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danijel  [developer] Apr 16, 2016 @ 1:13am
[2017/05/08]Update v0.904 - Quickfix I
[2017/05/08]Update v0.904 - Quickfix I

Hello captains,

We've noticed there are some issues with the Steam overlay, along with some other bugs so we went ahead to fix those smaller things. The tiny quickfix is now live.

Another quickfix can be expected today or tomorrow focused on the game launcher. In some cases it might get into trouble.

Safe travels, captains!


[2017/05/07]Update v0.904 - The final countdown

Greetings captains,

First of all, apologies for being late with this update. It was planned for yesterday, but we were hunting for an elusive bug that would cause the game to freeze for a couple of frames every so often during combat. We didn't want to release the update before that one was stomped on.

As we're entering the final stretch to launch, we decided to release at least one more update for you ladies and gentlemen. I won't drag this too long. The change-list is below. Check out the first item ;).

We'll release quickfixes as needed, but if everything goes as planned, the next update will be the launch one. The final stretch will include the storyline (naturally), completely new voiceovers, tweaks, balancing (economic as well) and fixes.

As always, let us know what you think of the game, what bugs you find and so on. We greatly appreciate it.

Safe travels!

  • Behold captains! The Starchart! It's ALIIIIIVEEE!
    • A lot of work has been done to make this happen, but bugs can easily creep up. Please let us know what issues you find.
  • Check out what can now be found when landing on planets :)
  • You now gain experience when doing conquest(y) bits: conquering stations, outposts and planets, as well as raiding structure.
  • Added a notification when you completely finish the Proxima.
  • Tweaked explosion radius and detonation time of mines surrounding prisons.
  • AI fleets will no longer use Cettia gunships. That design is strictly the player's.
  • A change reputation notification is no longer displayed if the reputation isn't actually changed (going from -10000 to -10000 is clearly not a change)
  • You can now assign a formation to your fleets by hailing them.
  • The shipbuilding / replication exploit is no longer here. It has been eradicated.
  • Fixed an error that could cause the game to crash in case a "gravity shockwave" script function was used with specific parameters.
  • The player profile is now saved on every change. You should no longer have problems with missing entries in the geminipedia.
  • Borehole equipment is now back to maximum operational status.
  • Fixed a script error in the OnDeactivate scripts of several mining structures.
  • Added the "Ambassador" button hint on the Reputation screen when using gamepads
  • You can no longer "select" stations, structures, planets and garrisons if they're not visible (fog of war)
  • Random Containers which can be found left or guarded in Gemini, have had HP reduced.
  • Marauder skills range parameters are now displayed on the Skills panel.
  • AI factions are now properly attacking all your structures, stations and forward outposts.
  • AI factions can now beat each other senseless.
  • Fixed an error in the "Sell resources" trade deal that would prevent you from conducting the deal.
  • Merchant perks now affect the costs related to Trade deals.
  • Fixed a Geminipedia error, where the Isle asteroid field was categorized as Tutorial.
  • Hellion front turrets now have extended firing arcs.
  • Added timed autosave. Roughly every 5 minutes the game is saved IF saving is possible.
  • Fixed an error related to UI sounds on the skills panel.
  • Fixed several potential errors in the Prologue that could get you stuck.
  • Objects are now more clearly marked with the "Destroy" tag.
  • Fixed an error related to anomalies that could cause a memory leak.
  • Done some improvements to the Installation defense freelance job
    • If you scan a platform, the following repair is a guaranteed success.
    • Small structures are no longer used on these missions.
  • Using the B button while the Starchart info panel is open, now only closes the info panel (gamepad).
  • The dialogue line selection is now properly displayed.
  • In some cases the context menu would appear for an instant when docking. This no longer happens.
  • Tweaked the Disable skill to make it more clear as to what it affects.
  • Battle power no longer calculates sublight speed, but the base speed parameter as intended.
  • If you don't have any idle civilian fleets, civilian tasks are not displayed on the Starchart.
  • Added two new player portraits. One female and one male.
  • Added a bunch of news bits that can appear.
  • At the end of the prologue, three hostile ships could appear, basically preventing you from docking on Concordia. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed multiple script errors related to structures that would cause their animations to malfunction.
  • Fixed several issues that occurred when fighters launched heavy weapons.
  • AI fleets roaming zones with unique structures (landmarks) are now buffed with a Warmaster.
  • Steering/Selection mode is now properly saved and loaded.
  • Opening the context menu, while in steering mode, temporarily deactivates steering mode so you can use the context. It reverts back to steering when the context is closed.
  • A notification is now displayed when a trade deal expires.
  • Range of all light weapons has been increased.
  • Optimized fleet and battle handling to improve performance.
  • When starting a new game, by default the game is set to turret view and the camera is more zoomed out.
  • In some instances the Jobs board would remain inaccessible after passing the tutorial bits. This should no longer happen.
  • Issuing the GoTo command onto one of your fleets will now make that fleet follow YOU once you reach them.
  • Added a proper dialogue when the Proxima Construction Site is finished.
  • "Reviving" warmasters is now cheaper.
  • Added new models for important locations
    • Nyarhi
    • Edea
    • Xocarro
    • Spire station
  • Improved fleet formations to prevent faulty behavior.
  • Proxima will now behave slightly different on planetary assaults depending on the current difficulty setting.
  • Encounters improved and take difficulty into account.
    • Some encounters have static difficulty.
    • Others have dynamic difficulty that is also affected by the difficulty setting.
    • On Extreme, some encounters are even more difficult than before.
    • Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • Dying while boarding a ship and then loading will no longer get you stuck in the game.
  • Unfollow command now has its explanation on the Context menu.
  • Added new Geminipedia entries in the Chassis category.
  • Fixed several errors related to faction quests that would count derelict as junk in one quest and junk as derelicts in another.
  • Hailing the Gladiatrix "central billboard" now provides instructions on how to enter the Gladiatrix.
  • Skill and Perk respec is now possible with quartermasters of all Gladiatrix arenas.
  • Planetary assault tweaks
    • Planets now have tweaked power levels.
    • Proxima power calculation increased.
    • While the Proxima is jumping, the text now says "Jumping" instead of "Construction..."
    • Your fleets now stick around the Proxima instead of running after some ship, leaving you to defend the Proxima on your own.
    • If planetary assault is no longer a challenge, increase the difficulty setting to Extreme ;).
  • Gladiatrix arena quartermasters are now additionally marked to make them easier to spot.
  • The right side of the Fleet management panel (splitting a fleet for example) is now tagged as "New fleet" to make things more clear.
  • Power calculation of a station is now more precise. You should have a clearer picture of what you're getting into.
  • TGate / Wormhole faction ownership is now properly saved. A potential error related to legacy saves is also fixed.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and done a few tweaks in the Gladiatrix
    • Winning an arena now grants a Perk point.
    • Winning an areana now grants +25 Reputation.
    • Player's warmasters will no longer spawn in the last fight.
    • All enemy contestants are now properly marked to make them easier to spot.
    • Fixed several dialogue glitches.
    • Enemy contestants will now focus primarily on the player.
  • AI ships are now properly equipped with fighter wings (those that have the capability of course).


[2017/04/28]Update v0.903 - A quaint Friday update

Greetings captains,

As noted in the previous announcement, it's Friday 28th, so it's time for another update, bringing the game up to v0.903. We've got some new stuff for you, along with a nice list of fixes and tweaks.

Please forgive me for cutting the intro short, but we've got a lot of work to do and I'm sure you'll find everything important in the change-log listed below.

Safe travels!

  • More situations now influence reputation change
    • Conquering outpost-controlled zones, station-controlled zones, planet-controlled zones, and stations (solo), now makes you lose reputation with the faction which owned it before and its allies.
    • Raiding Structures makes you lose reputation with the faction which owns the structure and its allies.
    • Hacking Satellites makes you lose reputation with the faction which owns the structure and its allies.
    • Completing faction side quests now grants reputation increase with the faction in question.
  • Expanded the Gemini news network with the latest breaking news from the front lines
    • News headlines (shortened) are displayed in the newsreel at the top of station and planet interface.
    • Complete news are displayed in the Personal records->General panel
    • Conquest-related events now trigger news, making it possible to have a history of what events took place.
    • Triggered when zones change faction owner.
    • Triggered when planets change owner.
    • Triggered when a station (that is also a zone controller) changes owner.
    • Triggered when a station (that isn't a zone controller) changes owner.
    • Triggered when a structure gets raided.
  • Off-world prisons now have a nifty li'l minefield as a picket fence
  • Tweaked defense platform weapons range.
  • Warmasters will continue to follow you (if they're following you) after they mysteriously switch to a new ship mid-flight.
  • Fixed a problem with the player's station defense fleet not despawning properly and instead continuing to linger on indefinitely.
  • Tweaked shading to increase light-darkness contrast.
  • Sun visuals changed to increase glow around them.
  • Tweaked fog shadow to accompany the new sun visuals.
  • Factions can now be discovered in multiple ways, not just by the player finding them (fleets, tasks...).
  • Activating the cloak skill while in Sublight is now possible.
  • Added an additional mark-layer on mission waypoints on the Starchart. A pulsating backlight.
  • Your war fleets, when given a command, will now execute it, regardless of enemies they encounter on the way to their destination.
  • If a structure is under construction or is being upgraded when the owner of the area changes, the construction / upgrade is cancelled.
  • When commanding a fleet(or yourself) to go to a non-hostile fleet/garrison/station/planet, you're no longer asked about declaring war, but instead you're give the option to contact the faction's ambassador. Declaring war can be done via that dialogue.
  • When you succeed in a planetary assault, the battle resolves as intended. You'll no longer have that lingering battle after it's all over.
  • All mouse buttons are now bindable, as intended.
  • Resolved an issue where certain fleets would end up being locked in place and appear to have stopped following orders.
  • Tweaked faction ambassador names so it's always clear which faction you're talking to.
  • Added the resources bar onto the dialogue panel so you can always have an overview of your current resources.
  • Starting Freeroam scenarios now yields several unused Perk points (the same amount you'd get if you pass the Prologue).
  • Fixed several instances where the same ship had both Deploy troops and Transport options available in the Context menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the Geminipedia where images could overlap text in some instances.
  • The Perk Upgrade button now displays the appropriate tooltip.
  • Insome instances, you could spot ship models of your war fleets loading in and out. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed a glitch that could cause you to get stuck in the Starchart during the Prologue.
  • Fixed an error related to dialogue node action scripts not executing properly. This could affect a number of situations.
  • Scanning the Icarus in the Prologue before you're supposed to no longer gets you stuck in the Prologue.
  • Hostile fighters no longer see and attack you while you're cloaked.
  • Fixed an error that could make it possible to circumvent destroying defense platforms on a station assault.
  • Fixed an error that would cause the wrong skill to be upgraded when spending skill points.
  • Having no Name or Surname will no longer cause problems.
  • Bonuses that actually reduce some parameter are now displayed correctly.
  • Fleets that refuse to die will now be purged from your save files. Resave and you're good to go.
  • Ship constructed notification now displays where they were built.
  • As zones change their owner, the commodities that are considered illegal there (contraband) is now also set properly.
  • Geminipedia chassis-related entries no longer mention the cloak field generator ship system.
  • Execute skill rebalanced - it now works in a different fashion
    • first it subtracts the flat damage portion from the ship Hull value(flat damage was slightly increased)
    • secondly it deals additional damage per missing Hull point(this was heavily nerfed)
    • lastly portion of the cooldown is removed if you've destroyed the ship with the skill
    • reduced cooldowns(buff), but reduced cooldown reduction bonus(slight nerf)
  • Updated the script that controls random news creation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented news titles from displaying properly.
  • Once you go into negotiations with the Sanctum for a possible deal, you're no longer forced to carry out the deal. You can back out.
  • Your Warhead will no longer target your own Holo decoy.
  • Warmasters are no longer affected by environmental damage.
  • Fixed a number of smaller errors and glitches in the Game Launcher.
  • Fixed several errors related to the Survey freelance job.
  • You can now revive warmasters regardless of your current Command points pool, since they don't require Command points.
  • Fixed a bug that could mess up a quest stage in the Prologue.


[2017/04/26]Update v0.902 - The first in line

Greetings captains,

Our plan for the upcoming period is to have multiple smaller updates and this is the first in line. The next one is planned for Friday, May 28th. All this time we're naturally working on the storyline, but that will become available on launch day.

Please don't expect giant leaps in these updates as we're taking a lot less time with each one. The focus of these are improved stability, tweaks and fixes as well as a few light additions here and there.

For simplicity and since the list isn't as long as on our usual updates, I'll let go of our standard change-log sorting and simply post raw lists.

  • Fixed a couple of errors in the auto-resolve scripts that manifested in completely strange battle outcomes.
  • Fixed an error that prevented gamepads from properly controlling the Skills and Respec panels.
  • Fixed a number of errors on the Skills and Respec panels.
  • Starchart resource hints now include various other bonuses like trade deals, station bonuses etc..
  • Improved Miners' AI.
  • Fixed an error that doubled the Quicksave notification.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that made one of the suns be seen through planets.
  • All mentions of the Cloak field have been purged from chassis' descriptions.
  • Fixed an error related to Research outpost prerequisites.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash in some cases if a fleet leader was destroyed.
  • Salvaging and destroying derelicts now yields Materials depending on the size of the derelict.
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause the game to crash when interacting with a fleet station near a planet.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a fleet to respawn without end.
  • Purged the Astra cloak field enhancement from the Research techs list.
  • Fixed several errors related to civilian Trade tasks that would prevent them from working normally.
  • You can no longer get a messed-up Prison raid if you accidentally use the Transport action instead of Deploy troops.
  • Fighters now ignore the ship you're boarding unless it is Marked as target.
  • Fixed a bug that could in some cases cause other smaller (or larger) issues after a derelict is destroyed.
  • Skill cooldown is now reset when docking.
  • When ordering a fleet to follow you via Starchart, the cursor now properly switches to the appropriate icon.
  • Fixed a problem with a faulty bonus appearing in the personal bonuses list when you have the Tactical Appraisal perk.
  • Fixed an error with junk parts being difficult or even impossible to target.
  • All fleet ships and warmasters passively repair while out-of-combat.
  • Proxima shipyard name changed to Proxima Construction Site.
  • While you have steering mode as active and you designate an auto-pilot destination via Starchart, upon closing the Starchart, steering mode is switched to cursos mode to prevent immediate auto-pilot disabling.
  • You can no longer target ships and platforms that are behind the camera.
  • The Escape button now works as intended on the Fleet Transfer and Shipbuilding panels.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Construct button on the context menu use the Proxima icon.
  • Commanding a fleet into an ongoing battle didn't properly snap their destination waypoint. Now it does.
  • Energy shields surrounding stations now rotate in a proper fashion.


[2017/04/22] V0.900 Quickfix I

Hello captains,

Here's the first quickfix, first of several I believe. Sorry it took this long for the first one. We're low on numbers these days as most of the team is in Dubrovnik for a developers conference, but things will get back to normal in a day or two at the max. In any case, the change-log is below :)

  • The mouse scroll on the Info panel works as intended.
  • You can no longer perpetually gain perk points by solving and re-solving Higgs' quest
  • You can no longer perpetually gain perk points by solving and re-solving Maxton's quest
  • Nyx ambassador no longer offers a trade deal in the duration of 0 weeks.
  • You can now decline a trade deal with the Nyxians.
  • Tara Higgs now activates as a warmaster after finishing the Prologue.
  • Fixed an error related to mouse sensitivity doing weird stuff and changing without input.
  • Added a work-around to prevent CTDs if the game encounters a mod that's trying to improperly access/reference Ship templates.
  • Fixed a number of errors on the Skills panel that could cause crashes (especially when using a gamepad)
  • Fixed a problem that prevented certain Civilian tasks from loading properly.
  • Various smaller script fixes


Warlords BETA update released, gearing up for final launch

Greetings captains,

As the title implies, with this 0.900 update, we're officially entering the beta stage. All the major features are implemented and what we'll be focusing on from this point onward are balancing, tweaks and fixes. This is all leading up to leaving Early Access which is planned for May 23rd.

Here's a little snippet of what you can expect with today's update:

Friendly neighborhood warmasters
Several warmasters are now ready and eager to join your ranks. Over time, they gain levels just as you do and even switch to more powerful ships.

Skills and classes overhauled, per community request
All the skills are now unlocked and ready to be unleashed on the enemy. During a respec, you can shuffle your skill-set in any way you like.

Music to my ears
The completely new soundtrack, made specifically for Warlords is now finally implemented.

Raiding glory
Additional gameplay mechanics allows meaningful raiding of enemy structures.

Conquest rewarding to the max
Capturing stations and planets yields extra rewards, one of which is the ability to construct ships in multiple locations, as the community requested.

As we've announced in earlier updates, we were forced to do a save wipe. Saves made in previous versions no longer work! We had hoped we could make a soft reset to keep some of the data persist, but we've encountered numerous issues and a decision was made to start from a clean slate to ensure no ghost problems would persist. We apologize for this, but it was necessary.

As always, the entire changelog can be found on the discussion board.

We've added quite a bit of new features and issues can be expected. Please keep us in the loop and let us know what problems you encounter so we can fix 'em up as soon as possible.

Safe travels and good hunting, captains!

  • Cloak can no longer be activated via shortcut while docked.
  • Scavenging derelicts with the Scavenger swarm now looks as planned. The derelict no longer simply disappears.
  • Fixed a problem with the beam weapon sounds not shutting down when an NPC stops firing.
  • In some cases, heavy weapons would constantly miss structures, as in a stationary target. This no longer happens.
  • Sometimes a heavy weapon would start circling around the target if it missed it. It no longer does this.
  • Fixed an error that made fleet tooltips display wrong.
  • Fleet ships now regenerate shields properly.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to playing sounds (multiple instances of the same sound playing, volume too high...)
  • You can no longer have both the (unpaused) context menu and the dialogue panel open at the same time.
  • Heavy weapon blast of your own heavy weapons no longer damages you, making heavy weapons more usable in general.
  • Fixed the Cruiser Familiarity perk.
  • In some cases, finishing a gladiatrix match, broke the camera. No longer.
  • Several voice notifications regarding port and starboard shields being damaged were switched and played at the wrong time.
  • In some cases, asteroid meshes were being drawn over the tactical overlay. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with weekly resource gain being displayed wrong.
  • A mesh from Concordia no longer appears on the opposite side of the game world for no apparent reason.
  • You can no longer fire heavy weapons on holographic structures.
  • You no longer have both the Proxima Shipyard and the Proxima as selectable on the Starchart.
  • Until now, when you conquered a planet, the defense fleet of that planet would stand idly near the planet, apparently weeping at their loss.
  • In some cases, you couldn't finish a Freelance job because the mission target, on which you had to use the transport action was biometrically shielded.
  • Fixed an error where long texts in the Personal records panel were cut off and didn't display entirely.
  • While using a gamepad, going for saving a new game and then canceling, broke the UI and hid controller hints. This now works as intended.
  • Boarding/capturing now works on Hunt freelance job ships as planned.
  • Fixed several errors with encounters not working properly.
  • Music no longer stays quiet(er) when a dialogue ends.
  • In some cases, damaged ships would display VFX of that damage quite a distance away from the model itself.
  • Fixed several errors related to ship customization, especially when more ships were involved.
  • Docking while scanning no longer breaks the scan VFX.
  • Fixed an error with fighters not being loaded up properly that manifested in structures switching faction alignment. Totally makes sense, no?
  • Fixed a problem where you could get stuck in the Prologue if you constructed the mining operation before you were meant to.
  • Fixed several issues with GUI elements not positioning properly on higher resolutions.
  • When attacking a garrison, capturing the last remaining enemy ship spawned another enemy ship in its place. This doesn't happen anymore.
  • When placing waypoint paths for your fleet to follow, T-Gates would be named Wormholes. This is now fixed and is displayed properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the scan VFX if you saved and loaded the game mid-scan.
  • Fog interfered with decal rendering on ships. This is now fixed.
  • Target Next / Previous enemy object now works as intended.
  • You can no longer skip a perk/research prerequisite while using a gamepad.
  • There was a problem hitting newly spawned derelicts, while they are still glowing hot.
  • In some instances you could shutdown T-Drive partially, where parts of the VFX would remain hanging.
  • Fixed several graphical glitches related to forcefields and windows.
  • Various scripting fixes and tweaks

