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APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 9, 2013 @ 10:50am
Open world = open death : threat problem
This nice game work as open world. It's fun to go where you want....

...but it suck. Why ?

I got killed each time by threat level 3 with team of 4 mobs like cyborgs with medikus. I can't kill them & i can't kill one of them :((

That mean this game have 2 problems : your team & threat level.

I play with Bruiser 5/5, Dr Cerebro 6/15 & Mayhem Mk13 6/15. And this death against threat level 3 like cyborgs+medikus as enemies.

Does i need to grind 125454455454445445454545445 times same threat level 1 places to level up my team at 15/15 & boost them all with gear before to go fighting threat > 2 or i missed something ?
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wiredhands Jan 9, 2013 @ 3:26pm 
you must be doing something wrong...I never have that many threat issues

attack with bruiser, aoe attack and boom he has threat and usually never looses it.
Though I would try to find a rank 0/10 or 0/15 bruiser somewhere if i were you and then get him up a little before moving on the 5/5 one won't last forever
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What implants and equipment are you using?
APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 10, 2013 @ 3:18am 
My team :

Bruiser 5/5
Weapon : Road Axe 6.4 dmg/sec
Gadget : First Aid Kit (15 HP sec / 10 sec) 120 cooldown
Strenght 8
Stamina 20
Focus 2
Intelligence 2
Defence 18

Dr Cerebro 7/15
Weapon : Nail Shooter 5.4 dmg/sec
Gadget : Zapper (60-80 dmg long distance) 120 cooldown BONUS +5 Stamina
Strenght 3
Stamina 16
Focus 9
Intelligence 34
Defence 8

Mayhem MK13 7/15
Weapon : Bone Splitters 8.8 dmg/sec
Gadget : Explosive Grenade (40 dmg all enemies 6m radius) 120 cooldown
Strenght 18
Stamina 16
Focus 3
Intelligence 5
Defence 12

This team can kill mobs on map threat 1 or 2. And get death with map threat 3.

At this time, i didn't give to them implants & boosters. I play in casual mode.

I fight like this :
1) Mayhem MK13 --> Gadget : Explosive Grenade
2) Bruiser --> Skill : Cleave
3) Mayhem MK13 --> Skill : Guided Strike
4) Dr Cerebro --> Gadget : Zapper
5) Bruiser --> Skill : Stomp
6) Dr Cerebro --> Skill : Healing Orb
7) Mayhem MK13 --> Skill : Cyborg Stare (after 3 Guided Strike)
And i repeat as soon as skill/gadget become ready to use.

If i analyse myself, its normal i lost all difficulties above threat 2. Why ?
-> Bruiser level limited to 5/5 : why this game limit level of member of my team ? This game remember me Free-To-Play : you want 15/15 pay DLC or play 5/5 10/10 15/15 :((
-> No implant or no booster (even if i play in casual mode i need it). I don't know how to remove implant or booster & how to upgrade as II III...
-> Weapons are weak to damage fast
-> I don't use skill from Regulator to Stun & Slow, my enemies does all time -> make my Bruiser waiting to long to re-use AOE skills.
-> Dr Cerebro Healing Orb too slow & too weak to heal my team (cast time 2 sec let time to enemies to destroy me & HP recovered by Healing Orb is not enough to keep alive my team). Perhaps Nano Stream better. I'am thinking to fire Dr Cerebro & call back Medikus too AND fire Mayhem MK13 to call back Regulator. Or perhaps 1 Bruiser + 2 Regulator (1 stun & other slow).

That mean, Krater need a best team to play. You can't play with classes you want because enemies kill you fast. I noticed enemies healers are stronger than my "poor" Dr Cerebro, Mayhem MK13 don't kill faster than he should be able to do with skill Cyborg Stare (with bonus from Guided Strike).

I wanted to level up Dr Cerebro & Mayhem MK13 to max 15/15, but i can only do that doing 300000 times same map threat 1 or 2. This game require only full DPS, 1 regulator at least to Stun & Slow, and a lot of implant & booster to survive.

To end, i'am not able to plan anything when fighting. If i could pause game at any time, plan each attack from my members to kill faster enemy healer first, perhaps fight will become easiest. But i only clic on Skills and game decide for me who attack who. I saw my members don't attack often same targets. Could be nice if i can plan my attacks like Baldur's Gate II.
wiredhands Jan 10, 2013 @ 3:59am 
as i wrote previously...get a bruiser that can reach higher than 5/5

there are 3 types of characters available

rank 0/5
rank 0/10
rank 0/15

as you go along you either replace the rank 5/5 you have or you put them through boot camp enabling them to reach higher ranks if you insist on continuing playing with that specific character.

The characters you have are not the ones you 'must' complete the game with. go visit recuitment officers in different cities to recruit members to your mercenary group that can reach higher ranks than 5(they are there)

I have completed the game with several different teams, bruiser medikus regulator/bruiser-bruiser-medikus/bruiser-bruiser-regulator/regulator-regulator-regulator/slayer-regulator-slayer, tried x3 medikus but that was to hard..what I say is there are several different ways of playing.

As far as I can tell you completely misunderstood how the whole levelling up works and that is why you have so much trouble.

every time you rank up/level up an implant slot opens up, which you should put an implant into, as that is how you improve your character. they dont gain ANY stats at all when they level, it is up to you to decide which stat to give them by using an implant and if a booster slot opens up in a skill using a booster in there to improve that skill (no wonder you have trouble if you dont use implants and boosters at all)

this is done by opening the character view and choosing implant or booster tab and putting an implant/booster in there and pressing operate.
same thing if you want to replace one, just move another implant in there and press operate, done
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Sinnerman Jan 10, 2013 @ 4:10am 
^ what he said

You can you use boot camp to upgrade your team. Closest one is in Elmerhult. It can be more cost effective to buy new team members. (unlocking lvl 10-15 costs 20.000 Kr)

Always use as many implants and boosts as you can get from looting and crafting.
Buy recipes and craft. For bruiser it's a good idea to have a lot of stamina and defense (tank) cause he will be creating most of the agro.

