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Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:49pm
Patch Notes
This thread lists all the changelogs of the released versions.
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Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:51pm 
Update 0.1.1
* The "Utility Level" for active skills now works normally
* When clicking on the Active Skill level up button, the Active Skill menu opens and selects the given skill automatically. (clicking on the icon moves your character, this will be fixed real soon)
* Amarth Waypoint is now automatically unlocked once you reach Amarth (end of the first quest)
* Fixed waypoints not unlocking when the player quickly jumps ingame once game is started
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:52pm 
Update 0.1.2
Fix: crash at the end of the cave, close to the second spell book, entrance of the temple
This fix is caused by a bug of the renderer, we applied a temporary fix that transform the dynamic vegetations into normal vegetations. We look forward to make a full fix.

Fix: Correct version ID not appearing
Fix: Volumetric fog at startup
Fix: River sometime disapearing in the open world
Fix: Some Rocks disapearing in the open world

new: Zombie Dogs Level of Details, improving performance

Fix: Skull Crusher using the default pose
Fix: Many issue with Bandits being stuck in certain animations
Fix: Player Crossbow idle pose
Modified: All ghoul animation are updated
New : Ghoul have new attack animation
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:52pm 
Update 0.1.3
Modified: Save system entirely reworked
Known Issue : It may happen that a new character starts immedialty at quest2. It will be fixed in the next update, tomorrow. However, the newly created character can play as normal.
Fix: Several crashes from various gameplay elements
Fix: Several Crashes when leaving a Randomly Generated Dungeon from the entrance
Fix: Crashes when creating a randomly generated dungeon
Fix: Various quest events not sent (templar starting with the player in the begining of quest 1, Father Gernez not giving instruction nor quest reward...)
Fix: Health Icons not removed from a Randomly Generated Dungeon to another, removing useless icons from the screen
Fix : Issue when a character started Quest 2 in the first area of the game, blocking the progression of the game
Fix: Checkpoints not resetting when a new character was loaded, causing quest progression to be blocked
Fix: Luthor no longer disppear when player dies (blocking event for quest 2)

We are still working to bring the dynamic grass back. It has been disabled because it caused crashed on the lower configuration.
Fix: rock disappearing in the open world

AI: Invoked Skull Crusher movement speed increased

Fix: Removed Ground Alignement of Charger Knight model causing crashes
Fix: Infernal Dogs flying over the ground without animation
New: Butcher Zombie is now carrying a Cleaver

New: Added sounds for Zombie Dogs

Fix: Butcher Zombie movement animation bug
New: Butcher Zombie spawn animation
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:53pm 
Update 0.1.4
Fix: Full fix for dynamic vegetation! We re-enabled dynamic grass, if you have any problem, please let us know!
Fix: Many blocking events in quests - known issue : sometime, quest 1 may start in Amarth (for newly created character). This will be dixed in the next release)
New: Text tooltip for quest 5 : Quest 5 is now about exploring the open world. New scripted quest will come next week, when the game will be a bit more stable.
Fix: Bug triggering an attack when talking to an NPC
Fix: Player no longer moves when talking to an NPC
New: Amarth's door will not open in the beginning of Quest 2. You need to talk to Father Gernez first
Modified: Even if activated, waypoints outside Amarth are not usable until the end of quest 2
Fix: Quest 2: Grabbing Luthor Stash will now automatically
Fix: Issue when saving Passive Skills. This part may still have issues, but the real fix will come with the redesign of the Passive Skill UI within the end of this week.
Fix: Templars were sometime showing up in the begining of Quest 1

Modified: General performance improvements during the night
Modified: Performance improvements during temple fight (mission 1)
Modified: Performance improvements during night time at Amarth
Modified: Improving quality of light shadows at Amarth
Fix: Wrong Time of day selection was sometime triggered in the begining of Quest 1

new: Templars NPC and AI Level of Details added
new: Villagers Level of Details added
Modified: NightStalker particles effects optimized

Modified: Zombie Dog animation
New: Zombie Blown Away animation
Fix: Ogre model entering T pose
Fix: Skeleton model entering T pose

Removed: Zombie Warrior and Zombie dog no longer use the fluid AI system (will be restored later, when fully implemented)
Butcher Zombie speed increased

