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  • When is the multiplayer/coop is going to released ?
    Multiplayer is being developed but we can’t give any ETA for it at the moment. Being one of the most important features of the game, we want to be sure it’s fully working before releasing it.

  • What kind of online features are planned ?
    The first step in online connectivity should be the online storage of saves on our servers.
    A daily dungeon system with leaderboards will follow soon after.
    The Dungeon Challenge mode is in development, and will allow players to build and defend their own dungeons from other players.
    Online co-op will eventually arrive after that.

  • How often is the game updated ?
    Until now, we’ve been releasing 1 major patch every month (new feature, new content…) plus a few bug fixing patches.
    We also post on our devblog to keep you informed of upcoming features.

  • What features are currently in the game and/or planned ?
    You can find detailed informations about all the features we are planning for the game on our website[umbragame.com].
    Additionally, you can find more details and the state of the different features (released, being worked, planned) on our public roadmap[trello.com].

  • How many hours of gameplay can I expect in the current state of the game ?
    There is at the moment 5 quests, an Open world with several dungeons, a randomly generated dungeon system, many ways to customize your build with the passive skills tree, and you can build your house! Level is currently capped at 20.
    We are currently working on a completely revamped map with new quests and new content.

  • Will my progress be wiped during Early Access and/or at launch ?
    We sometimes have to delete characters when we add a new core-gameplay features because, most of the time, it makes the old savefiles incompatible with the new system.
    You can expect character wipes until launch. Once the game is officially released, we won’t wipe saves anymore.

  • When will the game be completed ?
    We cannot give an ETA at this time, but constant progress is being made.
    We expect that the game will reach beta status with all its core features implemented and a first act playable from start to finish.

  • Will there be Gamepad support ? Keyboard Rebinding ? WASD Controls ?
    Keyboard rebinding is available. Gamepad support is planned. WASD controls isn’t planned at the moment but we are considering it.

  • Where can I chat about the game ?
    Aside from these forums, you can share your thoughts about the game on our official forums[wolcengame.com]. We read every post, even though we can't respond to each and every one. There is also a French community site[www.wolcen-france.com] and a German community site[www.wolcen-game.de].
    Our players are also active on Reddit and you can chat with us on Discord[discord.gg] too.

  • Can I play Wolcen on Linux ?
    Wolcen doesn’t currently support Linux. However, Linux support is planned, as we promised during our kickstarter campaign, but we can’t give you any ETA. Our small team does not currently have the manpower to maintain two platforms at the same time and we still have to implement core features, fix bugs and improve the game’s stability on the PC version before we can move to Linux. We will try our best to release a working Linux version as soon as we possibly can, but we might have to migrate to CryEngine V first.

  • Are you planning to translate the game in my language?
    The game translation is currently handled by the community. If you wish to help us and either translate the game in a language we currently do not support or improve the existing translations, you can find all the informations you need in this thread.

  • Is NVIDIA SLI and/or AMD Crossfire supported ?
    We currently do not officially support SLI nor Crossfire. That being said, you can create a SLI profile for Wolcen yourself by following those steps. However, keep in mind that isn’t an official support and we cannot guarantee that this will enhance the game’s performance.

  • I found a bug/crash, where do I report it ?
    Please create a thread explaining the issue on our “Bug Reporting” steam forum. If your game crashed, please upload your error.log and error.dmp (located in the game folder) on any file sharing service and provide us the link so we can further investigate.
    You can find a complete list of the known issues on our public bugtracker.[trello.com]

  • I cannot pick up loot
    Please verify that the left and right clicks are not inverted in your windows settings. Unfortunately, Wolcen does not currently support left-handed mouse setups.

  • I cannot launch the game
    Please follow the steps explained in this post.

  • I backed the game and never receive my game key
    We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us on kickstarter or or submit a ticket here[wolcengame.com], we’ll answer you and send you your key as soon as possible.
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