  • Overhauled class/skill system. Hybrid-classing as requested.
    • All character classes are now fully functional and you can choose among them when creating your character.
    • You can go for a full respec at any time by hailing the Phaehana Gladiatrix Quartermaster.
    • Respec allows you to shuffle your skill-set freely, not just through predefined classes.
    • Respec comes with a Credit cost, unless you're the Gladiatrix arena winner. Then it's a freebie.
  • Concord warmasters are up and about.
    • Warmasters of your own are finally willing and eager to go into combat with or for you.
    • They are handled in the same way as any other fleet ship, but with several key differences.
    • Warmasters are acquired in different ways. One (Tara Higgs) is available basically from the start, but others will take some time and effort.
    • Warmasters progress through experience levels, just as you do and improve their skills and even switch to more powerful ships.
    • They gain experience both when fighting with you or on their own.
    • Warmasters cannot die. They can get their ship blown up though. If that happens, check the Shipbuilding screen and commission them a new ship.
  • Target lock redesign
    • As requested, the quick info is now constantly displayed on-screen.
    • Target lock on the object itself is now redesigned since it is no longer necessary to show all info there.
  • Numerous changes done to the Starchart
    • Region names are now displayed on the Starchart
    • Changed the fog-of-war algorithm to make the edges blurred
    • Numerous object markers now have updated graphics
    • Some objects are marked even when they are covered with the fog-of-war (relay satellites)
    • Redesigned the maximum zoom-out level
  • Extensive changes on the Starchart
    • Fog-of-war edges are now blurred to make more eye-pleasing.
  • Structure raids for extra benefits
    • You can raid any structure to get something out of it. The reward depends on what type of structure it is.
    • Raiding a structure usually involves boarding it.
    • You have to take a bit of a breather before you can raid the same structure again.
    • Relay satellite
      • Hack hostile satellites to reveal surrounding area.
      • Hacking takes time during which you have to remain in the area and fight off security ships.
      • To speed up hacking, improve the Hacking perks.
      • Link up with non-hostile satellites to reveal the surrounding area.
    • Research outpost
      • Board the outpost and if successful, you'll get some equipment by pillaging the structure.
    • Mining operation
      • Successfully boarding and pillaging the structure gives you short-term ore income and maybe a few borehole torpedoes
    • Gas collector
      • Successfully boarding and pillaging the structure gives you short-term gas income and maybe a few of those Collector equipment
    • Reclaimer
      • Successfully boarding and pillaging the structure gives you short-term materials income and maybe a few of pieces of the Scavenger swarm equipment
    • Prison
      • Successfully pillaging grants you a war fleet of prisoner ships
    • Orphiel, Nyarhi, Xocarro and Edea all grant their own respective bonuses.
  • Time for some diplomacy.
    • You can initiate diplomatic conversations with factions via the Reputation screen. Just hail the ambassador.
    • Alternatively, hail a planet or station controlled by that faction.
    • You can declare war to a faction you're not already on hostile terms with.
    • You can attempt to sign a peace treaty with factions you're at war with.
    • After a war starts, you cannot sign a peace treaty right away. The faction will not be interested.
    • Signing peace can be accompanied by a tribute cost, either for you or for the AI faction.
  • Sign up for some trade deals.
    • Use the same diplomatic conversation to broker trade deals (with some limitations).
    • Only one active trade deal per faction is possible.
    • Trade deals require you to construct the Trade module on your HQ.
    • The maximum number of simultaneous trade deals is limited by your Trade module on the HQ.
    • Added markers to the Reputation screen to show the number of current/available trade deal slots.
    • Added markers to the faction list in the Reputation screen to show if you have an ongoing or potential deal with a faction.
  • Do some work for the factions.
    • Some factions are interested in you doing some work for them.
    • Talk to the faction ambassadors to start the quests.
  • Geminipedia unlocked and ready
    • Exploring Gemini and generally doing stuff will unlock individual entries.
    • Some of your warmasters are interested in your growing collection of Geminipedia entries. Talk to them to see what you can get out of it.
    • Geminipedia is linked to your profile, NOT your save file, meaning entries persist across saves and new game starts.
    • Tutorial entries are available from the beginning. Browse through the Tutorials listing to learn more about mastering the game.
  • Sell commodities in space.
    • If you like mining or collecting gas from pockets, try hailing the nearby mining operations, gas collectors and reclaimers and see what they're willing to offer you for it.
    • Only the commodities you currently have in your cargo hold are taken into account.
  • Wormholes are now fully functional
    • Wormholes are now properly unstable and you can mis-jump using them.
    • Scanning a wormhole gives you the proper info on destination and stability.
  • Replaced the game launcher with a new version dependent and more in-sync with our own game engine.
  • Large salvageable derelicts can now be found in space. They're very rare, but come with a high value.
  • Custom-tailored soundtrack implemented.
  • Complete redesign and overhaul of the Game Launcher
    • The game launcher is now compatible with gamepads.
  • Added new civilian tasks
    • Trade - You can trade with neighboring stations. The offer in question depends on what type of a station is in question.
      • Industrial stations offer materials.
      • Research stations offer gas.
      • Mining and processing stations offer ore.
      • Military stations offer fleet ships.
      • Trade stations can offer almost anything, but since they are re-sellers, they take a bigger cut.
    • If a structure under your control is raided, a Structure repair task is created. Send your civilian fleets to get the structure back into operational status.
    • Repair T-Gate - you can finally repair malfunctioning gates.
  • Updated nebula ambients.
  • Changed some asteroid models. Further work remains.
  • Additional hangar visuals implemented.
  • Volumetric fog shadows are now implemented
    • Change the quality setting through the Launcher->Settings window
  • You can now encounter "special" gas pockets that drop more loot or more expensive loot.
  • Added new loading screen hints.
  • Added info panels on all (almost all) objects. Open the Info panel via the context menu.
  • Scripts are now compressed and packed up into a package to speed up loading and improve game performance.
  • Changed how station script events are handled to improve framerate, reduce memory usage and increase overall game stability.
  • You're now properly informed when a research is completed and what other techs this unlocked for future research.
  • Garrisons and stations now have the Approximate power displayed.
  • Faction power is now calculated and displayed on the Reputation screen.
  • Mission objects that need to be destroyed are now marked with a completely new task marker.
  • Added Unmount all button to the drydock.
  • When boarding and Endurance is reduced to 0, meaning your only option is to Retreat, auto-retreat now activates with a 5-second delay.
  • An additional New Game ++ is now included.
    • Start the game at a more progressed stage.

  • Cloak field ship system is removed (don't freak out!)
    • Cloak as an action of specific ships is removed
    • Cloak as skill is added. And since you can shuffle your skill-set, you can now have cloak with any ship you want.
  • Increased base sensor radius
  • Starchart hints while playing with the gamepad are now displayed as intended.
  • Scavenger swarm equipment can now be used on multiple derelicts at the same time.
  • Declaring war to a faction that owns the station you're currently docked on gets you evicted from the station automatically.
  • Re-positioned enemy on-screen markers so they can't get hidden behind the battle progress bar.
  • Defense platforms now have tweaked weapon firing arcs, making it possible for them to shoot at targets that are very close to them.
  • Improved Fire at will so it ignores non-mission objects, while on missions.
  • Tweaked the Battle info panel on the Starchart to display more information.
  • Vanguard skill Shockwave is renamed to Overload.
  • Boarding Angel 1 & Boarding Angel 2 perks now include proper descriptions.
  • Changes and tweaks in the Planetary assault
    • Slight rework done
    • Proxima now uses its own light and heavy weapons
  • Done some changes to individual Perks and the Perk system
    • Removed some Perks entirely as they became obsolete with newly implemented mechanics.
    • Diplomacy Perks now influence (diplomatic) Trade deals
    • Tactical appraisal is now fully functional
    • Free mason affects only the HQ
  • Several changes done to research techs.
    • Improved construction rig removed as it became obsolete with newly implemented mechanics.
  • Improved the auto-pilot so it doesn't slam into planets when using larger ships.
  • Various balancing changes.
  • Reworked grapple effect on the captured ship.
  • Tweaked boarding to give more bonus for ship class, but less per perk.
  • Fixed Enhancement effects related to boarding, they now apply their bonuses properly.
  • Boarding improvements and description changes related to boarding.
  • Fighters stats and enhancements updated (preparation for the upcoming fighters AI rework).
  • Research weapons prices updated.
  • Cargohold tweaked on lower tier classes.
  • Cargo drops updated(when destroying or salvaging ships).
  • As we are in beta now Concordia no longer sells ships from all around and you have to explore to get them.

  • Added numerous script functions to the Scripterion.


[2017/03/24] Update 0.801 - Quickfix I

Hello hello!

The engine/script problem note here:

is now fixed and the tiny patch is released.

Thank you for your attention. Please resume your activities :).


[2017/03/23] Update 0.801 - A small collection of tweaks and fixes

Greetings captains,

We have a small patch for you today to fix some lingering issues, along with a few tweaks. Nothing major. Here's the change-list.

  • Stability fixes.
  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't fire heavy weapons if the mouse cursor went below a certain vertical threshold.
  • Fixed a few minor issue with the portrait animation on the dialogue screen.
  • The Heimdall freighter now has proper stats.
  • Fixed a number of errors related to skill use sound effects.
  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't select the Proxima research group with a controller.
  • Combat music will no loop as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in not being able to deal damage to platforms if the camera was too far away.
  • Fixed a problem with beam weapon SFX.
  • Did a few tweaks on the Starchart.
  • Did a few tweaks on the Construction panel.
  • Description panel of the Reputation screen now shows a general might of a faction.
  • Updated the OnConstructionEnd, OnConstructionStart, OnUpgradeStart and OnUpgradeEnd HUD notifications for improved feedback and info.
  • Updated the research structure OnActivate and OnDeactivate VFX (script-handled).
  • Fixed a number of smaller script errors and typos.

[2017/03/21] Update 0.800 - Quickfix I

Hello captains,

Time for the day-after quickfix. Several fixes and a few quick optimizations. The list of changes is below.

  • Optimized how the code handles fleet data for improved performance.
  • Optimized several core engine functions for improved performance.
  • Fixed an error in the Prologue where if you docked on Concordia at an exact moment, the game would get all bugged up.
  • Fixed an error where the Main menu music was being played in space.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Jettison and Destroy cargo sounds could not be heard.
  • Fixed several database errors related to conquest.
  • Fixed several script errors related to conquest.
  • Tweaked Fire at will target priorities.
  • Fixed an error related to fighter wings that could cause the game to crash.
  • A fleet following the player is now once again marked on the Starchart, with the fleet icon being below the player's icon.

Safe travels!


[2017/03/20] Update v0.800 - Release the Kraken!

Welcome to a different Gemini, captains.

As we announced in the recent upcoming changes announcement, there's a great deal of new things in today's update so let's get on with it...

Time for some planet-bustin'
Take over the planets of Gemini as you see fit. They can no longer magically resist your conquest. Have the Proxima on the ready and start collecting those marbles. Fifteen planets (not counting Phaeneros) are waiting for you to rule them with an iron fist. And this is only the beginning, the base layer of sorts. More variety and improvements can be expected with the next update. To take over planets you'll need...

...The Proxima!
The most powerful destructive force in Gemini is now at your fingertips. You'll have to do some work to get to it, but it will be worth it!

I'll take that station, thank you
Bully the other factions into submission more than ever before! They have a station you want? Take it! ... Or don't... it's really up to you... We say Go for it!

Return of the fan-favorite boarding
You liked boarding in our previous game? Great! Well, we've got something new for you today: boarding v2.0 is up and running! Time to make some on-site choices. Just target a ship and Deploy troops. The boys can then work their way up to the command bridge and capture the ship. Once you have control, you can freely decide what to do with your spoils of war: keep it for yourself, sell it off, scuttle it for resources, give it to your war fleets or let your scientists and engineers break it down into parts to learn how to recreate the ship themselves.

Ask and ye shall receive! Behold the no-pause context menu!
I admit, it's not really a ground-breaking feature, but it was frequently requested. This is finally implemented and it is on by default. If you want things to be how they were, check the Options menu. We've got you covered.

The entire change-log is below!

Until next time,

Safe travels and good hunting, captains!

  • Fixed an error with the Ram skill that could crash the game.
  • You'll no longer get stuck in a wormhole loop where you repeatedly pass through it.
  • In some cases, the auto-pilot wouldn't deactivate Sublight on time. Now it does.
  • In some cases, your war fleet forgot that the vast cosmos actually has the third axis and a garrison can be up or down. They will no longer get confused in such instances.
  • Sometimes, you couldn't access the Ship panel while using keyboard + mouse. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed several text-related errors with displaying objectives.
  • Fixed a number of errors and glitches on the Loot panel.
  • You can no longer collect loot while flying in Sublight. Using sublight uses up all the available power.
  • In several instances, it was possible that hostile ships decided to become friendly. No more. You're beating them up. They don't like that.
  • Fixed several actual errors and potential problems with the Salvage freelance job.
  • In some fringe cases, the repair stuck on 96% problem could still happen. This is the case no longer.
  • There were some instances where quest-related ships couldn't reach their destination, which could result in getting stuck in the prologue. These are now fixed.
  • Fixed an error where the video playback went nuts and started playing in-game commercials in the main menu background.
  • Fixed a number of errors that could lead to ships not receiving damage until a few seconds after they first appeared.
  • The suns are now properly named and displayed on the starchart.
  • Fixed a problem that would prevent plasma cannons from dealing any damage to NPCs. More precisely, the weapon couldn't hit the target at all.
  • Ship prices displayed in the Shipyard and in the Garage are now the same.
  • Sometimes the video commercials on Concordia decided not to play. They don't have the luxury of choice anymore.
  • There was a slight problem with the in-game camera. It was slightly tilted, but no longer.
  • Targetting T-Gates while using a controller is now working as intended.
  • In some cases, the enemies list of a faction could overlfow from the panel... and screen. This can no longer happen.
  • Fixed a lot of faulty scripts that would player sounds in the completely wrong place in the game world. You didn't have a chance to hear those sounds until now.
  • If you started a new game, cloaked up and then started new game again, your ship would be bugged up. This is no longer the case.
  • Heavy weapon hits now have corresponding impact SFX.
  • The load game screen no longer displays the keyname of the region, but rather its name.
  • In some cases, hitting an asteroid with a heavy weapon when the asteroid was already damaged, the asteroid mesh would not disappear. Now it does, as it should.
  • On the Ship->Equipment screen, if you had an empty slot selected, equipment hover tooltips wouldn't show. This is now rectified.
  • Fixed a couple of errors related to general bonuses that would prevent the displayed values from refreshing properly.
  • The targeting reticle now properly displays heavy weapon information.
  • Fixed an error that prevented SFX from playing in the Options panel when using a controller.
  • In some instances it was very difficult or impossible to merge two fleets that are too close to one another. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed an error related to the Jettison/Destroy actions that could bug up the entire panel, and game respectively.
  • You can no longer bug up Fire at will in combination with the Context menu, manifesting as continuous firing.
  • Fighters added to a wing via the Carrier-related perk are now properly placed in the wing formation, instead of all being in the same location.
  • Fixed a couple of errors with text formatting that prevented dynamic tokens from being displayed properly.
  • In some cases, NPC fleets wouldn't attack the player when he/she approached their garrison, but decided to loop around the garrison instead. This is now fixed.
  • The Credits you gain when you sell or trade in a ship is now equal.
  • Fixed a few errors in the Prologue. You had some weapons that weren't supposed to be there.
  • Heavy weapon hits can once again force-deactivate cloaking.
  • Saving and quicksaving is now disabled in some cases to prevent data corruption.
  • Changed a couple of code-checks to prevent hitting a ship shield from within (if that ship is non-hostile). If the ship is hostile, then you still hit the shield.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the OnFriendFoeChange script event from firing off when linked in ship templates. This now works as intended.
  • Fixed a visual bug related to using Power distribution while in Sublight and while using a controller. It all now works as intended.
  • There was a problem with playing Heavy weapon fire SFX. This is now fixed and sounds should play normally.
  • Fixed a number of minor errors and done some tweaks in Freelance jobs (Installation defense mostly).
  • Done various scripting fixes and tweaks.
  • Fixed a number of text typos.
  • When you deplete ammo of a heavy weapon, the reload indicator on the reticle will no longer show the reloading phase.

  • The entire territory of Gemini can now be conquered. No more magically unconquerable areas. Please check the below remarks.
  • You can now assault and conquer planets
    • To initiate planetary assault, you must have the Proxima built up and ready to go as it is an integral part of every planetary conquest.
    • To actually trigger assaulting a planet, just get to the locations marked on the Starchart (grey Proxima icon near planets) and the assault starts automatically.
    • If you just wanted to pass by, then simply continue on your merry way and the assault will shutdown.
    • The first type of planetary assault is implemented and used for all planets, but more variety will be implemented in future updates.
    • You MUST join the planetary assault to complete it. Your fleets CANNOT do it on their own.
    • All immediate objectives in the assault are clearly marked and displayed.
    • Progress can be monitored via objectives and notifications.
  • Stations can be assaulted and conquered
    • Stations are additionally guarded by defense platforms and shield generators (not to mention the defense fleets)
    • To take over a station, neutralize the platforms and the defense fleet
    • Some stations are zone controllers, which means you'll be getting the zone together with the station (these are marked as controllers on the starchart)
    • There are stations that aren't controllers. You can take these over as well, but they don't grant you control over the zone that they're located in.
    • Station assault progress can be monitored on the top-middle bar, while on-site.
  • You can now construct the largest badass in the game: the Proxima
    • Upgrading the HQ Hangar to the max, gives you the ability to construct the Proxima shipyard near the HQ
    • Constructing the Proxima shipyard unlocks the Proxima-related R&D projects
    • When all Proxima R&D projects are completed, the Proxima is finished and ready to be used for assaulting planets
  • Implemented a completely new boarding mechanics
    • Initiate boarding via the context menu, when a ship is locked on
    • The Radar in the bottom left is switched with the boarding panel
    • Boarding progress and player options are displayed there
    • Boarding progress is done by Advancing through rooms
    • You can decide what your troops will do in each room
    • Retreat commands your forces to get back to your ship
    • Pillage commands your forces to stay awhile and do a special action in the room (outcome depends on what room they're currently in)
    • Advance commands your forces to push forward into the next room. The end of course is the Command bridge, which if your troops tackle successfully, grants you control of the ship.
    • A troops overview can be seen in the Ship panel
    • Added a number of boarding-related Perks
    • Added a number of boarding-related Research techs
  • Once you capture a ship you can choose what to do with it
    • Let your guys take it to the Garage so you keep it for yourself
    • Sell it off on-site for Credits
    • Scuttle it for one-time Materials gain
    • Give the ship away to your fleets so they get to use it
    • Let your scientists play around with it, strip it down to the framework and reverse-engineer it and learn how you can construct the chassis.
      • The MK I version requires 2 captured chassis
      • The MK II version requires 5 captured chassis
      • You need to have the adequate Hangar level to be able to reverse-engineer ships
      • You need to have the appropriate Research tech completed to be able to reverse-engineer ships
  • Planets now grant resources
  • Stations now grant Credits (the numbers will be go through balancing as for now it is mostly symbolic)
  • Added ambiental particles in space (taking into account whether you're inside an asteroid field or not etc.)
  • Active pause added
    • the default state is that the game is NOT paused while the Context menu is open
    • added the option to toggle this feature in the options menu. Turn ON to pause game while context is open.
    • The paused state of the context menu now looks different.
  • Added the Shield generator structure and related child-objects
    • this structure is commonly used around stations
  • Changed the base sound system in the game to licensed FMOD
    • This is the ground-work for all sound-related changes and tweaks.
  • Some Artefact vaults now grant a Perk point. Perk points are granted retroactively as well, if you already resolved an artefact.
  • Available ships list can now be sorted by price or alphabetically. The default is by price.
  • A small exclusion zone is now marked on the Starchart, surrounding the stations of minor factions (those who don't control the zone).
  • Structures can now also be Marked as target.
  • Capturing a zone now triggers a special notification.
  • Implemented FMOD sound system.
  • Added additional VFX to the Commlink panel (the one in the top-left of the screen).
  • Added a bunch of loading screen hits (boarding, planet assault, station conquest, garrison assault...).
  • Some fleet commands issued via the starchart now come with their own sound effect.
  • Defense platforms can now hold and use heavy weapons.