Modified: The Orc Battle Mage shouldn't be a purple-ball-firing-machine-gun anymore
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:54pm 
Update 0.1.5
Global optimization: this may result a strong performance gain for every configuration
Modified: UI of the Character Sheet modified (Work in progress)
Modified: UI for Passive Skills: It is now a bit clearer to use. Several issues are known and will be soon fixed. This UI is temporary until we completely change the way passive skills work in the game.
Fix: Passive Skill not saved correctly
New: Work in progress tooltip explaining passive skills effects
Fix: “Random” crashes, happening anytime, anywhere for no real appearing reason.
Modified: The 'low effects' mode has now SSDO, with minimum performance impact
Modified: The windowed mode is now borderless

Improved: various elements in the open world
Modified: Slightly improved performance in Amarth
Modified: The time of day cycle is now 1.5x faster
Fix: physic bug with tents

Modified: Re-worked the loot-tables
Modified: Skill Books should drop less often
Modified: Numerous balance improvements
Modified: Partial re-design of the NightStalkers

Modified: Improving "Level of Details" of Bandits.

Modified: Zombie Fat run animation
Modified: Several Animations for Zombie Butcher
New: Butcher can now carry a two handed weapon with the associated animation
Fix: T Pos for Ogre model
New: Attack animation for Ogre model
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:55pm 
Update 0.1.6

Fix: a bug in quest 4, achieving the quest to early and not spawning the Skeleton Overlord
Fix: Fixed a bug reducing the speed of charging AIs
Fix: Passive skills not unlocking at the correct level. New passive skills are now available each 6 levels
Fix: The correct version now appears on top of the screen
Fix: Increase the amount of Spell Books loot
Fix: Ferns items now has the correct HUD image
New: added markers on the minimap for quest 3. An arrow to lead you during quest will be added within next week.
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:56pm 
Update 0.1.7
New: (Game changing) Dodge system: Press the space bar to perform a quick escape move. It costs 5 stamina points, available per default.
New: 13 new Skills
New/Fix: Magic effects for weapons and armor are now generated as normal adding a lot of new items modifiers in the game
New: Added a minimap arrow pointing to the current quest Objective (gold for main quest, silver for secondary quest)
New: Added a small animation for newly equipped items in the Equipped Slot of the Inventory
Fix: graphical options are now saved (low effect mode, SVOTI, and distant depth of field)
Fix: Camera rotation issue
Fix: Camera stuttering - The player acceleration has been increased while the basic inertia stays smooth
Fix: Dual Wielded weapons were not correctly restored when loading a characters
Fix: Several crashes involving Orc skills
Improve: the random generated dungeons are now less subject to invisible walls, we are working on a full solution.
Modify: The max camera distance has been increased by 10%
Fix: Various missing localization (@ui_something)
Fix: Dialog Box border removed
Improve: Active Skills UI: Tooltip on Power and Utility
Improve: Top screen health bar design
Improve: Passive Skill Panel looks decent now
Modify: Text font for each UI panels
Modify: Close button is now similar in each main UI windows

Fix: Unending night in the open World
Modified: new lighting for the Character Selection
Fix: remove the player chest in the dungeons

Modified: Replaced the (annoying) sound when you learn a spell
Fix: Some sounds were ignoring the Volume parameters

New: Level of Details of "Ogre".
New: Level of Details of "Pythus".
New: Level of Details for "Old Zombie".
New: Level of Details for "Champion Orc".
Improve: Burn particle for Pithus based models and skeleton models
Improve: Driller model has new detailed texture (but the
Improve: Eye shader for the player

Modified: NightStalkers no longer chase the player. However, they will teleport and attack if the player comes to close
Improve: Fluid movement for Infernal Dogs

New: Default dodge animation for one handed and two handed poses
New: Idle animation for NightStalker
Improve: Dual wielding movement animations
Improve: Dual wielding right attack animation
Modified: Ghoul animations

New: Two handed Glass Hammer (looking really good :))
Improve: Effect of used Rage Globe on Player
Improve: Explosion and trail of the Fire Rain Skill
Improve: Effect of Charger Orc

