Project Highrise

Project Highrise

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Unleash your inner architect.
Get new items for your skyscraper - furniture, decorations and even new types of tenants. You can also learn how to make them yourself using our guides.
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Now Available for Pre-Purchase | Workshop Confirmed | Release Date Confirmed

We are also confirming that we are working on Steam Workshop to support MODs for Project Highrise.
Thanks to the large demand that has been shown within the Steam Community for MOD support we have started to implement the functionality officially

More details to come on how this will function and how you can craft MODs for Project Highrise.

Release Date

What you've all been waiting for!
We are proud to announce that the Release date for Project Highrise is; September 8th, 2016.

We'd like to thank you for all the support so far and all the support we are sure that you will give in the coming months. Thank you for your unwavering patience and unbelievable commitment to creating a great new community within our world of Project Highrise.

We are still taking all feedback, so head back over to the forums and show your love!