  • First script cleanup is done. Scripts that have ran without a problem consistently through the last couple of update have been rid of the logging code to improve performance]
  • Two Perks (and their upgraded variants) are eliminated from the game entirely
    • Trainer
    • Field commander
    • You can no longer receive the Field commander perks in the Prologue character creation.
  • The HQ Construction panel updated and improved.
  • Heavy weapons overhauled
    • Updated VFX
    • Updated SFX
    • Updated mechanics (you can evade projectiles manually)
    • You can use Decoys (equipment) to mislead heavy weapons into missing you. Decoys are available on Concordia, among other places.
  • Align to plane visuals upgraded
  • T-Drive VFX upgraded
  • Wormhole and TGate pass-through visuals and audio updated
  • Done some minor tweaks on the Starchart (this is still a work-in-progress and will receive more luvin')
  • One of asteroid fields in the Phaehana region is tweaked
  • Merging of two fleets is now more fluid and natural. They no longer jump or teleport in any way.
  • Extended the potential size of equipment description labels on the Ship panel. The text will no longer be cut off.
  • Update the visuals of a number of structures (added particles in most cases)
  • Using Align to plane no longer deactivates auto-pilot.
  • Log icons in the Main category are removed. They were getting in the way and there was no point to them.
  • You can no longer Jettison cargo while docked/landed. If you need the room, sell some cargo off.
  • Incoming heavy weapons are now marked, both while on and off the main viewport.
  • Purchasing a new ship will NOT transfer battery turrets you've had on the previous one. You will get the money you spent on upgrading the previous ship though.
  • When purchasing a new ship, both light and heavy weapons are transferred over to the new one. Whatever can't fit is stored in the Systems inventory.
  • Heavy weapons no longer aim for the center of the target, but a point on the hull.
  • Further tweaked friendly fire parameters to prevent fast alignment switches and extensive friendly fire damage. Especially on captured ships.
  • Fire at will is now ON by default.
  • Firing a heavy weapon in the vicinity of a station will no longer drop framerate to illogical levels.
  • While Steam controller is active and in focus, the Controls panel shows its own specific image.
  • Ships from your own faction now have absolute tolerance to you firing on them.
  • Shortcuts on the Station->Shipyard panel now work as planned.
  • Updated the Quick Start Guide
  • Defense platforms no longer have blindingly large explosions that cover the entire universe.
  • Changed several option names and removed a couple of (unused) options from the Launcher->Keybinding window.
  • Several things tweaked related to fleets and player on the Starchart
    • Right clicking on the player, set the player as the top priority.
    • Right-clicking on the player while a fleet is selected issues the Follow command.
    • Fleets following the player are no longer displayed on the Starchart.
  • Fire at will IQ upped and will do its best ot hit the nearest elligible target (not counting marked targets)
  • Using the Remove waypoint button on the Starchart no longer stops the ship dead in its tracks, if you don't actually have a waypoint set.
  • Equipment cooldown and Equipment recharge are now more visually distinct.
  • Reduced Gas collector construction requirement
    • You need to have Mining Ops level 1 (instead of 2)
  • If you have a ship Marked as target, using the Mark action on another ship no longer simply disables the flag on the first ship, but also marks the second ship as the new target.
  • Updated the GameLauncher to reflect the changes done to the config.

  • Updated the DialogueEditor for a more user-friendly workflow
  • one-liner dialogues now reference actors by keyname instead of integer


[2017/02/23] Update v0.756 - Quickfix II

Hello again,

Another quickfix is no live. The focus was on stability and preventing some data corruption, but we fixed some other issues as well. Fire at will should no longer attack your own structures or that of your neutral or allied neighbors.

This is likely the final quickfix before the next full update planned for mid-March. We'll make an announcement on what you can expect, as we get closer to it.

As always, safe travels and good luck on your journeys!


[2017/02/22] Update v0.756 - Quickfix I

Hello captains,

First quickfix for 0.756 is live now. We'll probably have another one tomorrow.

  • Fixed various scripting fixes to prevent potential errors and crashes
  • Fixed various typos in texts
  • Grapple effect now scales much like the scan effect does
  • Loading a game after dying will no longer cause your enemies to ignore you
  • The tactical overlay is now visible when inside nebulas
  • You can now lock onto a derelict by selecting its object marker and not only the model itself


[2017/02/21] Update v0.756 - Mass production it is

Greetings captains,

We're continuing on our update run. The changes are listed below. You'll notice we were focused on fixes more than anything else. There is a major change though. Equipment has gone through a major overhaul. You'll notice some are completely gone, while some were switched with a different variety. Your saves should work, but if they don't, please let us know so we can react.

As always, safe travels and good luck!

  • Equipment overhaul
    • Some new equipment added
    • VFX changes
    • Gameplay alterations on some equipment
  • Equipment availability increased (quantity)
  • You can now plug in a controller mid-game and it will work. Restart is no longer necessary. Provided the game recognizes the gamepad in the first place.
  • Personal records are now sorted. Latest additions on the top.
  • If you currently have 0 available civilian fleets, it will "flash" red.
  • In several panels, you could continuously press the B key (gamepad) and force refresh the panel. That's no longer possible in the Drydock, Construction and Ship panels.
  • When using a gamepad, some hints would "overflow" on the Starchart when a fleet was selected. No longer.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to the game crashing on "All that glitters is gold" quest
  • Fixed a fleet related error that would manifest in the fleet standing idly, not doing anything. Now they act accordingly.
  • You can no longer declare war on yourself.
  • Fixed a bug where a faction would take over your newly conquered zone. Saves should now work properly.
  • Fixed a bug that manifested as a brutal framerate drop on the Starchart.
  • You can no longer use up a Collector equipment if you don't have a gas pocket targeted.
  • Fixed an overlapping error involving the Declare war panel and rollover hints.
  • Shortened some equipment descriptions so they fit in the tooltip.
  • You can no longer have two selected items in the Shipbuilding panel when using gamepads.
  • Various minor scripting fixes and tweaks.
  • Several fixes in the ship definition files (.shp).


[2017/02/20] Quickfix II (or is it III already...) for v0.755

Hi everyone,

Got another quickfix for you today, focused primarily on stability issues (in combat, during loading etc.) and as usual, an improved log recording to get more info if/when the game goes bonkers.

Safe travels and good luck!


[2017/02/17] Quickfix I for v0.755

Anyone who's been watching our progress already knows how it goes. Yep... we have a quickfix. The first one. We'll see if more are required. The changes are listed below:

  • Fixed a script error in the OnDestroy script of junkyards that could cause the game to malfunction.
  • Added new loading screen hints.
  • Added new visual effects for several items (Atlas, Claok disruptor, Shield booster, Hull integrity field, Energy defense field, Radiation defense field).
    • Equipment is currently undergoing changes and it will be finalized for the next full update.
  • Fixed a critical script error when using the exit function.
  • Fixed a bug related to Maintenance freelance mission where repairing would get stuck on 96%
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash on the Salvage freelance mission
  • Encounter quests are once again spawning properly and their waypoint is updated as intended
  • Improved data recording in the log to provide more info (of key importance to palyers experiencing the white screen issue)
  • Numerous smaller stability fixes in code
  • Numerous scripting fixes to increase stability


[2017/02/16] Update v0.755 - It's bigger than it looks... honestly

Hello fellow captains!

Although the last quickfix was roughly just a week ago, we've got some new stuff ready for you to browse. We've placed a large focus on tweaks and features that were requested by the community in this smaller-than-usual-but-still-surprisingly-big update, along with our regular roster of bugfixes, tweaks and new stuff. The complete change-log can be found below as always, but I'll mention several things right away:

Free-look camera
Do you remember those many times something like Why don't you just make the camera behave like in all other 3rd person games today? What's your problem LGM? popped up on the forums? Well, we finally gave in and implemented it. This is now the default turret view camera (steering mode, mind you), but if you prefer the one we used so far, you can easily enable it in the Options.

Hey you! I'm going to beat you into a pulp!
Ah... the simple joy of declaring a war... If an AI faction has a nice piece of territorial real-estate that you simply must have and the faction in question was neutral or (heavens forbid) friendly to you, up until now you were in a pickle. You had to manually drop your stance with them to hostile before unleashing the full destructive potential of your armada. With this update, you can simply send your fleet and a nice little prompt asks you to confirm that reducing them to molecules is what you actually intended to do.

Freelancing with my homies
There are a couple of added, more difficult freelance jobs, meant to be tackled together with your fleet. Adding this made more sense than disabling gameplay segments.

Those are naturally just a few snippets from the change-log so please feel free to check the entire list on the forum.

And a few finishing lines to address a couple of features frequently noted on the forum:
  • Malfunctioning T-Gates can still not be repaired.
  • Boarding and capturing ships is not yet implemented.

I apologize to keep you waiting on the above. We're doing our best to get those features implemented as soon as possible.

Until next time,

Safe travels and good hunting, captains!

  • You can no longer create the <i>endless loop of following</i>, but commanding your fleet to follow you, and then you follow that fleet.
  • Pressing the Shift key while on the Starchart properly changed the cursor icon to see you're adding waypoints to the path, but the same wasn't true of using LB on controllers. This is now fixed.
  • You can no longer click on station menu buttons while they aren't visible.
  • In some instances you could perpetually toggle Sublight on and off by holding the A button (controller).
  • Giving the Go to command via context menu now properly places and marks the destination waypoint.
  • Accessing the Perks or Research panel with the mouse and then switching to the controller didn't select the proper item in the panel. Now it does.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs or weird info feedback on the Perks and Research panels (for example a researched tech showing it is at 100%... why, just why?)
  • Ship systems and other purchasable items now have the properly calculated and displayed prices wherever you look on stations and planets.
  • You can now remove a destination waypoint from your fleet.
  • In some cases the "+1 Perk" notification went nuts. This happens no longer.
  • Fixed a but that would cause the Repair button to go missing or be disabled in the context menu (and on a Maintenance mission of all things...)
  • Perpetually pressing the A button on the controller while in Dryodock -> Equipment panel, would also perpetually refresh the panel for no real reason.
  • If a planet is targeted, but not currently visible on-screen, it is now properly marked with the arrow pointing you in the direction of the planet.
  • Fixed several instances where on-screen hints went missing if you were using a controller.
  • Random dialogues with ships should no longer get into a loop.
  • Double-tapping to initiate Sublight (controller) will now display the appropriate warning if your Sublight capablities are temporarily disabled.
  • If you typed in a new name on the character creation screen and then started a completely new game, the name you typed in was remembered. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed several issues related to dropping or destroying cargo that could lead to the game crashing.
  • Jettisoned and then collected loot will no longer remain hanging in space even though it's emtpy.
  • The cursor will no longer change form if you're hovering over an AI fleet obscured by fog of war.
  • Fixed a couple of text errors in the Options -> Controls panel
  • Fixed a couple of text errors in the Options -> General panel
  • Until now you could only command your fleet to follow you ONCE. This now works as intended and you can reissue the command as many times as you want to.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when extracting gas pockets.
  • In some instances, the Power redistribution panel would not budge when using a controller.
  • Fixed an error that would cause T-Gates near planets and stations to start blinking when you placed a waypoint near them.
  • Fixed a bug related to Commodity production templates (stations & planets) that prevented some parameters to be loaded properly.
  • Fixed a number of scripting errors.
  • Fixed several actual and potential bugs related to displaying reputation change notifications.
  • Fixed several actual and potential bugs related to displaying faction alignment change notifications.
  • Skill tooltips no longer mysteriously appears when you die.
  • While using a controller, Wormholes didn't provide any hint as to why you cannot construct a T-Gates on them.
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled Construct button would appear on a someone else's wormhole.
  • You can no longer scan anomalies while in Sublight.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to T-Drive (and done some slight changes)
    • T-Drive no longer remains active when loading a new game
    • You cannot save while using T-Drive
    • You cannot quicksave while using T-Drive
    • You cannot use Align to plane while using or activating T-Drive
    • If you activate T-Drive while aligning to plane, the latter will stop immediately
  • Various stability fixes

  • Added a new turret view camera mode (community request).
    • The new camera mode is a standard in most 3rd person games today.
    • This mode replaces the turret view steering mode
    • The legacy camera mode can still be activated in the options menu.
  • Declare war!
    • You can now finally declare war on a neutral or allied faction.
    • Just send a fleet or yourself onto a garrison or war fleet to open up a confirmation panel.
  • A notification pops up when a battle starts in space, without you present at the location. Your fleet has to be involved though.
  • A notification pops up when a garrison battle starts, without you present at the location. Your fleet has to be involved though.
  • Go to, go to & dock and T-Gate travel fleet orders are now saved.
  • You can now collect some resources on your own to help your faction
    • Ore can be gathered by mining asteroids
    • Gas can be gathered by extracting gas pockets in nebulas
    • Materials can be gathered by destroying junk in junkyards and by destroying or salvaging derelicts
  • Lens flares added to skyboxes
  • Added several new graphics options
    • Star density - slider affects the number/density of stars on the skybox
    • Star size - slider affects the size of stars
    • Nebula density - slider affects the size of nebulas on the skybox
    • Render nebula - If you don't want those nebulas shown on the skybox, simply untick this box
  • Added Quicksave and Quickload functionality. If the shortcuts aren't set by default, make sure you bind the keys! (community request)
  • Ongoing battles marked on the Starchart can now be clicked on.
    • This opens up an info panel with various stats and options (like Go to)
  • New magma asteroids replaced the old models/textures.
  • Added new loading screen hints.
  • Known prices access button is now added to the Ship cargo panel (community request).
  • Starpoint now has its proper OnActivate and OnDeactivate scripts.
  • The Starchart cursor now changes into the Attack form when you can actually issue the order to attack something.
  • Redesigned Object and Quest markers as well as off-screen markers.
  • Shield booster equipment done from scratch.
  • Atlas Defense Field equipment done from scratch.
  • You can now issue the Go to command straight from the Known prices view (community request).
  • Added 4 types of Freelance missions
    • These are based on the already existing types, but buffed up.
    • These jobs are meant to be tackled with fleets as the challenge is greater.
    • Hunt: Warmaster, Destruction, Installation assault, Installation defense.

  • War fleet markers are now always visible.
  • Decreased the camera vertical rotation deadzone.
  • Skills and Equipment hints now display the reason why they aren't available.
  • All ships now have standardized Sublight speed.
  • Repositioned several buttons so they don't overlap.
  • Several locations tweaked in preparation for the incoming lore.
    • Gas collectors in the Arachnid cloud yield less gas.
    • Gas collectors in the Cloud nine nebula yield less gas.
    • Gas collectors in the Demonicon cloud yield more gas.
    • Gas collectors in the Wrench nebula yield more gas.
  • Tweaked the scan effect on ships.
  • Controller Accelerate/Decelerate trigger sensitivity recalibrated (community request).
  • More info provided when you cannot send a Civilian fleet on a task... You now basically know the actual reason why.
  • AI fleets now head for the zone controller to defend it when it is attacked instead of when it is conquered.
  • The number of available commodities (their quantity) is now drastically buffed across Gemini. Some stations/planets have more, while some have less (still more than until now). (community request)
  • Changed the Autoresolve timer format.

  • Added GetRotation function to mine game object.
  • Update the language markup and plugin files.


[2017/02/08] Critical quickfix!!

Greetings captains,

We have several fixes for you today. One of them is absolutely crucial since it can mess up your save file. Please read the below change-log.

  • Fixed a critical issue related to structures created via scripts that could mess up your save file.
    • The symptoms were quite different however and it manifested with conquered garrisons suddenly turning hostile. This will no longer happen, BUT(!) if you experienced this problem and you continued playing and saved, that IS a problem. Your save file is unfortunately corrupt and we can't fix it dynamically. Please load an older save file before the problem occurred.
  • The grapple related issue on the side quest should no longer exist.
  • Ships you have already built and were waiting for you on your HQ "storage" will now properly appear beside the HQ.
  • Known factions flags were not properly purged from memory when starting a new game. Now they are.
  • Fixed a wrong alignment problem in the dialogue panel.
  • You can no longer change T-Drive destination while in T-Drive.


[2017/02/07] Quickfix v0.753 - Give them bugs a smackin'

Hello hello hello, captains!

Here's the latest quickfix so that's three in total with the previous two in the last couple of days. We've done our best to fix as many bugs as possible, but also to continue tweaking and adding new stuff.

A big thank you goes to everyone for playing and providing your feedback (and game logs)!

No sense in yammering about it all. Check out the change-log below!

  • Some of you have noticed that your legacy saves loaded up with an empty garage. The thieves were caught and you've got your ships back.
  • Fixed a cut-off text issue of the Borehole torpedo tooltip.
  • In some instances, the loading screen hints could crash the game. They no longer have this superpower.
  • AI fleets will no longer decide to switch sides and become your fleet if you've captured their native zone and loaded the game. The traitors...
  • Fixed a problem with the game not accepting a mouse sensitivity setting different from 0.5.
  • Typing "F" while saving the game will no longer trigger the game to do strange things. It will simply type "F"... as it should...
  • Buttons properly provide visual feedback when they aren't available even if you're constantly hovering over them.
  • The logo videos on starting the game no longer decide to loop excessively.
  • Fixed a bug with the intro logo videos that would crash the game
  • Fixed an issue with some ships losing their engine trails.
  • In some instances if you used the Ram or the Shockwave skill and docked, the VFX on your ship would remain visible. This no longer happens.
  • The "Refit" research group didn't enable the object of the research for purchase. This now works as intended.
  • Fleet names are now stored and loaded as intended.
  • Fixed a frequent issue with beam weapon effects hanging in space, like they got nothing better to do.
  • In some cases, fleet battle auto-resolve could get all messed up when one of the fleets had a warmaster in its ranks. The battle timer would remain hanging on 0:00.
  • If you attempt to tell your local militia (they sometimes get spawned near your garrison) to follow you, the game would crash. This is not the case anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where your fleet would sometimes autonomously decide not to join an ongoing battle. From now on, they will do their duty.
  • The Shipbuilding icon no longer goes beyond its boundaries.
  • In some cases, ongoing research progress wasn't saved properly. Now it is.
  • In some instances the Research Activate button was disabled when you didn't have enough resources to start researching a tech even though you already paid your dues since the tech in question was only paused.
  • In the Dialogue panel, the character portrait could sometimes overlap the character's name. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would get you stuck in the Prologue if you build the first mining operation via the context menu.
  • Enhancement names were displayed wrong in their tooltips. Not anymore.

  • You can now fire your light weapons while Fire-at-will is active. When you stop firing, the Fire-at-will resumes business as usual.
  • If a skill is disabled, the reason for it will now be shown on its tooltip.
  • A number of structures have now gained a visual addition when you upgrade them. We'll be adding these models as they are finished.
  • Structure OnPulse scripts no longer work while the structure is being constructed or upgraded. This could reduce framerate and look weird.
  • Paused research is now automatically restarted once the current research is finished.
  • New mission markers added to the Starchart.
  • Added a bunch of new tooltips

  • When opening the Customization panel, the first selected tool is "Stamp".
  • Since Fire-at-will is upgraded, the loading screen hint is updated accordingly.
  • When opening the Drydock->Loadout panel, the "Drydock" filter is active by default instead of "Your ship".
  • Newly constructed fleet ships now appear near the HQ instead of on/in it.
  • Player name and surnames are now limited to 30 characters each (though length of the words still apply which can clip your name/surname in some instances).
  • The Delete button on the Fleet management panel is now named Scuttle. It seems more appropriate.

  • Equipment description is now referenced by keyname rather than integer identifier in the Items.wdt.


[2017/02/03] Quickfix numero 2 or v0.752!

Hello! Quickfix 2 is here! No big stories or anything today. Just the change-log. We hope this will relieve some of the issues some of you are having with the game. Please don't hesitate to let us know how it works and what you think of it all!

  • T-Drive will no longer decide to drive you to the waypoint you set earlier, but rather to the destination you chose when activating the equipment.
  • Fixed a tiny bug that left the Upgrade button on the Skills panel displayed as usable even if you don't have any unused skill points left.
  • If the game launcher cannot recognize a gamepad that is currently plugged into your computer, it will no longer crash, but simply reject it. To help us implement full support for the gamepad of your choice, please run the game (NOT the launcher!) with the gamepad plugged in and then send us your game log.txt (installation folder). Email us at and please include "[UNKNOWN CONTROLLER]" in the subject or the text of the email or something so we can find it more easily.
  • Fixed a bug that left gamepad shortcuts visible on the wrong panel after deleting a save file.
  • The situation in which a fleet moving on a waypoint chain path is intercepted is now properly handled and marked on the Starchart. Nothing is left hanging.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to completely emptying a fleet via the Transfer panel.
  • If you die while you're Ramming, the skill will no longer remain active and crash your game on load or starting a new game.
  • Fixed a problem where collision meshes were wrongly initialized (on the wrong actor and strange stuff like that). It woudln't exactly crash the game, but you can imagine that things wouldn't exactly work as intended.
  • Fixed a number of text-related errors.
  • If you docked while the Ram skill was active, the skill would simply start all over when you undocked. This no longer happens.
  • You can no longer see the word "ERROR" below a skill name.
  • Fixed a bug where the OnLevel up script (VFX) would continue to work in the background when you docked. If in that situation you undocked, the game could have crashed.

