1775: Rebellion

1775: Rebellion

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Necessary improvements
Hi everyone,

I am a fan of the board game, so I am happy that there is now a digital version available.

That being said, the port is pretty rough in some areas.

Here's a list of things that would make it better:

• Multiplayer live play.

• When logging back into the game, see the opponent's turn played out.

• 3D animations are nice, but there should be a skip button. I had a warship animation that went on for 5 or 6 seconds, with the ship being outside of the board for the most of that time. (I am aware that 3D animations can be switched off entirely.)

• The manual's text looks washed out and should be clearer to increase readability.

• The dice statistics overview should be accessible via one of the side bar buttons.

• The black borderlines seperating the different colonies are too thin. Look at the original board game for reference.

• The green highlight of areas (for example, hinting where a player can place reinforcements) is clashing with the unique static colour-coding of the colonies (if switched on, so the map looks like the board game's map), adding visual confusion and making the board harder to read. The green highlight is a good idea, but it should constantly glow in a gradual fade in/out in a shine-through kind of way to provide both types of information at the same time.

• The player should always be able to see the allied faction's hand cards. An on/off switch like the already existing one for the own hand cards on the side bar would make sense. The 2nd hand should be positioned next to the own hand at the bottom of the screen.

• Automated Command Decisions for the defending player are automated. I can see that this is done to speed up the game, but the defending player is robbed off an important strategic decision here.

• No randomising option for choosing sides at the game setup.

This is what I observed so far, a few turns in. I might add more later. Until then, other people are welcome to add more or agree/disagree with my list.

For the record: I'm not trying to bash the developer publically here. As I said, I am a fan of the board game, and I think the digital port has a good foundation, but needs some refinement around its edges, so it reflects the board game properly.
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• Achievements are not unlocking. All of them. (Played on Windows.)
• No in-game chat available.

• Nice to have: Handicap option at game's setup, allowing a less-experienced player to start out with more starting troops to place during setup. This could also be used for pre-game "bidding" feature, allowing both players to bid for a particular side.

Example: I bid 2 to play the British side, which would allow my opponent the benefit to play 2 more cubes during setup, unless he bids more.
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• During game setup, a timer (chess clock) should be available to set a maximum amount of time for each player.
I contacted the developer over a month ago, no reply.

It's pretty safe to say that this game is dead.
Naposledy upravil Kyur; 9. led. 2019 v 19.01
In January 2019 I contacted Academy Games, the publisher of the actual board game, asking if they would maybe know what is going on with this game. Academy Games was very friendly and forwarded my mail to HexWar Games and a link to this thread. Nothing happened, so it's safe to say that this game is dead and the 23-Euro price tag is in my opinion a trap.
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