New Skills: Each of these skills can be looted on enemies. Each skills has various chances to be found.
Umbra Ray: Cast multiple magic rays to nearby enemies. Only works if enemy are present
Blizzard: A small blizzard will damage and snare affected enemies
Chain Lightning: Lightning strikes several targets, bounding from one to another
Deep Strike: Strike a group of enemies by teleporting on them. You will have a chance to stun them on landing.
Lightning Bolt: Combo spells striking fast moving projectile all around
Magnetic Strike: A fast casted, localized, lightning explosion
Bloodbath: Enemies can no longer target you, and you steal health of the enemies nearby
Force Shield: Provide you a chance to drop incoming attack or projectile
Mass Frenzy: Enemies start to attack each other
Ground Stomp: Stun all enemies nearby
Umbral Bomb: A powerful explosion after a long delay in a localized area
War Cry: Increase you armor and rage rating during a limited amount of time
Absorption Shield: Absorb incoming damage and make projectile bounce (can possibly strike enemies nearby)
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:56pm 
Update 0.1.8
New: Potion system is now working correctly. Potions takes time to refill, but Globes will refille 33% of the given potion ressource (Health globe for Heath potion, Mana globes for Mana potion ect)
New: German localization by Cotto (Thanks Cotto!)
New: Chinese localization by ngacnlcq (Thanks ngacnlcq!)
New: The blood is now directional, it goes depending of how you hit the ennemy
New: The dead impulse is also now directional
Improve: Many performance upgrade on various systems, making the game smoother during long play session. More significant performance upgrade are in progress too.

Improve: small performance improvement when outside Amarth (more layer switch)
Improve: less physic collision problems around Amarth
Improve: Various things in the open world, especially the area under Amarth
Improve: New fog settings

Improve: Loot icons position update depending of the graphic quality. Very smooth in High and Very High mode, a bit less for Medium and Low, for optimization.
Fix: show fps option is now saved
New: Camera shake option in Game Settings
New: Quest Markers option in Game Settings
New: Gore Mode option in Game Settings
New: Items dropped in the inventory or in the belt now play a quick animation.

Fix: the player is no longer leaning when suddenly changing direction

Modified: Ghoul animations
Modified: Ogre animations
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:57pm 
Update 0.1.9
Huge performance improvements. The performance shouldn't decrease over time now.

New: Weather system version 1.0. The sky is now more dynamic, with giant clouds blocking the sun, and rain all over the world of Wolcen.
New: Dynamic weapon trails! The system is now fully fonctionnal. It will alow use to add nice trail effects to all weapons and skills using sets of particles. Most weapon particles are currently WIP.
New: Once dead, you can only respawn in Amarth. Enemies will respawn. Every looted items on the ground will disappear.
New: Merchant purchases will now use gold limitation.
New: Active Effect for various magic icons (burn, open wound, movement speed) - Still WIP, some effects are not displaying icons at the moment.
Fixed various crashes involving enemies projectile

Improve: The HUD displaying loot icons is now running in 60 frame per second - Icon struttering is fixed.
Fixed: Waypoints name weren't displayed on minimap.
Fixed : various bug displaying item details
New : Tooltip for Character Sheet details have been added
Improved: The Book tutorial will not appear out of the tutorial area
Fixed: Missing icons in the Passive Skill tree

Improved: English localization thanks to Squidcake!
New: Spanish localization by ldtime. Thank you ldtime!
New: French localization.
Fixed : A lot of missing strings have been replaced in both English and French.

So Wolcen is now in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and soon hungarian! Thanks to our awesome community. Thank you guys you are doing a great job ;)
The fonts are work in progress.

Improved: Dead impulse is now more realistic. Most enemies doesn't feel like weighing 20kg anymore.
New weapons to loot !
Improve: Enemies with elemental aura and affinity don't have a permanent aura anymore - The effect is now active for a limited time, then disappears, and appears again (regular pulse)
Fixed a glitch allowing the player to move fast after a dodge (space bar)
Greatly reduced bleed damage inflicted by butchers
Improved: Dialog boxes stay now 15secondes instead of 7.
Fixed: All enemies are now affected by the dead impulse (some of them were just falling on the ground).
Fixed: The player will never be blocked in a non walkable area (fixed - the previous patch was not 100% working)

Improved: Optimize the polycount of the ferns by approximately 200%
Improved: Ennemies spawning on screen
New Megascans assets with an area reworked.