  • Added functionality to the NX Scanner research (under Civilian fleets). Once this is researched, you can have a more detailed view of the AI fleets and their composition.
  • Added an on-screen notification when a faction changes its alignment towards you.

  • While a resource structure is being upgraded, you now properly gain the resources it produces.
  • You now have a visible list of ships available on your HQ (after they're built, they appear there).
  • Your own fleets' composition is now displayed as ship classes instead of individual chassis. Indiviual chassis are still visible in the management panel.
  • During auto-pilot, with a chained waypoint path, the next waypoint on that trajectory is now marked in the viewport, instead of the last one.
  • Cleaned up some junk that was being recorded in the game log.txt for no apparent reason. In some instances, this can increase framerate.
  • Cycling through fleets with the shortcuts (Q/E on the Starchart) now skips fleets that are currently engaged in battles.
  • The auto-pilot on a T-Gate now properly auto-docks on the said T-Gate.
  • Activating any skill now shuts down cloak.
  • Orpheus mine (equipment) is now switched to a new system enabling us to easily add additional mines and assemble as equipment.


[2017/02/01] Quickfix numero 1!

Evening ladies and gentlemen. Although it looked bleak for a moment there, in the end we managed to get the update rolling. Here's the change-log

  • An object, north of Concordia was in some cases marked on the Starchart even though it was obscured by fog-of-war. It isn't anymore.
  • When starting a new game, there was a black screen for an instant. That doesn't happen any more.
  • Hovering the mouse over Skills now displays the appropriate tooltip.
  • In some cases, during the Prologue, the Waypoint leading back to Concordia, would disappear. No longer.
  • You can no longer use up the Scavenger swarm without a derelict as the target.
  • Fixed a couple of minor errors related to T-Gates and Wormholes
  • For some reason, the Upgrade button on the context menu could sometimes get spontaneously renamed to Build.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game if you set the autopilot to Concordia through the multiple selection panel.
  • A fully upgraded structure no longer shows you're missing some Upgrade prerequisites when trying to use the Upgrade button.
  • The Hail action is deactivated in a lot of cases. You more than likely won't notice it since it got deactivated on objects that had nothing attached to that event.
  • Made sure friendlies won't turn on you when using skills.
  • Multiple selection (starchart) can now be properly used with the gamepad
  • Added several videos to the holo panels in hangars
  • Models were compressed in yesterday's update. This one brings packaged assembly and some other files to speed up loading some more. Combined, this is the first step to reduce that stutter a lot of you are encountering. More steps will be made.
  • Added support for the Logitech f310 and 710 gamepad.
  • You can now properly save (type in the name) using the gamepad.
  • Civilian tasks now properly appear without loading the game.

Safe travels captains!


[2017/01/31] Because... Conquest - Update 0.750

Hello captains,

We're proud and happy to release the largest update for Warlords in Early Access. As we announced in December, we had some very important features to implement and I can say that it all found its way into the update. These features are not 100% complete yet as is noted in the complete changelog, but the bulk is in and we're very interested in what you ladies and gentlemen have to say about it all.

I'll go over the key things:

Building the reputation system from the ground up
The old reputation went out the window. A completely new system is now implemented. Be ready to juggle individual reputation with each faction in Gemini, but it's never that simple. Factions have friends and enemies of their own and you can bet that any ally of a faction you beat into a pulp will not be overly thrilled with you either. You'll make new friends though, among their enemies of course.

Overhaul of the fleet mechanics
You arrived at the location of your fleet only to find no one there? Were you worried that they got lost in space (TM)? Worry no more! From now on, they'll be there, each and every time. If you send them on a mission, they will not disappear on the way there, but you can still follow them every step of the way if you want to make sure. Fleets can be merged or divided in any way you want. If you fancy small task forces, simply have smaller fleets (only more of them) or maybe you're more on the megalomaniac side and you'll dump all of your ships into one massive fleet ready to stomp on your enemies... Your choice as always...

Conquest bits and pieces
The new fleet mechanics goes hand in hand with the additions and changes to the general conquest mechanics. Command one of your fleets to follow you into battle, or send them to do everything on their own and join in for a bit if you wish. Your fleets will fight the good fight whether you're there or not. They know their duty!

But that's not all! The AI fleets move about just like yours do and factions will attack you if they feel like it. They can be rude like that...

Oh... and you're no longer forced to attack only garrisons. You can pit your fleet against the enemy fleet directly. Smash their heads first and then move in to turn the garrison into rubble. Fun fun fun...

Researching the good stuff
Time to put those lazy scientists to work. Get them started on a project, flood them with the resources they need and wait for results. You'll be pleased with what they develop. There's no stopping progress!

Hannibal is at the T-Gates
The T-Gate network is back in business! Use a T-Gate to reach any other functioning and discovered T-Gate in the world. Oh and it can't belong to your enemies. They lock those down... and throw away the key. Then you can reach the gate the old-fashioned way and take it for yourself. Who are they to shut the door in your face!? Or maybe you're more into adventures. If that's the case, you can hop into a wormhole and see where that takes you...

As always, we're looking forward to seeing you on the discussion board. Whether you encounter a problem and wish to tell us we suck or you want to discuss an upcoming or implemented feature, you're more than welcome to post your thoughts.

Safe travels captains. See you in space.


  • Civilian tasks now properly appear in freeroam.
  • Fixed a bug with a certain derelict in the Prologue that could crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug where object markers would appear only once any other object was targeted first.
  • In some instances heavy weapons wouldn't properly fire or hit an enemy. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a wrong base link problem that could sometimes happen when purchasing and new ship that has a hangar, and then saving-loading.
  • Some station radar markers could be outside of the radar boundaries. No longer.
  • Some hangar-related elements were left hanging when exiting the game. This is now fixed.
  • On the customization screen, the cursor had an offset from where the actual painting is taking place. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a problem with camera zoom in hangars. Even though the camera was moving nowhere, the game memorized how much you "zoomed out".
  • Fixed an issue that could in some cases sort saves alphabetically, instead of by the Last modified date.
  • In some instances, the Scavenger swarm drones could go nuts and start circling around the equipment user, instead of the target.
  • The game will no longer crash when opening the Systems tab, while in space and when you had unassigned fighter wings.
  • Fixed a number of potential issues that could corrupt the save file.
  • In some cases you could use up a Scavenger swarm, but not get anything from a derelict, due to the game thinking there was no target. This no longer happens.
  • In some instances, the Class name on the character creation screen would display "ERROR" instead of the proper name. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed a bug that would flip the material of a ship when it was being scanned.
  • When starting a new game, the notification queue decided to continue its job from the previous session. Not anymore.
  • Fixed a number of smaller issues that, when combined, meant you could no longer collect artefacts.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get invisible planets.
  • In several instances, you could get the game to automatically do an Align to plane after undocking. You can do this no longer.
  • Several button icons were displayed wrong in the station interface. This is now fixed.
  • Until now you could shift power distribution on your ship, while docked, which would completely mess up the GUI.
  • Station name label is now properly animated when docking.
  • When clicking on New game, while you're already in a session, the game will now properly prompt which scenario to start instead of deciding on your behalf.
  • Enhancements no longer have a universal, but hidden price tag of 15,000 Credits. They now cost the displayed amount of Credits.
  • Sometimes, the game decided to give the wrong tooltip information on the Systems tab. This no longer happens. The game behaves nicely.
  • In some cases, the GUI would get all messed up (the Overview panel to be more exact) when doing some clickin' on the other tabs and then reverting back to Overview.
  • The game will no longer crash when you switch from a ship that has a hangar to a ship that doesn't.
  • Properly synced the ship name on all panels.
  • The camera no longer starts shaking when an NPC uses RAM on another NPC.
  • Did a pass through all the models in the game and set the Alpha test parameter to the necessary default of 0.0 value. Otherwise we'd be seeing see-through models all around.
  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue window would weirdly overlap other panels.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mark target command that in some cases simply didn't want to work, but it looked like it was.
  • The suns of Gemini are no longer visible through planets.
  • Fixed several bugs with the Staunched defender perks.
  • Pressing the Esc button while you're naming a save file will no longer close the panels in the background and resume the game.
  • NPCs no longer possess the third eye, giving them the ability to see you when you're cloaked.
  • Various script errors and potential errors fixed to improve stability
  • Fixed an exploit in the Shipbuilding panel that allowed for limitless Materials and Credits.

  • Added full controller support into the game (the launcher is still a work-in-progress)
    • Currently Xbox One, Xbox 360 and similar controllers are properly supported.
    • If your controller doesn't work, start the game with the controller plugged in and then send us the game log.txt. All the data we need for full implementation is recorded in the log.
    • Steam controller and Dualshock support are on the way.
    • If your gamepad is plugged in, simply nudge it a bit, and you're good to go. If you want to revert back to keyboard & mouse controls, nudge the mouse. The switch is seemless as long as the gamepad was plugged in during the startup of the game.
    • A controls reference can be found in-game in the Options->Controls panel.
  • Reputation mechanics is completely redesigned and built up from scratch.
    • You now have an indivudual, separate reputation with each faction.
    • All actions you do (or one of your fleets does) affect your reputation with the target faction.
    • Factions that are enemies or allies of the target faction, are also affected by your actions, but in a lesser degree.
    • The Reputation panel is redesigned to be more user friendly.
    • Factions only appear in the Reputation listing after you've discovered them.
    • The numeric reputation representation goes from -10,000 to +10,000.
    • Alignment of the Solari Concord with other factions, follow your reputation closely. Yes... this means you cannot go to war with your own faction. At least for now. We'll see if this gets changed in any way.
    • Further tweaks will come in future updates.
  • Your mighty fleets are now real. The entire fleet management and movement system is overhauled and large parts were redesigned
    • Fleets no longer snap or teleport to their destination, but rather travel there properly. You can freely follow them around if you wish.
    • Fleet ships now cost Command points (along with the resource cost) which limits how many (and how strong) ships you can have at any given moment
    • The largest ship classes are also limited by the number of Supercapital ships you can have at any given moment
    • Unlock better ships in the Research panel
    • Some necessary changes were done to the Ship-building screen, which can now be accessed through the in-game menu and the Concordia station interface, and not just via the Starchart
    • Each constructed ship is now automatically a fleet (the number of fleets is no longer limited). Command them as you would any other fleet.
    • To join two fleets, simply send one to connect with the other. A simple right-click will do.
    • You can also divide a fleet by selecting and pressing the appropriate button to start the transfer. A new fleet is automatically created.
    • You can command one of your fleets to follow you around. You naturally assume the position of the fleet leader.
    • You can assign a multi-waypoint path for your fleet to follow in the same manner as you can for your own autopilot (SHIFT + RMB to queue up waypoints).
    • Events linked to your fleets are covered with numerous notifications.
    • At the moment you cannot send your war fleets to attack a faction that is neutral or friendly to you. For now, you have to bring the reputation down to hostile before you can start an all-out war. This will be changed as soon as possible.
  • Conquest and auto-resolve revamped
    • You can easily step into an ongoing conquest battle by arriving to the location.
    • Leaving the area will properly continue the auto-resolve.
    • A conquest battle progress bar now appears at the top of the screen to show you how the battle is progressing.
    • You can find a form of the battle progress bar on the Starchart as well. It makes sense to have the info no matter where you are in Gemini, no?
    • Zone controllers (when you take over these, you take over the zone) are now specifically marked on the Starchart. Stations and planets are currently NOT marked this way, since you cannot take them over for now. This means you cannot take over these zone, also for now.
    • NPC faction will now also decide to take you on. Don't expect their fleets to stand idly anymore.
  • Warmasters are up and about
    • These lil' guys may seem like all the other ships in the fleet, but they are not. They are more powerful and more resourceful.
    • You'll notice them by a special icon (skull/star) on their object markers/target lock. And you also might notice them when they start using Vanguard skills in combat, just like the player.
    • Unfortunately a small disappointment comes here. You can't have them yet. (dramatic piano music accompanied by yours truly sobbing in the corner) Only NPC fleets feature these buggers for now(!). We'll work to make them available to you ladies and gents to pester and send on suicide missions ASAP!
  • Research the good stuff
    • You can access the Research panel either through Concordia interface or via the in-game menu from anywhere in space.
    • Research takes time and costs resources.
    • Some techs are currently locked until we implement them completely.
    • As the above sentence states, the best stuff can only be researched (for now... we'll probably add some unique things that you can obtain through side quests, once we come to that point)
    • Research of a specific tech can be paused at any time by simply starting research on another tech. You can resume the previous tech at a later time with no additional cost.
    • The research mechanic (running it all in the background) allows for a lot more nifty stuff to be added and it will be further expanded in future updates (imagine speeding up / boosting the research of your own battleship, by dragging a captured battleship of another faction to your HQ... stuff like that)
    • The Lab rat Perk is now unlocked and working properly. Makes sense to implement it since Research is in...
  • Time for some chatter. NPCs are no longer completely silent, but rather like to share info on what they're doing and what's going on.
    • More voices will be added over time.
  • Structures can now be upgraded (not all of them, but resources structures and garrisons have this ability)
    • Before an upgrade is possible, you have to research this ability first.
    • Upgrading costs resources and takes time, but naturally brings rewards.
  • Fast travelling is here to stay
    • Wormholes have reappeared in Gemini, getting ready to drag unsuspecting victims and spitting them out at the other end of the star system
    • Construct T-Gates to tame the wormholes and create stable passages
    • Using T-Gates doesn't cost any Credits
  • A complete side quest chain is now added.
    • Look for hints around Phaeneros or stumble upon it on your travels.
    • Only one such <i>chain</i> is added, so please don't be surprised if you can't find more for now.
  • Added three new ships (Sanctum fleet), all temporarily available at Concordia
    • Adhara - corvette
    • Apollo - destroyer
    • Poseidon - battleship
  • You can now set multiple waypoints to your autopilot to follow as a path.
    • Use SHIFT + RMB (keyboard & mouse) to stack waypoints.
    • Chain waypoints through pairs of neutral or friendly T-Gates to give a fast travel order.
  • Added Bink Video © support which enabled us to...
    • Add various videos to play in some hangars (Phaeneros & Concordia as examples).
    • This whole bit will be further expanded on and refined to be used for UI, visual effects and/or news in the future.
  • When starting a new scenario (campaign or freeroam), you can now choose between several starter ships.
  • Three start scenarios are now available
    • Early Access - the standard Prologue serving as a tutorial etc.
    • Early Access Freeroam - pure, simple conquest mode (no prologue), starting at level 1 and a choice between several gunships
    • Early Access Freeroam+ - pure, simple conquest mode (no prologue), starting at level 8 and a choice between several frigates
  • Added several new station models
    • Yxaril
    • Nyx battlestation
    • Nyx tradeport
    • Nyx depot
  • Orphiel foundry (unique structure) is added to the game. You can look for it in the Astralia region.
  • Added a new OnCriticalHit effect (VFX and SFX).
  • When docked, you can now hide the station interface and admire your ship in all its glory.
  • Tooltips are now displayed on the Drydock panels.
  • Added notification for starting and ending a construction of a structure.
  • Added SFX to a number of objects in the game.
  • The Concordia Construction screen can now be accessed via the in-game menu, and not just through the Concordia interface
  • Added a small intermediary step when clicking on an object on the Starchart, when it is overlapping another.

  • Models (.mdl files) are now binary compressed to improve loading times.
  • Non-hostile NPCs are now more tolerant towards friendly fire. They won't attack you almost instantly. You have to tick them off some more first.
  • Vanguard skills that use distance in their calculations are now updated.
  • The Shockwave skill changed
    • Increased maximum level to 10
    • Skill is automatically upgraded every 5 character levels
  • Atmospheres of all planets tweaked.
  • Tweaked and improved several ambients and nebulas
  • The main menu background is no longer a still image, but a video
  • Optimized script memory usage
  • Updated the visual and audio feedback on levelling up (the notificaion on the left).
  • Optimized the loading of save files (world loading, player and camera sync, unnecessary loading of objects that aren't visible from the start...).
  • Updated the Credits gain per zone, with and without applied Perks that modify this.
  • Ships you cannot purchase for whatever reason, are now painted red in the Available ships list.
  • Tweaked the placement of a number of elements on the Construction panel. This panel is slated for overhaul.
  • Tweaked the placement of several elements on the Ship->Systems screen.
  • Changed how and when the Tactical overlay activates and deactivates.
  • The game no longer automatically loads the autosave when you die. It actually politely gives you the option to choose which save to load.
  • Changed the boundaries of several ambients / skyboxes so they fit better.
  • Changed what equipment the player starts with both in Conquest and Campaign.
  • Optimized rendering and selection distance for planets.
  • Updated the Quick Start Guide to reflect the latest additions and changes.
  • Tweaked SFX distance at which they are heard for Reclaimers and various other structures.
  • Auto-repair facility updated
    • Added visual and audio effect while repairs on your ship are under way.
    • Tweaked the repair parameters.
  • Normalized all weapon sound effects.
  • Added a number of new Gas pocket visuals. They are ambient specific, so it might take a bit of time to find them.
  • Heavy weapons visual effects are improved.
  • Equipment icons redone in a more schematic style.
  • Reworked some GUI elements like various icons and the like. We're not done with this yet, but there's no point in not releasing it to the interested public.
  • Align to plane got a visual redesign.
  • Reworked a number of starchart icons (planet, object markers, selection...).
  • Some GUI elements were shuffled around to make room for accessing the new features (Station Leave button for example is now on the right side of the screen).

  • Turrets (from Turrets.wdt) are now referenced by keyname rather than int ID in the LightWeapons.wdt.
  • Added BehaviorEditor.exe to the game installation folder. This lil' program is used to assemble combat AI routines.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the DialogueEditor (installation folder) used to assemble dialogues (Really? I never would have guessed...)
  • Updated scripterion.fdl (used by Scripterion)
  • Updated the NP++ language markup and API files


[2016/12/20] 0.702 - A tiny update to cure some lingering CTDs

Hello captains,

Long time, no hear, but here's a little patch for you. We aren't in the situation to release a full update yet I'm afraid. We're working on a whole lot of things at the moment and, as it usually goes, they're mostly interconnected. We have to finish them all before we can compile a proper update for you ladies and gents.

I'll leave the details of the upcoming update for the next announcement, and in the meantime, you can find the changelog for this 0.702 quickfix below.

As always, please let us know and send us your game logs if/when you encounter problems with the game.

Stay tuned and safe travels, captains!

  • On high framerate, coming near an object that triggers the Quickaction to appear, could crash the game. Not anymore.
  • Several scripts related to random dialogues with ships have been fixed to prevent minor and major errors (like CTDs)
  • Fixed a problem the Starchart would overlap other HUD elements after you've constructed a structure
  • Fixed an issue related to targeting a derelict that could cause the game to crash
  • Power pack is out of the game, since it, well... doesn't do anything anymore
  • Tweaked the notification panel (on the left side of the screen) to provide more relevant information
  • The scan effect on artefact vaults should now display properly
  • Fixed an issue with how light is rendered since it went crazy in some cases
  • Using the Shockwave skill could sometimes crash the game. That is no longer the case.


[2016/11/18] Quickfix for 0.7 update

Evening ladies and gentlemen. Well, it's more than likely morning or mid-day for some, but for us here in Croatia it's night.

We've got a nice little quickfix for you today. I have nothing else fancy to say (it's not really like I usually do, but hey...). The changelog is below, as usual.

  • Added another new game scenario. Freeroam this time and please keep in mind this scenario HAS NO TUTORIAL! What you do get is the absence of the prologue, like you asked for.
  • In-game settings, the keybinding now draw their names from misc.txt, instead of directly from the database
  • Frame limit is now removed, but keep in mind that VSync MUST BE SET TO OFF in order for this to work properly.
  • The Garage can now be accessed on all space stations, and not just Concordia. This might be removed later, but it's still to be decided.
  • Fixed a problem with rendering the animation of the Align to plane action
  • Skills can no longer be used during Sublight


[2016/11/17] Mod me gently with the 0.700 update for Warlords

The word of the day for us at LGM is modding. Not really surprising considering the soon-coming reward-dealing mod-contest. We have a number of tutorials, guides, articles and template mods ready for you, but this is only the beginning. We'll be pushing a lot of such materials over the course of production, especially as new features are implemented.

