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AishaLove 17 NOV 2012 a las 20:51
Krater tells me it won't run without steam, when launched from steam
When I launch the game it tells me I must first launch steam, I am launching the game from steam.
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wiredhands 18 NOV 2012 a las 13:19 
Try :
validating game cache and then run steam as administrator and try to launch the game again
AishaLove 18 NOV 2012 a las 14:00 
If I have to go through hoops I'd rather just skip out on the game altogether. I already reinstalled the game and to be honest the game is not really that great, it's just like one of those really old games you gind in dollar bins at thift stores. (gameplay wise)
RetroBlast 18 NOV 2012 a las 17:47 
Well, this isn't a common problem - verifying the game cache should only take a minute, and may find what's wrong.
AishaLove 18 NOV 2012 a las 18:25 
All files validated sucsessfully. I'm just going to uninstall the game. It's not that fun when I could play it and it's so buggy that it's common to have issues getting it to run and otherwise to the point that playing with no issues is rare.....

wish I had never wasted my money
Half Asleep 21 NOV 2012 a las 15:51 
Actually, its a semi-common problem. Try restarting steam, if not then try restarting your computer. If both fail, uninstall and reinstall the game.
AishaLove 22 NOV 2012 a las 11:36 
Already tried all those things. This would be unaceptible if this company made cars, they always break, never come working out of the factory and they all need a ton of work just to get them running.

It's so common to have errors, bugs, glitches, and crashes that it's very rare to find anyone who didn't have to dig through forums just to get the game to load.

I have a hard time believing this problem is common because I was unable to fins any mention of anything even similar in days of searching, but then again I also didn't expect FatShark to produce such a broken game.

This is honestly worse then Achron, at least Achron will is not riddled with bugs.
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Krater > Discusiones generales > Detalles del tema
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