming features, updates, and hotfix.

Do you have an ETA for the release ?
Not yet. We will make a proper announcement when we do. Don't hesitate to follow us on Facebook[www.facebook.com] and Twitter

Will my progress be wiped during Early Access and/or at launch?
Wiping stashes and characters is sometimes necessary to avoid conflict between the old and the new features. Leaving deprecated elements in game can lead to irrelevant issues.
We try to avoid these wipes as much as we can, so know that when we do this, it means that this is important for the game’s stability. You can expect character wipes until launch, so every player can have a fresh start with the permanent content of Wolcen.

When is the multiplayer/coop going to released?
Multiplayer is planned for 2018.

Will it be possible to play in LAN ?
No LAN planned for Wolcen. You will only be able to play with your friends online.

What is the difference between the Offline mode and the Cloud mode ?
The Offline mode allows you to play from your local files. You character and stash are saved on your computer, but you can’t use the online game features.
The Cloud mode in an online mode and saves your character and stash on our servers. You can also access the Daily Dungeon feature and compete with other players to achieve the best time.

Will there be Gamepad support?
Gamepad support is planned.

Will there be keybinding options?
Keybinding is already available and more keybinding options will be added.

Can I play Wolcen on Linux?
The Linux version of Wolcen is planned but not available yet, and will not be available for the Alpha/Beta versions of the game.

Will there be a console or Mac version of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem?
If the game is successful we will consider it. But first we have to finish the Windows and Linux versions.

What languages are planned for Wolcen ?
The game translation is currently handled by the community. If you wish to help us and either translate the game in a language we currently do not support or improve the existing translations, you can find all the information you need in this thread.

Is there audio planned for Wolcen ?
We plan to add voices in the game to improve the game experience and the immersion. They will not be implemented until we’ve finalized the content, but they are planned. More music is also in the pipes.

How can I submit ideas for the game ?
Aside from these forums, you can share your thoughts about the game on our official forums[www.wolcengame.com] and the Steam forums. We read every post, even though we can't respond to each and every one.
You can join our communities on the French community site[www.wolcen-france.com] and the German community site[www.wolcen-gamde.de].
Finally, you can join our Official Discord server[discord.gg] and Reddit.

I backed the game and never receive my game key !
We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us on Kickstarter or send an email to contact at wolcengame dot com. We’ll answer you and send you your key as soon as possible.


I cannot launch the game
Please follow the steps explained in this post. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to share your issue on our forums, we will do our best to help you if the community doesn’t help you first 😊

I found a bug/crash, where do I report it?
Please create a thread explaining the issue on our “Bug Reporting” steam forum. If your game crashed, please upload your error.log and error.dmp (located in the game folder) on any file sharing service and provide us the link so we can further investigate.
You can find a complete list of the known issues on our public bugtracker[trello.com].

I cannot pick up loot/move my character !
Please verify that the left and right clicks are not inverted in your windows settings. Unfortunately, Wolcen does not currently support left-handed mouse for the moment.

Is NVIDIA SLI and/or AMD Crossfire supported?
We currently do not officially support SLI nor Crossfire, but you can discuss this with our community on that thread. However, keep in mind that isn’t an official support and we cannot guarantee that this will enhance the game’s performance.
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