The full update change-log can be found below and once more there's quite a lot of it, but please don't be disappointed with the less-than-usual amount of new features. We were terribly busy with mod integration and the necessary changes.

Why you do this? you might ask. Well, that modding contest I mentioned above... It's starting in a just a bit and staging a mod-creation contest without the game actually being moddable isn't such a good idea, is it ;). If you're interested, check out the linked Moddb page and give modding Warlords a try!

One thing I'd like to point out right away: Do NOT mod enhancements just yet. It's doable, but once we're done with their re-work, your mods won't work anymore and you'd have to do some serious updating. So it's better to wait a bit with those (next update more than likely).

If the tutorials are not providing all the answers you need, please don't hesitate to post your questions in the modding sub-forum or send us an email directly on .

We're really looking forward to seeing your handywork!

Here's a little guide on how to use mods:

and some basics on how to publish them on Steam.

Safe travels, captains!


  • Commodity description text was cut-off in some instances, on the Trader panel.
  • While docked, if you placed a Go To waypoint on some distant location, then switched Go To back on the current location, the autopilot would still proceed to the first location marked. This is no longer the case.
  • Firing weapons disables cloak, regardless if you've actually hit anything or not. This mechanic will be further updated.
  • The SETH platform weapons had a weird offset from its turrets. This is now fixed.
  • If you docked without seeing your ship (yep, this is possible), the ship would remain invisible in the hangar too. Well, no longer.
  • Fixed a problem where if you transfered command to another ship, while you had 0 ammo on a heavy weapon, that weapon would disappear.
  • The hangar will no longer disappear if you open the Starchart while landed.
  • Enemy fleets will now be visible when it is appropriate, instead of "hiding" from you.
  • Heavy weapon blast radius is now displayed properly
  • In some cases your new ship could mysteriously get the paintjob of your previous ship, after loading. This doesn't happen any more.
  • In some instances, your camera youd decide to switch between modes on its own. This should no longer happen, but if it does, please let us know.
  • Fixed a problem that could potentially corrupt save files. Better safe than sorry.
  • Average damage of a weapon on the Systems tab is now displayed properly
  • In some cases, collision meshes would remain after a structure was destroyed. No more hitting invisible walls.
  • Collecting gas pockets from very close distances will no longer bug up the visual effect.
  • You can no longer double-collect the same gas pocket at the same time.
  • Several errors with hints and notifications are now fixed. Some words could get doubled or the shadow could decide to have a life of its own.
  • Using Esc button to exit the Controls tab in the Settings panel, no longer Applies the changes, but reverts them
  • The Loki and Loki MKII (or "B") now use separate schematic images, as intended
  • Loki_B ship now has the proper name displayed, instead of "ERROR"
  • In some instances the Starchart could get bugged up after selecting and deploying a civilian fleet
  • Skipping the Prologue intro cutscene no longer bugs up the game
  • If your ship was red hot from being in the sun for too long, transferring to a new ship will not make the new ship red hot as well.
  • Bonuses are now displayed properly and in a timely fashion on the Records panel
  • The Load game panel will no longer try to convince you that your names is always Sparrow
  • If you managed to click on any object on the Starchart while the Starchart was shutting down, the Info portion could remain hanging. This can happen no longer.
  • Attempting to Ram (as in skill) into a dying object could crash the game, but not anymore.
  • On exiting the game, the log.txt was riddled with Errors related to collision meshes. This issue is now cleared just to make sure nothing remains hanging in memory.
  • When you destroy a piece of junk, the target lock will no longer remain hanging on-screen for the next 10 seconds
  • If you were using the Chase camera and then Rammed into the target, the resulting perpetual camera shake could cause nausea. This is now fixed.
  • Entering a hangar will remove all effects of a nearby anomaly.
  • For an instant, the fog-of-war would disappear when closing the Starchart. Now it doesn't.
  • Ship maneuverability is now displayed as intended.
  • There was a potential problem where textures would get loaded into memory several times, causing memory leaks.
  • Skill descriptions are no longer cut-off
  • The cursor no longer gets bugged-up when you finish a quest
  • If you docked while the Level up animation was taking place, you'd get a completely different ship. And the next time you leave the station the game would crash... Go figure how that makes any sense...
  • Using the Grapple action is now possible on proper distance to target
  • Destroying a floating container (props object type) no longer triggers the target lock to remain hanging in space.
  • Fixed a number of text errors related to commodity descriptions
  • Fixed a number of script issues that could potentially cause other problems
  • Fixed Heimdall freighter schematics images

  • New Gladiatrix arena added (hint: have a stroll through Baeldor)
  • Shield hit system completely overhauled to ensure precision. Firing at the front shield will properly hit the front shield.
  • You can now use Q and E keys to switch between war fleets on the Starchart
  • A new notification system is implemented on the HUD
    • It appears on the left side of the screen
    • This panel will now display a lot of the various information that was, until now, displayed all over the screen
    • Color-coding of the notifications should make it easier to discern how important a notification is for you
    • Feedback is as always more than welcome
  • When you're not in combat, you now get a massive 300% shield regeneration increase.
  • New stuff added to the Customization panel
    • New cursors in the ship Customization panel (paint and rotation.
    • New blending modes: difference, negation, dividem flat
  • Artefact now has its proper loop and collect SFX
  • Added additional content across the game world (of all forms and scope)
  • Added new gas pocket visuals
  • Added new random encounters to make the game world more lively and interesting (a lot more to come)

  • Some perks were added
    • Freelancer - increased Freelance job Credit and Experience reward
    • Beam training II, Beam training III
    • Railgun training II, Railgun training III
    • Plasma cannon training II, Plasma cannon training III
    • Heavy weapon training
  • Some perks were removed
    • Student I, Student II, Student III
    • Field Commander IV removed. Field Commander V took its place (value-wise).
    • Fleet leader
    • Shockwave training, Missile training and Fusion torpedo training are merged into a single Perk
    • Jucied is replaced by a default out-of-combat shield boost mechanics
    • Space wolf
  • Some perks were changed
    • Corvette familiarity provides a 1000 points increase in shield strength
    • Cruiser familiarity doubles heavy weapon ammo count. This is also properly displayed.
    • Fixer III was OP, but no longer.
  • Some perks are temporarily disabled (they will get enabled once their functionality is fully implemented)
    • Governor
    • Staunched defender
    • Field logistics II
    • Lab rat
    • Empirical scientist
    • Trainer
    • Sensor master
    • Tactical appraisal
    • Pinpoint precision
    • Field commander
  • Some perks have been disabled until they're fully implemented
  • Soft reset is implemented for Perk points that are already used on changed Perks. Don't forget to redistribute them!
  • The Perks received in the Character creation dialogue have been slightly altered, together with the dialogue
  • Damage-dealing skills now have proper damage type assigned to them (of importance for potential resistances)

  • Garage ships are now saved by keyname instead of id. This is important for mods and compatibility.
  • Damage-dealing skills now work on structures and platforms
  • Replaced the hull hit, but temporarily disabled the critical hit visual effect
  • Sensor, hail, transport, scan, dock via quickaction and target lock ranges tweaked for consistency and new range display and calculations
  • Using the Collector equipment on gas pockets now properly drops higher yields
  • Paintjobs are now properly saved for all your garage ships
  • The grapple SFX will stop playing after the grappling ship gets blown up. You know... like it's supposed to.
  • If you use the delete key on a keybinding in the launcher -> settings, the bindings gets cleared if it was bound to something. But if the action wasn't bound to a key, then it will get bound to the Delete button.
  • The SETH platform is more accurate
  • The Accept and Back buttons are more distant from one another on the Trader and Jobs board panels
  • OnPulse animation of one of the Mining operation structures tweaked due to new mesh position (the main model had an offset)
  • The Shotgun skill can no longer cause critical hits that made it utterly OP
  • You can no longer land on Phaeneros from a 60k distance. You really need to get closer.
  • Soak is now renamed to Dmg absorb
  • Skill info panel slightly changed
  • A whole lot of parameters are now saved differently (keyname instead of id for example). Saves should work properly regardless.
  • Corrected dialogue node colors. Disabled nodes turned out to be bright red for some reason, in some instances.
  • Skill descriptions updated with lore-related snippets.
  • Updated the QuickStartGuide.pdf that comes with the game in the installation folder
  • Temporarily switched the main menu background due to the modding contest. Link button included.
  • The GameLauncher now has the Mods section. Quite handy to have that when you want to use mods with the game ;).
  • GoTo command improved to accomodate new distances and calculations (for all object sizes)
  • Upgraded anomaly visuals

  • Gas collecting VFX and SFX are no longer handled through code, but are transfered onto scripts (CreateLocalLinked function)
  • Stations no longer have the OnHail script hardcoded. This event now has to be manually added.
  • Stations no longer have the OnDock script hardcoded. This event now has to be manually added.
  • Values and texts displayed on the Skills panel are no longer wierdly hardcoded for no logical reason.
  • Fighter wings now draw their names from name.txt, referenced by the database. Until now they took the value directly from the database.
  • Light weapons now draw their names from name.txt. referenced by the database. Until now they took the value directly from the database.
  • Heavy weapons now draw their names from name.txt. referenced by the database. Until now they took the value directly from the database.
  • A completely new DialogueEditor is now available in the game root directory which should offer greater ease-of-use and more stability.
  • Defense platform weapon range can now be modded properly.
    • Data\Base\LightWeapons.wdt for actual range of a weapon
    • Data\Platforms\Template for assigning weapons to weapon battery slots of a platform
  • Production templates for all types are now susceptible to merging and appending
  • Asteroids now have OnHP script events
  • SetRelHP script function now works for asteroids
  • Updated Scripterion documentation
  • Updated Notepad++ language markup files


[2016/10/20] Update v0.620 Quickfix 2

Greetings earthlings,

Here's another quick one for you fair ladies and gentlemen. As the other day, the change-list is below :)

  • Plugged a memory leak in the dialogue system. In some cases, after a game reload, an error could occur. This happened the most often in the Prologue.
  • In some cases, the game could crash when closing the Customization panel with Esc.
  • Tweaked the scan effect to make the line crossing over objects more visible.
  • When using the auto-pilot while you're on a planet, it could go nuts after leaving the planet. This should no longer happen.
  • The auto-pilot is a bit smarter now. It should no longer get lost when the destination is on the other side of the planet.
  • It was possible to bug-up the game if you used the Hail command and the Esc button at the same time. No longer.
  • Fixed a couple of errors on the Gladiatrix models collision meshes.
  • Changed the displayed text on the Purchase commodity panel.
  • You can no longer use the Ram skill if the target is not within your line of sight.
  • Added 2 Gas collectors and 2 Reclaimers to the starting region (Phaehana).
  • Skill stats can now be viewed on the HUD.
  • Gas collecting (action) and Collector (equipment) now have proper SFX.
  • Multiple fixes and tweaks in the Prologue cutscenes
  • Changed the Escape pod computer dialogue portrait

Safe travels, captains!


[2016/10/19] Update v0.620 Quickfix

Hello captains,

Here's a quickfix for the v0.620 update. A couple of things that should make lives easier. I won't drag on for too long, so here's the change-list:

  • Artefact vaults no longer magically respawn on game load.
  • Artefact vaults were missing their .mg files. This should not cause any problem, but better safe than sorry.
  • The Ram skill sound cannot get stuck in a perpetual loop any longer.
  • The Arena had an annoying issue where you would lose Hull when winning a battle. This won't happen any longer.
  • Some players reported problems starting Freelance jobs after loading. The quickfix should help with this. If the problem persist, let us know and we'll do our best to help.

As always, let us know of any problems you encounter. We'll do our best to get on these issues as soon as possible.

Safe travels, captains.


[2016/10/18] Update v0.620 - A whiff of change comes along with the Gladiatrix

Greetings captains,

It's time for the next Warlords update (what a surprise!). This time we focused on adding new content, but also on some major changes which I'm sure you'll notice when you start playing the updated version. Let's go over the big things:

Core gameplay changes
We have felt that players, including a lot uf us in the team, weren't using skills nearly as much as they should've been used. Our legacy skill system promoted building up only 1 individual skill to make the most use from it as all skills drained power from the same power core and shared its cooldown, along with the cloaking system. Cloaking is now more of a passive action and doesn't drain power anymore, we are planning to improve upon this design, but for now it has unlimited duration.

The Legacy skill-set was designed with limitations of power in mind so we had to change it entirely or else we would have ended up with a bunch of overpowered sub-skills. We have changed the system with a few design measures in mind. We felt that they had to be based around active skill usage. Our new skill designs are based upon a certain gameplay style that they promote. The first class will be based around close combat, being a Vanguard on the front lines of the combat and dealing more damage while near your opponents with both active skills and passive bonuses. Other classes, with different gameplay styles, are planned further in development.

The other change we had to accommodate is to bring the combat closer. The reasons for this were several, ranging from abnormal combat distances with smaller ships to the entire lack of visual fidelity due to the huge range. We managed to do this by tweaking weapon ranges and managing ship speeds and acceleration. You can still use longer range weapons, upgrade your range with enhancements and prefer hit and run combat. As a result of those changes we have also increased the precision of ranges/distances in combat to allow more control in the game. Game combat should feel more natural now, allowing for easier manual fire while, of course, still allowing fire at will as it was before and you will have a pleasure of exploring ship models in more detail from the closer perspective directly in combat.

All of this is our first iteration of those changes and we are looking forward to your feedback to improve upon those changes or change the direction entirely if needed. After playing for awhile with the new system please go to the discussion board and share your feedback and opinions, if you wish of course.

The affected areas of change are:
  • skills
  • NPC AI behaviour
  • ship stats
  • ship acceleration and speed
  • Sublight speed
  • power core, cloak and various other subsystem tweaks
  • Light and Heavy weapons

New skill system
We've purged the old skill system from the game and introduced a brand new one. You will retain all your skill points from your existing saves, but you'll have to distribute your skill points anew. Progression is still similar as in you gain a skill point each time you level-up and you can then use these points to upgrade skills. Each character class has four unique skills (the fourth is unlocked on higher levels), but also a special passive class-specific bonus.

Enter the Gladiatrix
The first Gladiatrix arena is in! It's nicely located in Phaehana, between Phaeneros and Concordia. If you've played Starpoint Gemini 1, then you more or less know what the deal is. Simply talk to the arena Quartermaster to get in on the action.

Rounding up the Outerlands
Two new Outerlands ships are added to finalize their fleet. You can obtain these in several places, but to make things easier, we've greatly expanded on what ships are available for purchase both on Concordia and on Phaeneros. This is a temporary measure to make it possible for you fine ladies and gentlemen to give each ship a go. You still have to purchase them of course.

Hidden vaults
Scattered around Gemini are the so-called Artefact vaults. If you scan these, you'll get a nifty prize. Existing saves will work without a problem since the vaults are added in.

Talk to us on Steam!
OK. This might seem a little strange, but there's no harm in trying, right? On Thursday, 20th October, we'll be hovering over the Steam discussion board even more than usual, ready to answer any question you might have regarding the game. It's a little something we felt could work well to get even more creative discussions going. The event is scheduled to start at 16:00 UTC/GMT.

Potential problem with saves compatibility
The amount of new things, but more than anything changes, is quite drastic, so please keep in mind that you could encounter problems in the game and with your existing save files. If that happens, please let us know so we can act accordingly!

We're looking forward to your feedback so please don't hesitate and post your thoughts on the discussion board, be they positive or negative. We welcome constructive criticism!

You can find the entire change-list through this link


  • several fixes related to the ATI R9 200 graphics series to increase stability (latest drivers are necessary)
  • Perks are now actually received in the Prologue segment, but keep in mind that individual bonuses provided by the Perks are not!
  • the reputation panel now displays the appropriate Faction banner
  • fixed several potentially critical errors regarding the UI on stations
  • landing on a planet while cloaked no longer makes a mess of your ship when you leave the planet
  • using Go To on the station that you're docked on could mess up the entire UI. This no longer happens
  • spamming the Esc button while entering a hangar could break the UI. No more!
  • repair drones no longer break the Maintenance freelance job
  • level 0 NPCs will no longer spawn
  • the UI on the HQ could get all bugged up in some instances, like when pressing the Esc key at the wrong time
  • fixed an error in the Prologue that could cause the game to crash in some instances
  • force-docking on a station or planet through script could mess up the hangar. This is no longer the case
  • fixed several graphics related bugs (faulty cube maps, wrong constant buffer parameters...)
  • increased script engine stability
  • more things are recorded into the game log.txt, specifically related to script errors
  • fixed a potential problem in calculating frustum spheres during world loading
  • taught the AI to recognize planets properly and not slam into them
  • several problems fixed in the Prologue segment
  • several bug fixes related to Freelance jobs
  • improved eyesight of the technical director by obtaining prescription glasses. He should be able to spot bugs more easily.

  • the old skill system was thrown out the window, and a new one implemented
    • completely new character classes. Still only one available at this time, sorry.
    • Completely new skills and skill progression mechanic
    • 3 skills are unlocked for upgrading from the start and another, fourth, top-tier skill is unlocked as you progression
    • each character class also features a special passive bonus that improves with character levels
    • power used by skills is also out and completely replaced by a simple and efficient cooldown
    • don't worry, you can continue playing with your existing save files. The save goes through a soft reset. When you load it, you will get all your used and unused skill points as unused skill points. You can then distribute them as you see fit in the new skill system.
    • character levelling (experience requirement, max attainable level...) is revamped
    • obtaining Ranks (and Perk points) is now also distributed differently
  • added the first of several planned Gladiatrix arenas
    • a series of 10 battles await (the Phaehana arena features fights against gunships, corvettes and frigates)
    • talk to the arena Quartermaster to enter the competition
    • pay for entry and start bashing to win the prizes
    • each battles is progressively harder (higher tiers are unlocked once the lower tiers are won)
    • arena battles are accompanied by the ever-present announcer
  • Artefact vaults can now be found in all corners of Gemini
    • scan a vault to unlock its special prize
    • several different events can occur when you scan a vault
  • two more (and a half) ships added to round up the Outerlands fleet
    • Ragnarok and Loki can both be obtained on Concordia, at least for now
    • an additional version of the Loki is also added as the initial ship in the Prologue and after it. This is only temporary!
  • added hints on the loading screen
    • more hints and tips will be added over time and as more features are added or changed
    • displayed hints take into consideration your character level as well as other factors so we don't drown you with "Press key to do action" tips when you're already controlling half of Gemini. We're pretty sure you already know those elementary things.
  • speed bar now shows 2 values
    • targeted speed to show you what speed you're trying to achieve
    • current speed
  • gas pockets can now be found in nebulas and valuable gas can be extracted from them
  • an alternative to the simple gas extraction method is using the Gas extractor equipment. It manages to extract more gas and prevents potential negative side-effects ;)
  • planets now also feature a hangar, much like stations. The doors are in a different place though ;)
  • added a new hangar, specific for "outlaw" stations. At the moment, until all planned hangars are modelled and implemented, this hangar is used by some other stations as well
  • the effect of weapons hitting the hull is redone
  • props (as object types) can now be scanned
  • structures (as object types) can now be scanned
  • the Phaehana region is now more filled with the added nebula and junkyard
  • the Orion class ship now features a new derelict model
  • Concordia and Phaeneros now have a lot more ships available in store. This is a temporary measure to give everyone access to all the currently available ships (you still have to purchase them, though)

  • the heat effect now works as intended on all LOD meshes (level of detail)
  • collision meshes added to hangars. This prevents the camera from going "through" the hangar mesh.
  • removed an unnecessary parameter on the heavy weapon tooltip
  • added some tooltip hints on several UI panels
  • using the Upgrade skill button is no longer possible if the selected skill is already maxed out
  • the save system is upgraded to accomodate the incoming mod integration
  • database loading is upgraded to accomodate the incoming mod integration (dynamic merged databases)
  • weapon fire SFX normalized and volume slightly lowered

  • fixed numerous bugs related to handling fleets in the script engine
  • several changes made to the script engine to get parameters from different objects


[2016/10/6]Micro-update for improved game log

Hello everyone. You might have noticed your Steam client has downloaded a tiny update for Warlords. To clear things up a bit, here are a couple of remarks about it:
  • There was a file missing for some reason. A file I was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE I've added the last time, but it seems I didn't :(.
  • The game now records more info into the game log, the current graphics card drivers signature for example, which is of immense importance to us especially if you're running (or attempting to run) the game on ATI cards. It will help us narrow down some issues we're facing so we can fix them.


[2016/9/21]Quickfix v0.612 - Sorry laddies

Hello captains,

I'll start this one off by apologizing for some things we did in the last update. We found and exterminated a few problematic bugs that we accidentally created when fixing other issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and, as always, thank you for your patience. You can find the tiny change-log below.

