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QuarkCannon  [developer] Apr 5, 2016 @ 11:45am
Tips & Tricks [updated]

There are six gun modes, changeable with the trackpad on each controller. From the top clockwise, we have:

  1. The QuarkCannon: fires off tiny little quark sized rounds hitting targets instantly, and also includes a sight to see exactly where the round is headed. Great at rapid fire and when in slow motion
  2. Automatic: Sends off an endless stream of lazer fire, slowing down after a few seconds of rapid fire
  3. Shot Works: Sends out a blast of fire. Great at zapping larger, close range droids (like the Heavy Droid in wave 15). Has a cool down after three successive shots.
  4. Rail Gun: Hold down your trigger to charge up - because this gun will destroy the white, red and black droids with one single shot!
  5. Ray Gun: Fires off a Ghostbuster-esque stream at droids at high power for 5 seconds, and then low power there after. If you cross two high-power streams it sends out a huge lightning bolt!
  6. Ion Grenade: Fire out a grenade, and then pull the trigger again to ignite. Great at zapping multiple grouped up droids at once for massive combos

Where is the shield?: The shield is located at the top of your back. Reach around like He-Man or She-ra would to get their swords.

Shield options: In the main SPT menu we have an option so that you only change to the shield only when you are pressing the "grip"-button.
This prevents accidentally getting your shield when you're in the middle of a heavy fight and your holding the gun close to your head/shoulder.

In the case that you can't get the shield from your back, there's a good chance that this option has been selected in the Options menu. Have a look first.

Force Field Push: The shield can do a "force field push", which pushes the droids away and deviates lasers and explodes rockets. You activate this with the trigger button when holding the shield

Volton: The big badass pirate bat!
You can change between shield and Volton by selecting it with the touch pad (HTC Vive) or the thumbstick (Touch or Index controller).

Use the Volton to send out a plasma-link to droids, pulling them towards you and then smash them onto the platform. You can also use the Volton plasma-link to pull droids into their own laser fire, or into the path of other flying droids. The Volton itself also reflects incoming laser fire back to the point they were fired from - so is really effective against stationary shooters like the Black Droid or Heavy Droid.

The Volton can also be used to cut smaller droids clean in half!

There are three turrets scattered around the platform to help a Space Pirate out. To prime them, use the Volton's plasma-link. But beware - you only have limited charge, as visible on the Volton's dial - you'll have 15 seconds of continuous use before it needs to recharge.

  1. Tesla Coil: Located to the immediate left of the Space Pirate's starting position. Use this turret to zap nearby droids, and also to attract flying Swarms like flies to a fly-zapper!
  2. Auto turret: Located behind the Space Pirate to the upper left. Charge up this turret and watch a flurry of laser fire targetting droids flying around the player. Rumors are heard that a previous iteration of the Mother Droid had a laser turret just like this one..
  3. Laser turret: Located above the Space Pirate on the cealing. Control a huge powerful ray like you would a kithen mixer. Cuts through droids no matter the size.


There isn't a droid alive that likes a Space Pirate.

  • White Droid: The first encounter. Takes one shot from the pulse laser to destroy. Fires single shots
  • Red Droid: Takes a few shots from the pulse laser to destroy. Fires a 3 lasers in a row
  • Black Droid: Takes a few more shots. Fires a pulse of 9 lasers in quick succession
  • Scout Droid: Moves quickly, and hovers for a second before firing a scattering of laser fire
  • Hex Droid: Invisible while not shooting, and then opens up to fire a line of laser fire. Only possible to zap this droid when it's firing at you.
  • Rocket Droid: The only droid that won't stop shooting when being shot at. Will fire two rockets at the player every chance it gets..
  • Swarm Droid: A huge swarm of small droids hover around the platform waiting for the right time to dive - and then watch out! Attracted to the Tesla coil and gravity field..
  • Heavy Droid: A large triangle droid first seen in wave 15.. fires a bunch of large deadly laser fire that needs to be skillfully dodged, shot at, or deflected with a Shield or reflected with the Volton
  • Mid-boss: A huge circular boss first seen in wave 20. Might need to break out the limbo foot-work or a shield for this one.
  • Mother boss: The big battle in wave 25 - four huge guns and a massive attack of droids before facing the all out fury of the mother droid herself.


The following powerups spawn randomly, though with a higher chance when a droid is destroyed with ae eye-shot. A maximum of three powerups can be present in the game at any one time.

