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Synce0  [developer] May 15, 2017 @ 9:34am
Help us fix the crashes: upload your error.dmp
Hello everyone.

As some of you may know, developing a game can be a arduous and complicated process. Fixing an issue can lead to more things being broken. This is why Early Access helps us a lot when facing bugs and crashes, as the community can help us pinpoint the source of these issues.

You can help us fix crashes by uploading a file named error.dmp, and here is how to do it :

- To find the folder where your game is installed, right click on "Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem" in your steam library, click on "Properties", and in the last Tab "Local Files", click on the first button : "Browse Local Files".
- In this folder you will find the file "error.dmp"
- To reduce its size, you can compress it to a .rar or .zip (from 20Mo to 1.5Mo)
- Upload it to your favorite hosting website and link it in the forums, or send it to us by email directly to feedback at wolcengame dot com.
This file is helping us a lot to fix crashes, so thank you very much :)
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Maurlyn Mar 29 @ 3:30pm 
Crash during Character Creation - changing hairstyles - Hairstyle 5

I am also busy writing a post which addresses specific errors I come across when playing the game. However, here is my error dump file for you to brosw through:


All the best.
Just killed a pack and leveled up when the game crashed.

Below the error files, hope it helps and keep up the good work ;)

Nadjen Mar 30 @ 9:48pm 
not crashing but bugged.. Brutal Strike works fine till it no longer does dmg. Need to relog to fix it.
EDIT: Now i cant move :D
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Menasaur Mar 30 @ 11:15pm 
Did daily dungeon, then first two classic arena challenges with no issue. third wave in the zombie arena crashed.

I get blue screens regurarly after playing for 5 - 20 minutes.
crashing under an hour of play time usually bounty frost meteor or too many split arrows on screen no electricity I use frost on arrows

Crash occured in the loading screen after clicking the guy near the Daily dungeon leaderboard table (the one that yo use to enter the dungeon).
crashes bfor you enter the game in the loding screen.
crashes after playing for 2-3 H and take alot of resorces of the PC
Crashed after Char Creation - during Loading Screen. Error Message:

Cry Engine Error:
Memory Allocation for 1048576 bytes failed.

Sometimes it just says: Cry engine error: texture failed

ps: feedback@wolcengame.com is not an existing email-adress if i can believe hotmail.com
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