Fixed : Capes are now properly saved and loaded

Various fixes for player animations
Ogre default attack modified
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:58pm 
Fixed : Navigation with mouse was not targetting the right enemy nor moving in the pointed direction when the button was pressed.
Fxed an issue not displaying the "Return To Amarth" option for newly created character in the Death Screen menu.
Fixed skill bar not reinitializing correctly for newly loaded characters.
Fixed player not teleporting backout of a randomly generated dungeon when leaving using the entrance.
Modified : Butcher Open Wound effect reduced again.
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:58pm 
Update 0.1.10
-New: Item type "dagger" and dagger weapon
-Fix: Navigation in randomly generated dungeon was sometime problematic due to some ignored click for character deplacement. This issue should be fixed now. Let us know how it goes for you.
-Improve: The "Controls" page now displays how to use potions and "active dodge"
-Fix: Merchant is now displaying item names and details correctly

-Numerous corrections in the Open World
-The zone around Amarth has been modified. This allow not lose the player, to more focus to the quests and make the open world more important, as it is less accessible. It is completely WIP and it will probably be modified a lot in the future.
-6 new rooms for randomly generated dungeons
-Various fixes for the weather sytem
-The water displays now correctly the rain ripples
-Pickable vegetation objects such as mushrooms are not displayed with a Barrel placeholder anymore.

-New: Russian localization thanks to RandomXXXX!
-Chinese update thanks to ngacnlcq!
-German update thanks to CoTTo!

-Improved items and potions icons in the inventory
-Great mushroom item has now an image

Several animation redesign.
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:59pm 
Update 0.2.0
New : ROS (for Resource Opposition System) : a brand new system for managing resources.
New : Combo attacks for all weapon classes, with new animations and passive effects.
Changed : Mana is now called Umbra.
Improved: Low graphic settings are more optimized. Now displays lower texture resolution.
Several new weapon trails are implemented
Added a new system for spawning particle over magic weapons.

New: A temple replace the dark forest. It is still WIP.
Various changes and optimizations
Fixed an inaccessible zone at the beginning
Fixed a physic problem at the same zone
Fixed: torchs shadows
Lighting improvements in Amarth, depending on the weather.

Fixed: Russian language is now in the menu selection
Fixed: Lots of corrections and improvements in both EN and FR

Fixed NightStalkers not reacting to ranged attacks

Whole New HUD (for ROS)!
New: Option to choose the scale of the HUD.
Right click should now equip any item on the correct slot.
Fixed a bug allowing players to equip weapons on armor slots.
While dual wielding, removing the item in the left hand will automatically set the right hand item in the left hand.
Fixed the size of some weapon items
Fixed a bug that was not removing active effects icons.
Added description over active effects icons
Added tooltip for almost all UI elements

New : Umbral Catalyst spell. Unleash devastating spells for a few seconds !
Slightly changed the camera angle

New: Reworked default trails for all weapon combos
New: added new particle effects for magic weapons
Improved: directional blood for base combos

Modified : Ogres variants are now a little heavier
Fixed : Body's material of the Butcher Zombie has been modified : the spine and eyes should no longer appear alone.

Added more than 25 new animations for per weapon combo system
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 1:01pm 
Update 0.2.2
The engine version is now Cryengine 3.8.6

New camera system - various options to control camera's speed and targetting are now available in the "Game Settings" menu
Dismemberment (only a few enemies for now : skeletons, butchers and most zombies)
Mouse navigation has been entirely reworked
Various fixes for quest system
Performance improvements!

New Blood decals and blood particles
New attack trails for combos
Improved player visibility in dark areas
Improved various particle effects for both player and enemies

Many fixes and optimizations
Greatly improve performances in Amarth
Fixed: unshaded trees after state of transparency
Fixed: Water reflections artefacts when 'low effects' mode turned on. This result to reactivate some posteffects, fixing other problems, but having less good performance.
Improved: fog of the weather when it rains
Fixed: Demon sword size
New photogrammetry trees in the open world
Fixed: Some environment probes were too dark at night
Fixed: red ball (mising assets) in randomly generated dungeons
Fixed: wrong physic parameters for several entities (objects flying when hit)

Small tweaks and improvements
Camera options in Game Settings
New: Dev choice option for Camera shake
New: Enemy blink option in Game Settings
New: Enemy health bar option in Game Settings
New: Sharpening option
New: Chromatic aberration option
Removed: Distant dof, it will be reimplemented in the future

New combo animation for two handed axes !
Modified : The number of magical affixes has been lowered. It didn't make sense to have weapons generating 6 affixs at the moment, since the game is still quite easy. This feature will be reimplemented in the future.
Many balance changes to spell costs.
New passives skills for better customization.