You can boost your dr. Cerebro's healing orb with defense and strength if you are using two melee characters,, as that will improve their dps as well as...well defense. You can put healing boost on any skill in the game

Just don't leave any implant and boost slots's a waste, and try to craft the best ones you have recipes for. You can't remove implants and boosters but you can replace them with new improved versions (do it as soon as you get one)

Experiment. There is no such thing as best team IMHO, but best combination of boosts and implants and play styles. You can run with three regulators actually, no problem.

I haven't gotten that far into the game, because of other problems I'm having. But it's actually not that hard, and I was playing on higher difficulty levels.
APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 10, 2013 @ 4:56am 
Then i need to restart another game again & again :(( It's a pain to not play safely as casual mode. I'll fire Dr Cerebro & Mayhem MK13 because all didn't convince me in any way.

But how work booster ? If i put Heal booster on DPS skills is a good idea ? Even if skill deal damages, that mean not heal, will i get my DPS healing himself when i'll cast their skills ? (1)

I'am agree with defence implant because the last member of my team dead is often the one with higher defence.

Why Krater work with level limitation 5/5 10/10 & 15/15 ? Do you think this game is better like this sucking & annoying system ? Was not better to let character with 15/15 even if game allow more choice with same classes but different stats ? (2)

Grinded 3500000 times same threat map difficulties before reaching higher its not that i call a "epic game". It's not money earned that allow me to upgrade my team faster.

Is there a way to play all attacks with pause & plan like Baldur's Gate ? This game, solo, will become epic with such fighting system. (3)

I want to play again because this game is nice even if figting system & difficulty don't allow me to play like i want.

Please answer (1), (2) & (3).
Sinnerman Jan 10, 2013 @ 6:06am 
1) Boosters provide the effect that they describe. For example: if you put a healing boost on the bruisers cleave ability, it will heal the bruiser himself and all the allies caught in the arc, every time he swings...same goes for stomp and any other skill and any other class.

You can boost area slow skill of the regulator to heal and boost defense in addition to slowing down enemies if you want. That means that when you cast area slow skill, all allies caught in it's area off affect will have their defense raised for a short period of time. Do whatever fits you style.

2) I don't quite understand what you are trying to say. The levels are not set in stone and your crew is not limited to 5/5 levels. You don't have to start from the beggining. You can visit boot camp NPC and pay him to remove the level cap. I assume you reached Elmerhult by now. If you don't want to buy a new bruiser and level him from the start, just take your old 5/5 bruiser there and pay some money to unlock up to lvl 10 ( or up to lvl 15 if you have enough Kr)

3) you can't pause the game like Baldurs gate or Dragon Age

I think most of your difficulty related problems come from not using boost and implants properly. Getting lvl 10 crew is easy and cheap. Level 10 characters are easily affordable and you can easily take them to threat lvl 5 with proper implants.

Put a lot of focus on regulator and medicus for higher DPS. Intelligence is not that important at the beginning IMO. Few stamina and defense implants on every crew member. Strength on your slayers. Healing boost on your slayers stab skill (almost no cooldown). If you are using a bruiser and a slayer at the same time, boost stomp with strength and defense, cause they will always be close to each other. Try to kill enemies that use healing skills first. This is just a suggestion for greater survivability. When you get the hang of it, do your own thing, create more DPS oriented team, whatever you like. Just don't leave those slots empty.
Don't forget about crafting. Makes your life easier.
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wiredhands Jan 11, 2013 @ 6:28am 
sinner answered 1 and 3 just fine so wont bother with that.

I'll add to 2. though

2. You are a mercenary team. When you can afford better people you get better people, when you can make or buy better implants you do that..when you can get or buy better weapons you do that.

Consider your team as a bunch of players on a sports team. the team will reach the best results by constantly having the best players. This means, when someone on your team have outplayed their role and can no longer be used, you replace that one with another better player. It's as simple as that.
Considering that I regularly level characters up from 0 to 15, I can say that it can be done in about 30 mins or less, and if you have enough ingame credits or mats for crafting getting them the highest rank boosters and implants aren't a problem either.

People simply have to stop getting attached to the characters they start this game with, because they are irrelevant for the story. you can have as many characters as you want in your roster and switch them as much as you want, so why stick to the same three characters that you have from the start when there are so many other combinations you can play with.
Go visit the recruitment officers in different towns than the starting one and they will sometimes have characters that can go 0/10 or others 0/15, or if you are hard headed and only want to play with the ones you start with, go to a boot camp and make them able to reach higher levels should go an read the USER guide which is in your x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\krater

folder, its called Krater_user_guide.pdf it actually explains most of the things you ask
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APoCaLyPSE NoW Jan 12, 2013 @ 5:04am 
Big thanx all for your advices. I'am better now.

My new party with new team : 1 Bruiser + 2 Regulator kill without problem mobs threat 3.

Most important : heal booster, defence/stamina implants, these item allow me to fight safely.

I got loot issue that annoy me (see my another thread about duskwater fort). Except issue, this game now is awesome to play even if i do always same thing : grind grind & grind ^^
wiredhands Jan 12, 2013 @ 6:35am 
well you should try to notice things as you go along, there are lot of references to movies and music bands all over the place.
At some point you might even get a special 'band' member to your little gang of mercenaries if you finish a questline
generic guy Feb 6, 2013 @ 6:46am 
i really enjoyed the title of this thread
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