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Murder3 23 listopada 2012 o 12:43
I need exact ability and effect description.
I search in the krater wikia but there is no ability and effect descriptions.

If I add a healing booster that is give the ability random% healing power but what is the number?
same of the dmg boosters...
I don't understand how these things works:S
The abilities not write off the exact heal or damage amount.
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wiredhands 23 listopada 2012 o 14:00 
all boosters have steps

from rank 1 to rank 5 each step adds 5% more..aka rank 1 is 5% and rank 5 is 25%
there is green and blue versions of all boosters, green adds 2% more than standard and blue adds 4% more (aka blue rank1 booster would be 9% instead of the standard 5%)

almost all abilities are based on weapon damage + stat bonus + ability% (and booster %)
there is ofc some math behind it, but I don't know the exact numbers..and honestly I don't really need to.

So if you have a booster slot without a booster in it, it will always be better with a booster there instead of no booster..
Anyway, another reason for not doing the numbers game is that pretty much any booster will to some extent work in any slot..

For example a healing ability with a str booster in it..will give the character healed with it extra strength for x seconds (on top of the heal he gets from it)..

The basic is higher numbers are better..and well apart from that, they don't really matter.

I can't say for sure, but I don't think Fatshark will tell the exact numbers, since they haven't done so so far..and they have been asked about it a few times
Murder3 23 listopada 2012 o 17:12 
ty for the answer.
so all dmg booster is affected by the current weapon dmg.
but the healing boosters?
the heal amount is affect by the weapon dmg to?
wiredhands 23 listopada 2012 o 17:23 
I'm not sure about the heals (or healing characters), since their abilities don't mention anything about heal from %weapon damage.
I would think the heals for healer characters are a set value amplified by focus+ability %+ booster %

what amount of healing the heal booster gives when slotted in a damage ability..well as to that I'm not sure if it there will be based on weapon damage +focus modifier+ heal booster % probably not since for example the bruisers often have very high damage weapons which could make them insanely OP healers with some of their aoe abilities.

But playing around with the boosters is definitely one of the more fun things to do.

atm for most normal content I walk around with 2 bruisers and 1 regulator or I use the 3 regulator team slowing and killing everything in their path...with a variation of boosters boosting focus, damage and slow..who needs healing anyway ;)
plexab 25 listopada 2012 o 1:02 
as i played a lot with human bruiser equiped with healing boosters into his stunt ability, looks like it gives bruiser and all friendly characters +xx of health points, who are in the range ofcourse, which equals to damage dealed*% which comes from the boosters.

in other words, if 1000dmg dealed and it has +10% healing so it heals for 100pnts.

can't be 100% sure, but looks like that to me
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