Many new animation for the player
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 1:01pm 
Update 0.2.3
Mana Bonus Globe (blue) are working fine now
Rage Globe (yellow) are working fine now
Fixed a crash occuring with AI in tight environements
Smalll performance improvements when spawning new AI and loots
Synce0  [developer] Jan 25, 2017 @ 1:02pm 
Update 0.2.4
Fixed: Your progression is now correctly saved when going back to main menu.
Fixed: Books no longer appear on the Amarth's waypoint when sold to the merchant.
Fixed: Templars and enemies now all have their weapons in hand
Fixed: The hero model don't appear in the character selection pannel if you have no character created

New: Villagers in Amarth
New: Particle FX on waypoints
Improved: reduce fog density during night time
Improved: SVOTU diffuse bias is now 0.05
Improved: Waypoints now have smaller selection range
Modified: Waypoints outline is now blue instead of yellow.
Fixed: rain in dungeons
Fixed: some navmesh bad connections in randomly generated dungeons
Fixed: Luthor's stash particle now disappears when the object is picked up.
Fixed: some layer switch override problems
Fixed: Multiple spellbooks issue.
Fixed: Rare bug where time of day would not set when entering a randomly generated dungeon

New: Butchers can now hit surrounding mobs.
Fixed: Mobs should now properly target the player when using melee charge.

New: Antialiasing modes in advanced graphic settings (SMAA 1X, SMAA 1TX, SMAA 2TX)
New: Vignetting in advanced graphic settings
Modified: Localization update by the community: Korean, Chinese, German, Hungarian. Thanks guys!
Improved: Death screen (now animated)
Fixed: Player position is now correctly displayed on the world map.
Fixed: Minimap no longer appear in the player's health globe
Fixed: Can no longer open the world map in the main menu or in the pause menu
Fixed: Main menu does not show the game in background anymore
Fixed: Remaining stats points are now correctly displayed after death
Fixed: Incorrect stats requierements displayed on item details panel
Fixed: Prevent default skills (combos, charged attacks) to be overriden by other skills.

New weapon: Woodcutter axe
New: Charged attacks for each weapon class, except one handed.
New: Shield block
Modified: Utility and power skill upgrades nerfed
Fixed: Lightning damage are now correctly affected by water (+100%) and rain (+10%).
Fixed: Damage reduction is now correctly calculated for lightning spread.
Fixed: Destroyable objects no longer give rage when hit.
Fixed: Proper orientation of player when casting skills.
Fixed: Teleportation bug where player got stuck in the environment.
Fixed: Expulse blows (Skullcrusher) and charge from orc chargers shouldn't hit the player anymore if he is too far away.
Fixed: The Zombie charge attack now hits properly.
Fixed: You can no longer teleport from anywhere on the map. You now have to be near a waypoint.
Fixed: You can now chain skill casting properly while holding keys.
Fixed: Holding both mouse buttons no longer stops the player if you can't cast the right button skill.
Fixed: Luthor's stash does not appear after the quest's end anymore
Fixed: Camera now correctly follows the player when teleporting
Fixed: A rare crash when using the Deep Strike spell.

New : Multi peasants.
Fixed: The shield no longer disappears when another weapon is equipped.
Fixed: Spiders now bleed correctly (and have new dark green blood particles and decals).
Fixed: Fixed a rare bug where the player would fall through the map when entering a dungeon

New: peasant animations
New: skeletons_giant attack
Various animations for spider, ghoul, ogre and player added and modified

• White flashes can appear the first time the game in launched, at the exit of the cave. This is due to compiling shaders.
• Using charged attacks and default attack is not very fluid at the moment. It will be updated soon
• Loot icons stuttering happens sometime and will be fixed in a future update – The whole system will change
Note: Due to a refactor of many gameplay elements, old saves are not compatible with this version. Please excuse us for the inconvenience. Please remember that the game is still in Early Access, and this kind of character reset may happen quite often.
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