  • Fixed numerous errors we encountered in ship files that could cause different problems and even crash the game.
  • Fixed a memory leak where some textures didn't get released from memory after multiple game loads
  • Fixed a problem with saving global variables that would stop ships from spawning properly. This could potentially corrupt save files, but it should all be ok now.


[2016/9/15]Quickfix with a different version number (0.611)

Hello captains,

Here's another tiny update. Once again, just a few things, but it should be helpful.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to saving ship paint jobs
  • Some icons on the Ships panels set were of the wrong size. No longer.
  • Fixed an error that could cause Tasks to spawn in the wrong location
  • Tweaked multiple encounter-related scripts to prevent potential errors
  • During the Fleet management tutorial, in some cases you could not close the Starchart panel and you would be stuck. This is now fixed.
  • In some instances, you could get multiple errors and get stuck if you paused the game during one-liner dialogues.


[2016/9/14]Quickfix for v0.610

It's hard to let go of behavioral patterns. Hence a quickfix. We had to do it... simply had to.

It's nothing much, but we wanted to release these several small fixes before we push onward to the next full update.

  • Enabled Steam cloud saves
  • Heavy weapons no longer pass through shields by magic
  • Fixed some minor scripting errors and done a few tweaks
  • Fixed several errors with Outerlands ships (wrong ship class, turrets not firing...)


[2016/9/13]Update 0.610 - "Paint me like one of your French girls" and similar disturbing references

Time for a new content-heavy update! As usual, we have a standard assortment of bug-fixes and tweaks, but wait! There's more! If you get the update now, you'll also unlock new ships, new station models, new GUI functionality, hangars and much much more! Well, you'll actually get all this in any case, whenever you get the update...

To make things easier, here's a very short list of the new stuff:
  • Hangar interiors - see your ship in a different light. Literally...
  • Paint your ship - get expressive and go nuts with colors... if that's your thing... You can always just leave it as-is and smack a sticker on the "hood".
  • New ships - We can never have enough of those. Curtesy of the Outerlands this time.
  • New station models - to round up the Outerlands, but there are also some additional new models.
  • Hailing ships - In space, no-one can hear you scream... unless you hail them first.
  • Steam trading cards - Some care, some don't, but the cards are here to stay. We hope you have fun collecting them!

I've got another important thing to mention, ladies and gents so let's talk about the updated EULA and Google Analytics. We've implemented this bit into the game. The Analytics monitors what you're doing in the game COMPLETELY ANONYMOUSLY and sends that data over. You can easily turn this feature off through the GameLauncher->Settings panel, but it's important that we emphasize that the feature is ON by default.

There's more new stuff, but I'll leave that in the full change-log which you can find here.

We've got some major changes planned for the next couple of updates, but we'll share that info in a little while. Stay tuned!


  • "Target next enemy" and "Target previous enemy" shortcuts now work as intended.
  • Some light weapon visual effects were doubled. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed an issue with Commodity thumbnail not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Commodity descriptions not being displayed properly.
  • Failing a mission while you didn't have controls meant the game got stuck in perpetual darkness. This doesn't happen anymore.
  • "Your garage is empty" tooltip is no longer displayed all over the place.
  • Several sequencing issues in the tutorial portion of the game could get you stuck in a loop. This is now fixed.
  • Using the "Esc" button to close the Configure turret panel no longer bugs up the interface.
  • The VFX of a beam weapon could "lag" behind the target.
  • Activating "Sublight" is no longer possible while your engines are disabled.
  • Grappling a ship now automatically shuts down cloak.
  • Platforms no longer fire "through enemy ships". They can actually hit them as intended.
  • Fixed a problem with the SETH platforme that doubled its model and particles.
  • You could bug up the show/hide animation of the Fleet info panel on the Starchart. Not anymore.
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping text on the "Transfer command" panel.
  • Fixed a problem where, in some cases, tooltips would remain "hanging" on screen on the "Construction" panel.
  • In some instances, the waypoint showing you where you need to jump to during the Prologue would not show. Now it does... every time.
  • Starting a new game, after you've already played a session, now resets resources.
  • Pressing the "Esc" button could in some cases (while another panel was in its opening/closing transition) completely bug up the UI and the entire game. This is no longer possible.
  • "Rank prerequisite" parameter on the Compare panel in the Shipyard now works as intended.
  • Clicking on an object on the left side of the Starchart (where the info panel is displayed) no longer creates UI mayhem.
  • Pressing "Ctrl+C" while an editbox is selected no longer crashes the game.
  • Pressing "Ctrl+V" while an editbox is selected, but with nothing in the clipboard, no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed several errors with hint highlights.
  • Adding anenhancement onto a ship system that already has that same enhancement mounted no longer takes Credits from you.
  • In some cases, a constructed structure could revert to its non-constructed state. This no longer happens.
  • Button rollover SFX on the Construction panel no longer goes on and on in a loop
  • Loading a game while near a structure under construction resumes the "under-construction" visual effect. Until now, it was simply rendered in its finished state.
  • Selling a ship from your Garage no longer bugs up the interface. Some portions went M.I.A.
  • NPCs will no longer continue firing into nothing when there are no more enemies in the vicinity.
  • In some cases, when issuing the "Build" command on a construction site, the info panel would remain open, making it possible to perpetually issue the same command. Nothing spectacular would happen besides losing resources.

    • In some instances you could get the mission with no real requirements or objectives, making it possible to do nothing and still carry out the mission.
    • In some cases, the "destination" ship, where you have to deliver the goods to, did not properly spawn.
    • Fixed a problem where, in some cases, "fixed" defense platforms wouldn't respond to hostiles.
    • NPCs will no longer decide to self-destruct for no apparent reason.
    • If you don't have enough cargo hold space, you can no longer take this freelance job.

  • Fixed a problem where your fleet would decide to leave the combat for no apparent reason, even if they themselves were under attack.

  • Outerlands ships are added and available for purchase (two more will be coming in the next update)
    • Skelning station: Odin, Valkyrie, Asgard, Midgard
    • Hendall station: Tyr, Valkyrie, Fenrir, Heimdall
    • Battledawn station: Odin, Valnir, Asgard, Midgard, Heimdall
    • Tortuga bay station: Odin, Tyr
    • Lunaee station: Valnir, Fenrir
  • Added "Known prices" panel accessible through the "Trader" panel
    • This opens up the Starchart with the new panel on the left side.
    • Clicking on a location in the list centers the Starchart on the location so you can easily set a waypoint to it.
    • Use the "W" key (displayed on the bottom bar) to filter between all locations and locations where the commodity is being produced/sold.
  • Added hangars
    • The start cutscene can be skipped either with the "Esc" or "Space" button.
    • More different hangars will be added over time.
    • Planets will also receive their version of the hangar.
  • Added the Customize panel
    • You can now do a paint job on your ship.
    • It WILL BE possible to save your finished paintjob as a separate file which you can then store for later or share as a mod or something.
  • Added random dialogues
    • Hail passing ships to start a conversation. You can get some nifty info that way, but also some additional actions like "Trade".
    • Available options depend on a number of parameters (Perks for example).
    • The texts used in the dialogues, dialogue options and "events" that can take place will be further worked on, but suggestions are always welcome.
  • Added Google Analytics "link" into the game.
    • Analytics ANONYMOUSLY collects data from the game session and sends it over.
    • NO PERSONAL DATA is collected!
    • Analytics "works its magic" only when you're connected to the internet.
    • You can easily shut Google Analytics down in the Game Launcher -> Settings window
    • EULA is updated to reflect this addition.
  • Added 5 "Outlaw" station models. Even more stations models are added, but I'll admit that I'm not sure of the exact number.
  • Weapon info tooltip on drydock and ship panel now includes "Damage per second" (DPS) for easier comparison
  • Completely reworked of faction logos
  • Grappling now has a sound effect.
  • Required character level added to the Rank requirement on the Garage panel.
  • Using the "Go to" command through the context menu on a station or planet now means the auto-pilot will go for docking/landing too instead of stopping right next to the object.
  • Trying to activate sublight via hotkey, while it's disabled for some reason, will provide appropriate feedback.
  • Starchart info panels now incorporate auto-scroll when displaying more information. The panel can also be scrolled by dragging it with the LMB.
  • Distance warning is now displayed for the Hail context menu command.

  • Selecting objects in space and firing has received polish and optimization.
  • Resources display on the Construction panel no longer "overflow" into the next line.
  • Using the "Go to" command on the Starchart and through the context menu now do the exact same thing. There was a problem with how far your autopilot would take you, depending on what approach you used.
  • Freelance job target names are no longer shuffled every time you open the Jobs board.
  • Freelance job markers are now of "higher importance" than static objects on the Starchart. Now you can set a waypoint on such a marker even if it is very close to a planet for example.
  • Any active and visible timers are now hidden while you're docked.
  • Planets are marked on the Starchart on greater distances. This will likely be further changed.
  • Warnings and objectives have been moved slightly to prevent overlapping with hints.
  • News are not generated during the Prologue anymore.
  • "Cost" is no longer displayed in the HQ module parameters when it reaches its maximum upgrade level.
  • "Scavenger swarms" added via script now uses an appropriate quick item slot (it is either added to an already existing pool or is equipped to an empty slot).
  • You can now get info on the "advanced" Perks in the Perks panel.
  • Shuffled all of the station models used in the game world. You'll likely notice the "Delta" station model is used more frequently as it is used as placeholder for the missing station models.
  • HQ Mining module -> Asteroid field survey parameter removed because it is redundant.
  • The "Rearm" button is no longer clickable if your heavy weapon ammo is on max.
  • Some characters are no longer available when naming your save file as they could prevent the save file from appearing in the saved games list.
  • Selection highlight on the Loot panel tweaked for better visibility.
  • Using the "Follow" command on hostile ships is no longer possible. This is a temporary measure until proper AI is implemented, in which case the AI will respond to you "being on his tail".
  • Light weapon turret models changed with new ones. This is a work-in-progress, though, and further changes are pending

  • "SetFleetPower" function now properly "reconstructs" an NPC fleet.
  • The initial "root" node of a dialogue now triggers its condition script as intended.
  • "Scripterion" documentation updated with new info.


[2016/8/17] "Contraband check" issue fix

Just a quick hint ladies and gents, we've released a tiny fix for the Contraband check problems you could have been experiencing. This is now rectified. Apologies it took this long!

In other news, we're continuing our push towards the September update!


[2016/7/26]UPDATE v0.601.4 - Another quickfix

Hello captains,

Although it might seem strange that we're releasing another quickfix, we felt it was necessary. The change-log is really minute, but the fixes are useful. As always, the change-log is below.

Another important bit. We are having some problems with the game not running on some ATI graphics cards properly (or not running at all!). We're working on the fix, but for the time being, we can suggest that those who are experiencing these problems could try running the game in "Borderless window" mode. This can be set through the Launcher->Settings screen. I'll say right away that this DID NOT help in all cases, but it did in some, so it's worth giving a shot until we can pinpoint the issue, resolve it and release an update.

Safe travels, captains!

  • If the game was saved while a ship was dying (not dead yet, but not alive either... undead?), this ship was saved as well and it could bug the game up. This is no longer the case.
  • In some cases, certain tooltips (on mouse hover) would appear below the panel they are actually on preventing you from seeing them properly. This is now rectified.
  • "Repair progress going backwards" problem on Maintenance freelance jobs is now fixed. This was linked to the repair drones that were a part of the VFX.
  • Fixed several smaller issues that could cause game stability problems (if combined).
  • Game launcher updated to prevent the problems some players were experiencing.


[2016/7/25]UPDATE v0.601.3 - Quickfix

Greetings captains,

Got a few changes for you today, ladies and gents. Nothing spectacular, but it should help in your travels. You know we simply have to release a post-update quickfix ;). The changelist is below.

Safe travels, captains!

  • When pressing the Esc key on Buy and Sell screens, multiple panels appeared. Not any more.
  • On some ships, the thruster texture was missing. This is now fixed.
  • You now actually have to have enough Credits to Purchase a ship "to garage". This for some reason, was not the case.
  • In some cases, the wrong hotkey was displayed on tooltips and hints.
  • The game now records more data into the game log to help with debugging.
  • Fixed a slight script error related to encounter quests that could potentially cause problems.
  • Contraband check encounter is blocked until further tests and revisions are made. Too many things could go wrong.


[2016/7/22]Update v0.601 - Pre-summer bug-slap fest

Greetings captains,

I know we've said we'd release monthly updates, but we've been going over the latest feedback and figured that since we've got some of the noted issues patched up, we might as well share it with you ladies and gentlemen. And we've got some other changes and smaller additions to deliver as well. The change-log is below.

It's also vacation time so enjoy your free time, rest for awhile and please do try out our newest additions to the game. We hope you like what we're doing.

You can expect another substantial update landing on Steam in September.

As always, a BIG THANK YOU from the whole team for all the support, patience and help you've given us!

Safe travels, captains!

  • Resources are now displayed properly in all UI instances.
  • Deactivating "Post-process" option in the settings no longer deactivates holographic objects, ice asteroids and the cloak effect
  • All traces of the legacy Reputation system are now eradicated. These caused some strange things like the same station being neutral in the game world, while hostile on the Starchart.
  • When appearing, props (object type) would be glowing hot, like derelicts. This was not supposed to happen.
  • Fixed a problem with empty equipment slots displaying 0% recharge state when loading a game.
  • Some buildings decided to display both their "full" visuals and the holographic ones too at the same time. That's a big no-no.
  • Fixed an issue where some MKIII projectile weapons were tiny compared to their MKI "brothers/sisters"
  • Fixed several instances where pressing the Esc button during a panel opening could break the game. In general, the "Esc" behavior is streamlined
  • Opening the Starchart via its shortcut while some other panels are open, could bug-up the game. That should no longer be the case.
  • In some cases, the game could crash if the player's commodity list was empty and you accessed the Trader panel. No more!
  • You can no longer have both the Planetary landing panel and the Planet UI open at the same time. And yeah, it could in some instances crash the game.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could potentially cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed several issues related to reading and displaying save game data in the Load game panel
  • All player fleets are now properly named everywhere.

  • Installation defense
    • In some instances, the defense platforms didn't appear. Now they do.

  • Jettison now has an accompanying SFX
  • Starpoint (hence the name of the game, duh...) is now added into the game world. It's sitting nicely in between the twins
  • All HQ module bonuses are now functional with the exception of the Logistics center (the task duration reduction)
  • Legacy saves are functional, but accessing the new tutorial missions requires a completely new game. Sorry about that. We didn't realize this will be required. Otherwise we would have announced it ahead of time.
  • Added the Help panel for Shipbuilding and Fleet transfer panels. Just press the little question mark to access it.
  • Added hints on a number of buttons across the GUI
  • The number of ships in the garage is now limited and depends on the upgrade level of the hangar HQ module.

  • Shipbuilding button is relocated from the game menu to the Starchart, when selecting the HQ.
  • The Starchart should no longer get overcrowded with available tasks.
  • Scrolling the Reputation panel is now done "by line" instead of "by pixel". Should make things a bit faster and more clear.
  • NPC are now intelligent enough to actually go around planets instead of slamming into them like dimwits.
  • The cloak VFX is slightly altered to make its behavior somewhat more "logical" (how it's drawn, what is seen through it and at what stages...)
  • Equipment prices are no longer colorized for no apparent reason when looking at the equipment in your own cargo hold.
  • Panel selections are now more clearly visible. Equipment panel for example.
  • Game manual updated with new info


[2016/7/15]Update v0.600 - We give You our "Bag of holding"

Greetings captains,

We've got a whole list of stuff we've managed to finish up and deliver to You. Encounter quests, random news, assembling war fleets, sending civilian fleets on tasks... just to name a few.

We hope you like what we've done.

But let's also recap the features we noted in the last update announcement and planned for this one:
  • A completely overhauled encounter system - Nope. Not ready yet I'm afraid, so we're sticking to the old system version until the new one is all done.
  • Procedurally generated dialogue system - Nope. We've hit a snag with this one too. We'll do our very best to activate it all as soon as possible.
  • Overhauled conquest system - Yes. A lot has been done in this department, so please check out the details in the complete changelist.
  • Additional structures, ships and stations - Structures nope, but stations and ships definitely yes.

I apologize for not delivering all the planned features, but some things simply require more time to finish up. The conquest part (shipbuilding and fleet assembly) is implemented however, so please take that as a plus :).

Safe travels, captains!


  • NPCs will now properly react to you making a run for it during a contraband check
  • Ship manufacturer is now displayed properly
  • Research centers no longer provide resources, as intended. In the future, they'll provide special bonuses.
  • Neptune thruster models reworked a bit
  • There was a problem with the cloak effect in some cases. Now it is displayed properly.
  • In some cases, VFX of skill activations would not show. Now they do.
  • Weapon type name is now properly displayed on the Ship->Systems panel
  • The Newsreel on stations and planets is no longer bugged-up in the first few seconds after landing/docking
  • Encountering a battle will no longer trigger the weirdest of texts, completely unrelated to any combat situation
  • Repair beam is now visible once again
  • Fixed a problem with wrong data being displayed on the commodity tooltip
  • The Game launcher keybinding screen would pop-up a small info window. And when I say small I mean like really tiny. So tiny in fact that you couldn't actually see what it was saying. That's fixed now.
  • The Asteria class has joined the other ships in the ability to be destroyed
  • Ships will now attack Garrisons as intended
  • Fixed a problem where an event linked to a sector would get triggered several times, when it should only trigger once.
  • Using SETH will no longer cause the game to crash. This could still happen in some cases.
  • In some instances, the bridge officer would do "call-outs" even if the action in question wasn't really started.
  • You will no longer gain additional skill and perk points for no apparent reason
  • Using the Cargo Jettison action now does what it should and gets you back to the appropriate screen
  • Commanding one of your fleets to go to the same location they are now at, now does nothing... as it is supposed to.
  • Repair drones will now shut down their beams when they're done. They would look silly otherwise.
  • Deleting a saved game no longer causes an abrupt panel refresh
  • Clicking on the info panel on the starchart, no longer means you've clicked on the Starchart itself (and potentially selected something)
  • Crashing into a junk piece in a junkyard made the piece go *poof* and disappear instead of blowing up as intended. This is now working as intended.
  • Becoming an enemy with the Solari Concord would literally mean "You're your own worst enemy" and it would practically corrupt your save game. That can no longer happen.
  • Derelict created through the destruction of a ship now retains the ship's movement and rotation

  • Salvage
    • A confusion caused by the objective stating to transport onto the target, while the "on-target objective" says to disable it
    • Sometimes you wouldn't get notified that you completed the job.
    • Added the option to "go back" if you've accidentally pressed the wrong button
    • Made some clarifications in the dialogues, to make things a bit more logical
  • Maintenance
    • You no longer get the message telling you how much the "Repair cost" if the repair failed
  • Delivery
    • Getting a job to deliver a package to a yet unconstructed structure could be problematic. This no longer happens.
    • Running around cloaked will no longer work as easy. NPCs can also use anti-cloak equipment and they will detect you.
    • Fixed some confusing bits related to giving bribe and taking it back.
    • Solved an issue where you couldn't transport to a research facility to complete the job

