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Krater using tons of resources? Need help please!
Hello! i bought the game recently and downloaded it with no problem but when i load the game the sound/video is glitchy. Apparently its taking up all my resources on my laptop (which is fairly new, but not a gaming laptop by all means). it's like playing a high res game with a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ gfx card, its un-playable. My question this regular for Krater to take up so many resources and it may just be my laptop, or is there something wrong with my download?

Side Note: (When you press ctrl-alt-del and start the task manager, you can see how much resources your programs are taking up on your computer...when i run Krater it takes just under 800k). Would appreciate any feedback. Thank You! =D
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Hello Circle Of Nine!

Are you sure the laptop meets the minimum requirements for the game?
Are you playing on low settings?
What hardware are you using? (GFX Card, Processor, RAM)
wiredhands Jan 2, 2013 @ 10:22am 
Yes krater can eat your system alive if it wants to.


it's the place to visit for a guide in the mysteries of the manual editing of the krater settings file, it should give you information enough to tweak your settings into a more playable state.

if you are scared to edit the settings file, you can make a dx diag and post it here (follow instructions below)

To make a DXdiag :

(1) Go to the Start button
(2) in the searchfield Type dxdiag and click it so it runs
(3) While viewing the System tab wait for it to finish and click the "Save All Information..." button.
Save your DXDIAG report as dxdiag.txt on your desktop for easy access (you may delete the file once you have copy pasted the information to

post the link to the pastebin here, with the monitor resolution (xxxx/yyyy) you wish to play in and I will try to make you a settings file that can hopefully make things smoother on your laptop and post it here
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