  • Added Civilian Fleets
    • Unlike War Fleets, Civilian Fleets act like an immutable resource, to be reserved only for the duration of a Civilian task.
  • Added Civilian fleet tasks
    • Click on a Task icon on the Starchart and send one of your fleets (if you have the prerequisites)
    • Survey zone
    • Salvage derelicts
    • Junkyard salvage run
    • Asteroid field ore run
    • Nebula gas run
  • Civilian task tutorial mission added
    • After the Prologue is completed, you automatically gain a tutorial mission for Civilian fleet tasks (Lost cargo retrieval)
    • After the tutorial mission is done, Civilian tasks appear as normal
  • Added the Construction tutorial mission
    • After the Civilian fleet tasks tutorial mission is completed, the Construction tutorial mission is triggered
    • This mission teaches you the basics of constructing structures in your territory
  • Added Encounter quests
    • Encounter quests are triggered as you travel through Gemini. They are completely optional and it is up to you to decide whether you'll do something about them or not.
    • Currently 4 different types of encounter quests can appear. More will be added in future updates
    • Encounter quests are marked on the Starchart, but NOT in the main viewport
  • Introduced the ability to construct custom War Fleets with the Shipbuilding panel (Game Menu)
    • Currently, every Concord ship has 2 loadout variations available for construction (MK I & II)
    • Ship "Power" symbolizes an approximation of usefulness in battle
    • Every ship costs Credits and Materials to build. Capture or Construct Junk Reclaimers to increase your Material yield.
    • Ships Built this way are placed in the HQ ship storage. It can only be accessed via the Starchart.
  • Added the Fleet Transfer panel
    • You can now Customize war fleets by selecting the Fleet on the starchart and then right clicking on the HQ or other player controlled fleets.
    • Every Fleet has the same "Power Limit" which restricts how many powerful ships can be placed in the fleet.
    • Fleet "Power Limits" can be enhanced by upgrading the tactical module on the HQ. Proper descriptions will be added in a subsequent patch.
    • There is no limit to the mount of ships that can be stored in the HQ
  • War fleet info improved
    • The war fleet info panel on the Starchart updated to show exactly what ships are in the fleet
  • War fleet auto-resolve added
    • If you don't reach your fleet in time, after it has started a "conquest", the situation will go into auto-resolve
    • The time before auto-resolve is displayed on the Starchart
  • The Korkyran fleet added to the ship roster
    • And these ships are: Pegasus, Cyclops, Medusa, Hydra and Premonition
    • The ships are available for purchase on Rotterdam and Alexandria stations, and on planets Korkyra and Thauria
  • Several new station models added to the mix. (Station models will be additionaly shuffled once all models are completed and implemented)
    • Korkyran battelstation (Alexandria)
    • Korkyran depot
    • Korkyran scrapyard
    • Memphis
    • MultiOps HQ
    • Tortuga Bay
  • Added news to stations and planets.
    • The news is displayed both on the newsreel and in the news panel
    • Currently only random news are generated (and a lot more will be added). Future updates will bring news related to global events, conquest, quests, bounties...
  • Added 5 new ambients (skyboxes) to replace the placeholder skies used sofar. More ambients/skies will come in future patches
  • New "heating" VFX implemented on ships as they come close to the suns and on derelicts as they appear after a ship is destroyed. The heat gradually cools off.
  • Construction POIs (points of interest) are now shown in a cool holographic way in the main viewport
  • The Reputation panel is completely redone and is now accessible.
  • In-game video options are back in business. We still suggest using the Launche settings panel, though.
  • Added player surname to the character creation screen, as it will be used in dialogues
  • "Buy max" button is now added to the Drydock->Configure turret panel

  • Updated station production templates
    • ships are now widely available, but with different prices (the lowest price can be found where the ship is produced)
    • added more equipment as available for purchase on different stations
    • default equipment quantity is added into the mix
  • Improved freelance mission rewards
  • Rebalanced enemy fleet power
  • Rebalanced heavy weapons a bit. Reload time improved, but price is also increased.
  • Rebalanced fighter wings and hangar parameters on ships
  • Junk reclaimer SFX base volume lowered.
  • Structures can now blow up and not just get disabled.
  • Adjusted particle effects on several "trade" station models
  • "Ghost" weapon batteries (those the ship doesn't actually have) are no longer displayed on the Drydock.
  • Residual blast damage created after a ship blows up is drastically reduced. The largest ships would cause too much damage.
  • Changed some keybinding button names to make them more clear
  • Did a slight upgrade to LOD dithering fade
  • Did an updgrade of soft particles used in nebulas
  • Button placement on the Save confirmation panel is changed a bit.
  • The required experience level to purchase a ship is now also shown on the Shipyard screen.
  • Saved game info now includes Ore, Gas and Materials status
  • "Sublight disruptor" detonation VFX upgraded a bit.

  • Switched the "DerelictId" parameter (ID as integer) in the ship file with "Derelict" (Keyname as string). The same EditorDerelicts.wdt base is still referenced.
  • Updated the Scripterion documentation


[2016/6/20]Update v0.505 - Adding something extra, piece by piece

You'll notice in the change-log the addition section is now a bit larger. We've still done a lot of fixes though. No worries on that front. The whole change-log is listed below, so I'll just point out a few things we've also been working on and which you can expect in the next update (planned for July 15th):

  • A completely overhauled encounter system
  • Procedurally generated dialogue system - hail anyone and have a little conversation, with added gameplay functionality of course
  • Overhauled conquest system - The changes will be quite extensive, so we're not 100% sure this will be ALL done for the next update
  • Additional structures, ships and stations

  • There was an in-code problem with mission tasks, those little bits that appear "on objects" telling you what next to do.
  • Some freelance jobs were missing their descriptions. This is no longer the case.
  • The autopilot will no longer freak out and get you killed when you use "Go to" on a nearby object immediately after loading a save.
  • When a quest-related target, that is also marked accordingly, is behind you, you will no longer see parts of the quest marker on your viewport.
  • SETH platform now has an appropriate-size explosion
  • Fixed a problem with displaying structure names on the Starchart in some instances
  • Fixed a problem with setting a waypoint onto the HQ, where the waypoint would "hover in empty space", above the station
  • Fixed a "Ghost" faction-related issue that could cause the game to malfunction or even crash
  • Props (those small bits that aren't derelicts or ships or any other "important" object) now explode as intended. In some cases this simply wouldn't happen.
  • Planets now have their own appropriate Starchart markers as intended.
  • Fixed a problem with the dialog system where an action script wouldn't fire off if there was only one single dialogue node available as "choice".
  • When you use beam weapons on your own SETH platform, your ship will no longer decide to spontaneously self-combust out of spite
  • Using "Go to" context menu action is now possible on defense platforms
  • Fixed several smaller errors related to destroying structures that, when combined, could cause the game to malfunction or crash
  • Fixed a problem where Power redistribution would "twitch like crazy" if related hotkeys were not set.
  • Convinced several structures to "return" to their proper sectors. For some reason, they appeared in the wrong places.
  • Fixed strange loading error where the skybox would disappear or to be more precise, it would turn completely black.
  • Fixed an error with the Cloak effect that could potentially appear. Only a visual error, though, nothing drastic.
  • The grappler effect is now always visible in the initial Prologue cutscene, as inteded. In some cases, it wouldn't show.
  • The "Game over" panel would sometimes display the wrong text. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a problem with commodity name being displayed wrong (overlapping other text) on the Buy/Sell panel
  • Saving when you have a deployed SETH will no longer create a new building in its place when loading that save
  • Commodity description on the Trader panel now displays the correct text
  • Commodity type in its tooltip on the Trader panel now displays correct "commodity type"
  • Security ships will no longer decide to check your ship for contraband in the middle of a fight.
  • If your auto-pilot destination is a structure or a garrison, the auto-pilot should no longer smash into it, but rather steer around it, or stop in front of it
  • When purchasing a new ship, the weapon batteries will now come with at least one turret by default
  • Fixed a problem where plasma cannons and railguns didn't do any damage to SETH platforms
  • When control is taken away from the player, turn, pitch and roll are also "cleaned up" to prevent going in circles
  • The "AUTOPILOT" label is realigned
  • Fixed an error that would in some instances display the wrong text on the Records->Bonuses screen
  • SETH platforms deployed by the player will now attack hostiles as intended
  • Fixed a problem with displaying enhancement bonuses on their tooltips. This could happen in some instances
  • Notification showing a new fleet is ready, now displays proper region name
  • Fixed a problem with some structures being marked on the Starchart, while in fact the structure isn't actually "there"
  • Fixed numerous text errors and typos
  • Hailing a SETH platform will no longer crash the game
  • Defense platforms no longer fire on the player when he/she is cloaked
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent spending skill points
  • Skyboxes/ambients are now set properly when loading a saved game
  • Fleet->Cargo now displays proper Commodity descriptions
  • You can now mount weapons on the Dynastes as intended
  • The "Configure turrets" panel now displays appropriate info

  • Delivery
    • Fixed an error where you decide to pay up, the ship starts leaving, but doesn't respond when you attack it.
    • Fixed a problem where you could flee from a hostile ship, then return, and the ship wouldn't attack you when in range... or do anything basically.
    • Destination ship will no longer turn hostile for no apparent reason when you complete the job.
    • When you forfeit a job and then destroy a job-related hostile ship, you will no longer be able to continue the mission. It will "stay" deactivated as intended.
    • When forfeiting the job, job-related structures will no longer feature job-related markers.
  • Installation assault
    • Fixed a problem where you couldn't really and completely destroy defense platforms. Now they die as they're supposed to.
    • Fixed a balancing issue with structures being too weak on high-level jobs
  • Installation defense
    • The structure you're supposed to defend will no longer simply disappear when you complete the mission
  • Salvage
    • Destroying a job-related derelict instead of using proper equipment will fail the mission
  • Search & destroy
    • Fixed a problem where in some instances the "Go to waypoint" objective didn't get replaced with the proper objective once you reached the waypoint.
    • If the NPC decides NOT to surrender, you'll get some form of notification of his hostile intentions instead of him just turning red and going mad.
    • Fixed a problem where in some instances the flow of the quest wasn't logged in the Personal log correctly
    • If you tell the NPC you'll "let him slip this time", you actually do "let him slip this time", so don't expect him to go all gun-ho on you
    • Fixed several instances where random encounters could get triggered during a mission stage, causing the whole mission to "freak out"
    • Mission areas now work as intended. Don't go all "Lemme just go to that planet on the other side of the system and I'll get back to you."

  • Garrisons will no longer switch back ownership to the original faction. Once you conquer it, it will stay yours, at least until someone conquers it back or something.
  • Sending a fleet to attack a hostile garrison will no longer trigger your HQ to go nuts and turn hostile for no reason what-so-ever.
  • Fixed a problem where a Garrison could become "nameless" on the Starchart
  • Fixed a problem where a Garrison could no longer be selected on the Starchart
  • Fixed a bug where you could not set a waypoint on a Garrison on the Starchart
  • Fixed a problem where placing a waypoint on a Garrison that switched alignment would actually set the waypoint to some object on the other side of the world

  • "Go to" waypoint now snaps to "Mission" waypoint so you no longer experience that weird vertical offset
  • Off-world prisons are now added to Gemini. Don't expect too much interaction with them FOR NOW. They're added more like scenery for the time being. Further interaction will be added in future updates.
  • Auto-repair facilities have been added to Gemini. They are also capable of repairing your Hull in space as intended, but usability and visuals will be changed in future updates.
  • You can now invert mouse buttons in the Options menu, as was requested by community members.
  • Added Dithering effect on objects. Dithering "strength" depends on distance to object.
  • Added two new station models
    • Kepler in Aethera
    • Holocom HQ in Union claim
  • New "Level up" SFX
  • New explosions SFX
  • New Game launcher (visually very similar, but with additional functionality)
    • Added splash screen between launcher and main game
    • Game launcher creates its own log so if you encounter any problem, you can check out that file or send it our way
    • Added keybinding section to the Settings screen
    • Added Glow quality option
  • Added 5 new ships: Nyxian Consortium fleet
    • Europa and Neptune can be purchased on Atlantean station
    • Nibiru, Jupiter and Eridan can be purchased on planet Nyx
  • Hellion ship model upgraded
  • Omicron ship model upgraded
  • Added the new Perk system. Most Perks don't have the actual gameplay effect yet, but you can spend earned Perk points and give feedback on the general setup
  • Added two new Freelance job types
    • Hunt - Hunt down a wanted criminal. His or her exact location is not known, though.
    • Prospector - Get paid to collect ore samples.
  • Constructing structures and gathering resources
    • You can now construct resource structures (for now only Reclaimers, Mining operations and Gas collectors)
    • Construction costs resources, which you collect with resource buildings
  • Headquarters now provide income for all three resources (ore, gas, materials) to get you started
  • Constructing HQ modules now costs resources too, instead of just Credits
  • Ore, gas and materials as resources (the actual words) are displayed via icon in text
  • "Credits" (the actual word) is now displayed via icon in text (not in all places though; this will be "cleaned up" through future updates)
  • Ambients in the game world are completely shuffled. This is only a preparation in advance. As individual new skyboxes and corresponding ambients are finished, they'll simply be "plugged in".
  • Station production lists are now switched to so-called templates. This is important for modders and further balance iterations. This also means the first trading balance pass was done.
  • Added new Grappler visual effect
  • Added new Scan visual effect
  • More than 20 station models are updated with particle effects
  • A lot of new loot drop added for more diversity and easier modding and balancing
  • Added sound effects to a number of structures. This is only partially done, however. More SFX will be added through future updates.

  • We're starting to purge the "old" reputation system, taken over from Starpoint Gemini 2. As an intermediary measure, you'll notice your reputation with factions are reset to their default states. Attacking a faction still produces the desired "hostile with faction" effect.
  • The currently targeted ship is now always marked in the viewport, even when "off-screen"
  • Increased "trigger" distance for structures, which means events can happen on greater distances
  • Tactical overlay will now automatically appear when you target a defense platform. It works in the same way as with hostile ships.
  • "Task" label on a quest-related object is now a bit more visible
  • Changed camera maximum zoom out so the tactical overlay can be seen properly on the largest ships
  • Tweaked the area of the screen where the Starchart starts panning
  • Implemented numerous safety-checks to prevent certain variable names used in scripts to crash the game
  • Any manual speed or direction change now shuts down Follow command
  • Stations, planets, structures and garrisons have received a position tweak (vertical offset if you will).
  • "Fire at will" mode now remains active when using Sublight so once you exit Sublight, FAW will continue to do its work
  • Did some changes to game logging. Some false errors were being logged.
  • Did a clean-up of enhancement databases. This is only a preparation for further changes.
  • Jobs board list of avaiable... well... jobs, scrolls back to the beginning when reopening the screen.
  • Planetary atmosphere (rim) effect improved. It "smoothes" out into space
  • Repositioned a couple of resource structures to be closer to their "resource" (Reclaimer -> junkyard, Mining operation -> asteroid field)
  • Numerous ships had their "drone points" redone. These points are used for various visual effects.
  • Updated "Quick Start Guide" to include info on structure construction
  • Updated Glow VFX for improved quality on higher settings, but also as optimization
  • Tweaked camera-related parameters for the Nova ship.
  • Increased damage of Orpheus mines
  • Optimized rendering of transparent or semi-transparent objects for faster framerate. Nothing major, but every little bit helps.
  • Optimized rendering pipeline for improved performance
  • Added Glow settings and optimized setups for improved performance

  • Updated Scripterion documentation
  • Numerous changes to database cross-referencing, switching from IDs to Keynames
  • Loot drop files changed to reference keynames instead of IDs
  • Commodity names are now retrieved by keyname (in database) from the appropriate text file, and no longer directly from the database as value
  • Drone points (used for a variety of VFX) are now no longer a part of only ships, but of all object types. They are saved as separate ".mg" files
  • Continuing to switch the script language to use strings (keynames) instead of integers (IDs). GetProfession and SetProfession now reference profession keynames (database)
  • A lot of structure parameters are removed from sector files. The game now uses a system of overrides. The base values are set in the .str file, while the sector files only hold overrides.
  • A lot of platform parameters are removed from sector files. The game now uses a system of overrides. The base values are set in the .def file, while the sector files only hold overrides.

  • Repairing currently doesn't have a visual effect


[2016/5/13]Update v0.504 - A lucky Friday 13th, we hope

Greetings captains,

We've cranked our bug-smashing efforts up a notch since the last update. I can tell you right away that the focus was on all the various smaller or larger bugs You diligent and patient ladies and gentlemen have reported in. The change-log is listed below.

Of course, insect repelling isn't the only thing we've been doing and I'm happy to report two more additional ships are available for purchase on Concordia: your very own Caelifera freighter and Dynastes freightliner. Also, the DaVinci Research Station has now received its proper attire.

Our goal for the next large update is simple: shovel in a whole lot of new content with as few new bugs as possible. You can definitely expect it to be substantial :).

Safe travels, captains... and as before, please keep reporting problems, giving suggestions and sending in your game logs. And thank you for your immense patience! We appreciate it A LOT!

  • Fixed a potential error that could cause a crash when a deployed SETH was destroyed
  • Using SETH equipment now actually spawns a SETH platform, and it no longer belongs to Korkyra all the time
  • Graphical presets in the Launcher->Settings now work as intended
  • Fixed a problem with filtering not being applied properly in the Personal log panel
  • Power distribution should now work as intended when entering and exiting Sublight, and it should memorize the desired setting
  • Power distribution can no longer be manipulated by clicking outside the actual Power distribution panel
  • Using hotkeys when press+holding the LMB now obeys your command
  • The loot panel no longer features black font for no real reason
  • Scrolling item lists in the Drydock and Shipyard is now possible with the mouse scroll now works on the entire length of the list entry, and not just on the right half
  • Tokio dreadnought will now blow up when it is required of it, instead of stubbornly spinning around with 0 Hull
  • Ship manufacturer name is now displayed properly on the Shipyard panel
  • Equipment manufacturer name is now displayed properly
  • The Radar should no longer decide to show itself while an in-game panel is opened
  • Weapons now display the same price on Drydock->Loadout and on Drydock->Systems
  • The twin suns, Castor and Pollux, are now properly called by their names
  • The Icarus can no longer be scanned from a distance of 1500. 300 is the range.
  • Mission waypoints now display proper names, instead of all being called "Freelance waypoint"
  • Fixed a problem with overlapping text labels on objects during Delivery freelance jobs
  • Pressing the Esc button during an open dialog, will no longer crash the game or cause other glitches or destroy the universe. It will do what it's supposed to do in that situation: nothing.
  • You can no longer continue the Prologue after you've failed it (you could do it with several presses of the Esc button)
  • Hints currently active on-screen will not persist into starting a new game anymore
  • Tutorial hints no longer remain hanging when you open some other window. They will reveal themselves again when you go back to the main game viewport.
  • Ships no longer insist on being named "Nirith T-Gate"
  • Destroying a Zodiac class ship will no longer crash the game. Its derelict is now properly linked.
  • Messages from beyond our world in the form of nonsensical random letters no longer appear in the Personal log
  • The Personal log panel and the Starchart can no longer exist in the same space-time. One closes the other instead of overlapping
  • Weird rank names, like they're transported from Starpoint Gemini 2, can no longer appear in Warlords
  • Pressing the Esc button to skip a cutscene will no longer open the main menu, or an in-game menu... it will only skip the cutscene
  • You can no longer highlight skills while docked
  • If your previous target blows up, when you've already targeted something else, your target lock will not disappear anymore.
  • Factions are now properly named on the Contraband panel
  • Fixed several errors with the Philadelphia that could cause issues or even crash the game
  • All parameters are now cleaned up from memory when starting a new game or loading an existing save after you've already started/loaded a game
  • Ships will no longer apply ramming speed and slam into the Icarus during the Prologue
  • Tokio and Shanghai now feature their proper small icons in the Shipyard panel
  • Going faaaaaaar away from a targeted structure will make the target lock "de-couple" instead of remaining locked-on
  • Fixed a couple of errors in the dialog system that would cause the dialogue to work in mysterious ways (never in a good way though)
  • Sending your fleet to attack a Will o the Wisp zone will no longer send them across the universe in the wrong direction. The Garrison was marked wrong.
  • Fixed an error where the ShipOnDestroy script could run even if there was no ship around. You can guess what the game would did in such a situation...
  • Using the Quick action hotkey while on Starchart is no longer possible. No more crashing the game that way. Sorry guys.
  • A defense platform is now linked to its proper "death" script. It will no longer go into a frenzied sequence of 6 explosions that blind both you and your unsuspecting neighbour
  • NPCs no longer attack the dead-center of a ship when using beam weapons.
  • When exiting, the game will no longer freakishly crash like it's emotionally attached to you
  • Fixed a de-sync problem where stations would be marked as neutral on the starchart and hostile when you actually reach them
  • Fixed a problem with beam weapons and platforms. Beams didn't really do much to them.
  • Fixed several problems with derelicts being linked wrong in the database
  • Fixed a database problem related to Tutorial hints
  • Fixed several minor script errors that could cause glitches
  • Repaired a whole bunch of typos
  • PrintMessageGlobalVariable function wasn't actually doing what it was advertised to. Now it does. (for potential modders)

And now for something completely different...

  • Maintenance
    • Fixed an issue where the objective remained active even if the job was actually failed
    • Fixed a problem where the target structure turns from neutral to enemy while on a job
    • Added "mission area"
    • Fixed a problem where the Repair action wasn't made available at the appropriate time
    • Structure Hull now reacts properly when structure is repaired
    • It is made more clear when a structure repair fails
    • All job-related objects are now properly "cleaned-up" or "de-coupled" from job-related scripts after completing of failing a mission
    • If provoking a ship into attacking you, it will actually attack you instead of just standing there
    • Choosing to leave the encountered ship to finish its repairs will no longer force it to attack you. He will actually let you leave as intended
    • Structure Hull will now become "full" when job is successfully completed and the structure is repaired
    • Fixed an issue with VO info being played at the wrong time
    • Fixed a problem with a job-related ship standing idly near the structure once the mission is completed
    • A faction that is hostile towards the structure owner will no longer be repairing the structure
    • Choosing "Let's leave" in the job dialogue will now properly forfeit the job
  • Search & destroy
    • Random encounters can no longer occur while the job is active (immediate vicinity)
    • If the NPC states "We'll let you slip this time", he will actually do what he says and not attack you
    • Choosing "We better leave" will forfeit the mission as intended and the NPC will not attack you
    • "Spawn distance" is increased
    • Mission Personal log now properly records the flow of the mission
    • Fixed an issue where an NPC calls in for reinforcements and then leaves just as the reinforcements arrive to attack you. This also failed the mission.
    • Fixed several "places" in the mission where the mission had to fail, but didn't
    • Fixed a problem where T-Driving to the job location didn't work properly
    • Added feedback to player to convey if the NPC decided to "rough it out"
  • Convoy escort
    • The mission will no longer direct you to follow a convoy into a planet
    • Reaching an "empty" waypoint now responds properly and marks the next waypoint as intended
    • Tweaked "jump-out" of the convoy
    • The Personal record will no longer show the same job as both Solved and Failed
    • Hostile ships will no longer appear to attack the convoy if the convoy is just about to leave
    • Fixed a problem where hostile NPCs stopped doing anything when the job was finished
    • NPC ships are no longer named "PLACEHOLDER"
    • FIxed an issue where NPCs remained tagged with "Destroy" even if the mission ended or failed
    • Convoy members now properly travel "fleet-style"
  • Delivery
    • Attacking the destination ship will now fail the job as intended
    • Added "mission area"
    • Fixed a problem where reaching a waypoint did not mark the next waypoint
    • Destination ship will no longer simply *poof* and disappear once the job is done, but will use Sublight and TDrive as intended
    • Hostile objects can no longer be destinations
  • Installation assault
    • Added "mission area"
    • Mission spawn distance is increased
    • Platforms surrounding the target structure will now blow up instead of disappearing instantly when the mission is over
    • Added feedback to player when the mission is failed
    • Reaching a waypoint now properly removes the waypoint marker
  • Destruction
    • Minimum level required for this mission to become available is increased to 12
    • Mission spawn distance is increased
    • Increased the "damage" you have to do to receive partial reward
    • You can now utilize Scavenger swarm on job-related derelicts and it will be detected as intended
  • Survey
    • Mission re-enabled
    • Minimum required level is 12
    • Scanning derelicts will properly advance the mission
    • Destroying a platform that you were supposed to disable now fails the mission
    • Random encounters can no longer occur while the job is active (immediate vicinity)
    • Even reaching the first waypoint will yield a small partial reward. This is intended. "You scouted the area"
    • Added feedback to player to make it easier to know what to do
    • Destroying small props can yield loot (doesn't have to!)
    • Using Scavenger swarm on derelicts is now possible, but yields partial success
    • Props are no longer called "PLACEHOLDER"
    • Fixed an issue with a waypoint remaining marked when reaching it
    • Props now have an "OnDeath" explosion
  • Trade
    • Fixed a problem when a planet was the destination where you couldn't finish the job
    • Even if several sequential missions lead you to the same destination object, you will be able to transport to it as intended
    • If destination object becomes hostile towards you, the mission will now fail automatically
    • Changed job description texts
    • Faction offering the job is now named properly
    • Tweaked how the destination ship leaves the area once the mission is over
  • Salvage
    • Added "mission area"
    • Random encounters can no longer occur while the job is active (immediate vicinity)
    • Fixed a problem with the mission marker disappearing with no apparent cause
    • Next derelict "in line" is now properly marked each time
  • Convoy raid
    • Increased minimum required level to 10
    • Fixed an error where the "You're leaving the mission area. Get back there!" would trigger too soon (too close?)
    • The last target ship will now blow up with an explosion as intended instead of just disappearing with no VFX
    • Fixed several instances where log entries would get doubled
  • Installation defense
    • Mission re-enabled
    • Minimum required level is 12
    • Added "mission area"
    • Fixed a problem with defense platforms switching alignment
    • The "Mission failed" message is now displayed appropriately

Add a pinch of new stuff...

  • Two new ships are now available: Caelifera of the freighter persuasion and Dynastes, the little freightliner that could. You can purchase them on Concordia!
  • New station model added! The DaVinci research station now looks quite differently.
  • Platforms now have the Mark target available on the context menu.
  • Fleets now have some tooltip info available on the Starchart
  • Turret view status icon added to the HUD
  • Added a "Game over - You died" panel

And mix it a bit...

  • Updated descriptions and prices for HQ modules. This is a temporary change to allow easier HQ upgrading. Final parameters will be set at a later stage.
  • More ships are available for purchase on Concordia
  • Expanded the "Purchase to garage" button so the text label fits
  • Using Go To command on the Context menu now automatically allocates power to engines
  • Hovering the mouse over "Purchase to garage" displays the proper tooltip
  • The Radar view cone is enlarged somewhat
  • Added line numbering in dialogues
  • Added tooltips to Repair hull and Rearm buttons on the Drydock panel
  • Changing speed during combat doesn't hide your Hull bar anymore
  • Disabled the Scan option on structures. This is a temporary solution until this mechanic is completed.
  • Reduced duration of ship damage effects, so it no longer looks like a completely repaired ship is constantly on fire
  • Some changes done to what is "dropped" from gas pockets and how much
  • Tweaked the proper platform explosion script so it doesn't make people blind anymore. The explosion VFX depends on the actual size of the blown-up platform.
  • The "Formidable" class no longer costs like a frigate. It's much more expensive now.
  • Disabled a couple of context menu buttons until they actually start doing something. This is a temporary measure until the mechanic is implemented.
  • Equipment names are now taken from the appropriate .txt file instead of directly from the database (for potential modders)
  • Updated Scripterion documentation (for potential modders)


[2016/4/26]Update v0.503 - Fixes, fixes and fixes

Greetings captains,
Time for another update. We were focused on fixes rather than additional content this time. The upcoming developer conference in Split this weekend will take us away from development for a few days, but we didn't want to leave you ladies and gents "hanging" with these fixes.

The next update is planned for May, Friday 13th.

Please keep those logs coming, captains! We welcome each one!

Safe travels, captains!

  • FIX: Numerous problems with Freelance jobs
  • FIX: Defense platforms can now be properly damaged with any weapon type. Weapons no longer pass through them.
  • FIX: An issue with activation and deactivation scripts of a gas collector structure
  • FIX: An error with SETH equipment calling the wrong script, that could in some cases cause the game to crash
  • FIX: An error with the Explorer, Reliant and Venture ships that could cause them not to render properly or even cause the game to crash
  • FIX: Numerous errors with derelict "wrecks" models that could cause the game to malfunction or even crash
  • FIX: Several errors in the text files
  • FIX: An error with Power distribution that would cause it to automatically divert power to weapons when deactivating Sublight
  • FIX: An issue with SETH equipment that could cause the game to crash when destroying it
  • FIX: Relay networks no longer display wrong names
  • FIX: A problem with the Cloak VFX when using T-Drive while cloaked
  • FIX: A problem on several in-game panels that could cause the game to malfunction or crash when pressing the Esc button
  • FIX: An issue that could allow players to dock on stations far away when loading the game
  • FIX: A script error related to Phase Shift equipment that could cause the game to crash
  • FIX: Nebula gas pockets no longer drop fish
  • FIX: A problem with fighter wings that could cause them to do nothing
  • FIX: A error that could cause defense platforms to display wrong names when locked on
  • FIX: The game loading progress bar will no longer get stuck at half
  • UPDATE: Feral station is no longer outside of map boundaries
  • UPDATE: An optimization pass to increase framerate
  • UPDATE: Nebula gas pockets now drop only proper "loot" and with slightly increased value
  • UPDATE: Asteroids now drop only proper "loot" and with increased value
  • UPDATE: Junkyard parts now drop only proper "loot" and with slightly increased value
  • UPDATE: ReadMe.txt is now up-to-date
  • UPDATE: Scripterion documentation is updated (not really of importance at the moment, but still...)
  • UPDATE: Tweaked several structure activation scripts
  • ADDED: Additional hints added and several tweaked during Prologue
    • Follow
    • Fire at will
    • Mark target
    • Open Starchart
    • Cycle camera modes
    • Transport


[2016/4/22]A tiny quickfix for v0.502

Hello captains!

A tiny fix is now live. Primarily we were focused on the dock from anywhere problem, but a few other things came along with it, so here's the changelog:

  • FIX: Cycling between camera modes now deactivates Chase camera if it was active.
  • FIX: Wrong ship manufacturer name was displayed on the Shipyard panel
  • FIX: Conquered stations will no longer flip back to its previous owner
  • FIX: Several more fixes in the Freelance jobs department
  • UPDATE: When Sublight mode is disrupted and you cannot activate it due to being hit by a disruptor, the context menu will actually tell you this
  • UPDATE: Waypoints can now be targeted from a distance over 100,000
  • UPDATE: Planets can now be targeted up to a distance of 50,000


[2016/4/21]Update v0.502 - The first proper update bringing fixes and new content
Starpoint Gemini Warlords entered Steam Early Access a week ago and it's high time to start dishing out updates at a regular pace. The first one brings many bug fixes (a big thanks goes out to the community for sending in your game logs which made it massively easier to hunt them buggers down and squash them), but also some new content as well.

The full change-list can be found below. We hope you will like it and we'd like to thank everyone of you for your patience and understanding!

  • FIX: Power distribution using hotkeys now works as intended.
  • FIX: An issue with listing logs on the Personal Log panel that would jumble up the descriptions if different mission types were in the list.
  • FIX: Anomalies created for Freelance jobs now have proper names
  • FIX: A problem with the "Filter all" button on the Personal Log panel
  • FIX: Using Atlas Defense System no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: Deploying SETH equipment no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: Attempting to open the Starchart by pressing "M" while you're docked no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: An overlapping issue on the Starchart where Credits would "go over" the other listed data
  • FIX: F9 no longer changes the player's ship into a Paladin class battleship
  • FIX: An error where Concordia would sell ships dirt-cheap
  • FIX: Pressing "M" to open the starchart while you're in the Jobs panel no longer "combines" the panels in a weird way
  • FIX: Using Orpheus mine no longer crashes the game
  • FIX: A text overlap problem in the Records panel
  • FIX: A problem with displaying Hull value of the Tzar class ship in the Shipyard panel
  • FIX: An issue where the "controls" hint would remain on-screen if you enter the menu while it was open in-game
  • FIX: A problem where selecting any active Freelance job would show the description of the Main quest
  • FIX: An issue where a forfeited Freelance job was shown as solved in the Personal log panel
  • FIX: Several minor glitches in the Game launcher
  • FIX: Several problems with mission object markers during the Salvage Freelance job
  • FIX: Using Salvage drones on derelicts now yields loot as intended
  • FIX: An error in the Power pack activation script that would cause it to malfunction or even crash the game
  • FIX: Skills shortcuts now work as intended
  • FIX: Equipment quickbar shortcuts now work as intended
  • FIX: Using Go To action on a structure will no longer cause the autopilot to smash into it, but stop beside it
  • FIX: Using Go To action on a planet will no longer cause the autopilot to commit suicide by smashing into it
  • FIX: An issue where you could use "Follow" instead of "Go to" command on Relay satellites and Network hubs
  • FIX: Docking while cloaked will not cause problems any longer
  • FIX: Cloaking no longer causes weird framerate drops
  • FIX: Derelicts are now properly named "Derelict" when targeting them
  • FIX: Several calculation bugs in conquest related scripts
  • FIX: Player fleets now feature Concord ships
  • FIX: "Transfer power to engines" hint is now showing the appropriate message in the prologue
  • FIX: Several bugs related to ship spawning parameters in random encounters
  • FIX: Several bugs related to ships not being released from memory when necessary
  • FIX: Defense platforms (especially those tiny ones) are now easier to target
  • FIX: A crash that could occur when adding ships into a fleet (from script)
  • FIX: A issue related to PhysX and ships flying in via T-Drive that could cause scripts to get all confused
  • FIX: Numerous problems with Freelance jobs
  • FIX: A problem with junk pieces in junkyards turning green (literally)
  • FIX: A problem with waypoint always getting selected instead of an object "beneath" it. You're now able to select the structure/platform...
  • FIX: Steam overlay (SHIFT+TAB) is now fully operational
  • FIX: Structures created through scripts and destroyed in-game are no longer saved in the save file
  • FIX: Structures created through scripts for the purpose of an Installation attack freelance job now blow up as intended
  • FIX: Several errors that could cause the game to crash when destroying ships
  • FIX: Several errors that could cause the game to crash when firing heavy weapons
  • FIX: Several errors that could cause the game to crash when triggering encounters
  • ADDED: Two new station models (Trinity Free States regions)
  • ADDED: Four new ships (Trinity Free States fleet)
  • ADDED: Conquest related one-liner "shouts" to provide more info
  • ADDED: Random encounter related one-liner "shouts"
  • ADDED: Freelance jobs now have descriptions while checking them out
  • ADDED: Several new hints to the prologue
  • UPDATE: Cloak action is now re-enabled on the Context menu and the VFX is in working order
  • UPDATE: Changed the type of several commodities
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells commodities
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells equipent
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells enhancements
  • UPDATE: Concordia now sells ship systems
  • UPDATE: Save names now allow a limited number of characters
  • UPDATE: Game launcher -> Support now allows logs to be up to 3MB in size to be sent
  • UPDATE: Numerous changes in the text files
  • UPDATE: Changed minimum and maximum distance for Freelance job generation (shorter travel time is expected)
  • UPDATE: Added several precaution checks/defaults to avoid potential bugs
  • UPDATE: All stations and structures in a conquered zone should now belong to the player (temporary measure)
  • UPDATE: Improved timing and conditions for several hints in the prologue
  • UPDATE: Loading asteroids is a bit faster now
  • UPDATE: Installation defense freelance job is temporarily disabled

Safe travels captains, and please don't hesitate to call on us if you run into any problems. We'll be happy to help!


[2016/4/16] Update v0.501 - One log to rule them all...

Hello captains,

Today's update isn't what we hoped for and wanted. We'll be working over the weekend to clear the issues, but we're still releasing this small update, primarily for the game log part that now gathers more info to help in bug-huntin'.

You'll notice that we've actually disabled a few things for the time being so they don't cause more problems. There were a lot of reports for these same issues, so to prevent building up a massive backlog of the same reports, we've decided to disable them for now.

While the programmers and scripters are working on the issues, I can proudly say the rest of the team is not standing idly either and the first content update is in the works too :).

We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience and promise to have the next, more comprehensive, patch for you during the next week!

Safe travels, captains.

  • Improved the log system to catch more info and make it easier/quicker to fix issues
  • Derelicts now display the appropriate name in most cases (there is one more known case where the name is still displayed wrong)
  • Anomalies now display the appropriate name in most cases (there is one more known case where the name is still displayed wrong)
  • Updated skybox textures
  • Convoy escort missions will not appear for the time being until we fix them in the next patch
  • Cloak action is disabled in the context menu; there's a problem with the VFX that cause it to not appear or reduce fps
  • In-game graphics options are now disabled
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Tanvaras Apr 16, 2016 @ 1:16am 
Thanks Danijel - Kudos to the team :)
Voelkar Apr 16, 2016 @ 1:18am 
What was wrong with the convoy missions? Because they stopped for no reason?
danijel  [developer] Apr 16, 2016 @ 1:21am 
Originally posted by Dome:
What was wrong with the convoy missions? Because they stopped for no reason?
We've spotted several more baddies in it. It depended on what modifiers would get triggered. Quite erratic basically :S.
Tanvaras Apr 16, 2016 @ 4:11am 
Originally posted by danijel:
Originally posted by Dome:
What was wrong with the convoy missions? Because they stopped for no reason?
We've spotted several more baddies in it. It depended on what modifiers would get triggered. Quite erratic basically :S.

99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs in the code. Take one down, patch it around 117 little bugs in the code.

Nothing like programming to send you to the funny farm at a young age I say!!
WWDragon Apr 16, 2016 @ 7:17am 
Originally posted by Tanvaras - SPG Warlords is out!:
Originally posted by danijel:
We've spotted several more baddies in it. It depended on what modifiers would get triggered. Quite erratic basically :S.

99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs in the code. Take one down, patch it around 117 little bugs in the code.

Nothing like programming to send you to the funny farm at a young age I say!!
Good to see a sticky patch notes!
Itharus Apr 16, 2016 @ 9:23am 
Agreed. I'm a fan of the running patch note thread - Ark does that quite nicely as well. Another EA game, Kenshi, actually puts a txt file in the root directory that has all the patch notes (ever) that gets updated each patch, too. Transparency in development is a good thing :D
Rav3n Apr 16, 2016 @ 9:44am 
Oh, patch notes! Love it! Thanks! Wha'ts up with the in game gfx options may I ask?
meangreenxj Apr 16, 2016 @ 2:30pm 
what is up with the transport troopers button being shared with the command to move cargo into friendly stations/ships in transport missions. Again with troopers, there is no way to recruit new ones? is this one of the things you had to disable or what because without the ability to capture ships you are really grinding to make anything serious happen. personally i think that a hot key for either one, trooper transporting seems to be most condusive to a hotkey being effective given the grapple is a hotkey along with being in the context menu. love the game, i just got sg2 a week ago and i already knew that this was a must have even on a first day early access i am sure you will get me hooked on starport like i was on starcraft when i was 11 or so, and thats hard i have never been able to compare the joy that sc, and sc bw (startcraft brood war) brought me untill i see where this game is heading with the idea of having a rts big picture approach to the over populated space sim games so far. dont change for anyone but the people who play and support the game you have hit that "sweet spot" and we all know how easy you can loose sight of it when you have so many conflicting influences on development.
Horizonist Apr 16, 2016 @ 4:19pm 
Originally posted by meangreenxj:
what is up with the transport troopers button being shared with the command to move cargo into friendly stations/ships in transport missions. Again with troopers, there is no way to recruit new ones? is this one of the things you had to disable or what because without the ability to capture ships you are really grinding to make anything serious happen. personally i think that a hot key for either one, trooper transporting seems to be most condusive to a hotkey being effective given the grapple is a hotkey along with being in the context menu. love the game, i just got sg2 a week ago and i already knew that this was a must have even on a first day early access i am sure you will get me hooked on starport like i was on starcraft when i was 11 or so, and thats hard i have never been able to compare the joy that sc, and sc bw (startcraft brood war) brought me untill i see where this game is heading with the idea of having a rts big picture approach to the over populated space sim games so far. dont change for anyone but the people who play and support the game you have hit that "sweet spot" and we all know how easy you can loose sight of it when you have so many conflicting influences on development.
Troopers are being worked on and will appear in a future update :)
Zenoslaf Apr 16, 2016 @ 4:22pm 
Originally posted by Rav3n:
Oh, patch notes! Love it! Thanks! Wha'ts up with the in game gfx options may I ask?

In game options were different then launcher options and we had some conflicts. For now, use the launcher Options to set your graphic options. :)
Zenoslaf Apr 16, 2016 @ 4:23pm 
Originally posted by Horizonist:
Troopers are being worked on and will appear in a future update :)

facciola007 Apr 18, 2016 @ 8:09am 
Thanks guys.
probe Apr 18, 2016 @ 8:13am 
@ Zeno

Lol I love the guy that's crashed in the corner. Not hard to guess who's job it was to put all those troopers up like that. Zzzzzz....hehe
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sixvitalblade Apr 18, 2016 @ 5:29pm 
Originally posted by Zeno - Gemini Warlord:
Originally posted by Rav3n:
Oh, patch notes! Love it! Thanks! Wha'ts up with the in game gfx options may I ask?

In game options were different then launcher options and we had some conflicts. For now, use the launcher Options to set your graphic options. :)

Will the laucher stay when everything is said and done???
It''s ice to be able to preset all your settings before launching a game makes it eaiser if users purches a new monitor and may or may not be the same sreen size.
Tanvaras Apr 18, 2016 @ 5:34pm 
Originally posted by andrewstewart2006:
Originally posted by Zeno - Gemini Warlord:

In game options were different then launcher options and we had some conflicts. For now, use the launcher Options to set your graphic options. :)

Will the laucher stay when everything is said and done???
It''s ice to be able to preset all your settings before launching a game makes it eaiser if users purches a new monitor and may or may not be the same sreen size.

I would say the Launcher is here to stay, and I agree a much easier way to set up your settings prior to playing :)
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