  1. Machine gun (green): Lasts for 10 seconds. Basically fires super quick QuarkCannons (single shot gun)
  2. Shield (blue): 15 seconds. No incoming fire will pass through the shield, however it is possible that a droid flies through it.
  3. Gravity Field (purple): 20 seconds. Sucks in droids and grenades (and rockets!)
  4. Homing bullets (yellow): 10 seconds. Fired bullets will go to the nearest target
  5. Missiles (Red): 15 seconds or until all droids are destroyed. A barrage of rockets will fire out of your ship towards enemies
  6. Super laser (green with yellow center): 10 seconds. Super strong version of the Pulse laser
  7. Hex shield (blue with yellow center): Stays until it is 50% destroyed. Destructible shield that appears in front of the player
  8. Super ray (green with red center): 10 seconds. Super strong version of the ray gun.
  9. Buddy Drone (Red with yellow center): 20 seconds.
    Droid that helps out zapping other droids.

It is possible to drag powerups with the Volton's plama-link. You can drag powerups to the side of the platform and "reserve" them for playing later. They can still be destroyed by incoming fire from droids though, so watch out!

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • s: Hide the score on the computer screen
    This is particularly useful when making screen captures and you're not happy with the world knowing how well you're doing.
  • n: Skip the currently playing music track
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Chris Hanney Apr 5, 2016 @ 10:47pm 
Re: Shield
The shield is located on your back. To grab it, reach over your shoulder to the top of your back.

Kind of like this guy[].
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<REDACTED> Apr 18, 2016 @ 7:51am 
Any chance we might be able to get a grip angle adjuster in the options menu? The guns in SPT have a pretty significant offset compared to other games so I keep shooting way high... Doesn't feel natural to angle my wrist down so far.
QuarkCannon  [developer] Apr 18, 2016 @ 7:55am 
That could be an option, but the gun model won't fit the handle anymore. (Also, the trigger feels weird if the angle is corrected). We can use a holo technique to do the trick. I'll discuss it with the team!
LRyder2k6 Apr 27, 2016 @ 8:47pm 
I'm not that great yet (can consistently make it to wave 12 but not much further) but figured I might as well add some tips I've picked up from playing the game.

  • Aim for robots who are in the center of a group so when they blow up it damages and scatters the others
  • When a robot is shooting at you, shoot back! You can destroy its laser beams and hitting it will stop it firing
  • Don't fall into the habit of feeling like you need to be fixed to the center of your play space. I did this at first, I would generally keep my legs and torso facing forward, and lean, twist or take a small step to dodge or aim to the sides. It seems better to feel like you can walk and dodge around your entire space and turn your entire body to the side when needed (so your toes are not always just facing forward, if that makes sense).
  • I haven't really masterd all of the weapons yet, but the burst fire or full auto blasters seem the most versatile and easiest to use to me.

Anyway, I'd love to hear some tips from players who are much better than me. Thanks!
Homer Apr 28, 2016 @ 7:28am 
An average round for me is about 30k now, my best is 49k. I typically make round 24 or so.
My tips are:
  • Always use the charge up railgun. Being a good shot with it is the best way to get far.
  • Always keep a shield up in your off hand.
  • Focus on not letting any bots get around your non-shield side. Hold the shield up on the side you aren't shooting, and try to keep them from getting around you.
  • Watch out for anyone going above and behind you. Almost every round for me ends like this.
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LRyder2k6 Apr 28, 2016 @ 8:51pm 
I just watched a video of a high score record by PVTLemming (really really good) on YouTube. Holy ♥♥♥♥ it's really alll about the rail gun isn't it!? It seems to be the best weapon by a significant margin. Another really cool thing this guy was doing is holding his shield hand controller sideways, essentially gripping it like you would a rung of a ladder so that he had a larger horrizontal region protected.

To the developers: are you planning on balancing the weapons in the near future? It does seem a little unfortunate that seemingly only one weapon and play style is viable for setting good scores at the moment. It'd be amazing if one day we could see people competing for high scores using a variety of strategies.

In any case, I absolutely love this game and it's incredibly fun!
Chris Hanney Apr 28, 2016 @ 10:27pm 
Balancing the guns is already in the works - the latest build (April 28) has a slightly tweaked combo system that makes it easier to get combos with well targeted rapid fire guns.

Try it out with the single shot "Quark Cannon" - the gun to the very top.

I find it a difficult choice now between the Rail Gun and the Quark Cannon.. have been playing the past day with one hand Rail Gun the other hand Quark Cannon. Still not getting scores anywhere near as high at PVTLemming, that guy is more machine than Space Pirate :D :steamhappy:
LRyder2k6 Apr 29, 2016 @ 7:51am 
Ah the combo system makes sense. I started playing with the rail gun last night, and after getting the hang of it I was able to get to farther waves than before but noticed that my score on a given wave was lower. It must be because I was getting higher combos with my old dual auto blaster/dodge everywhere strategy.
Lemming Apr 29, 2016 @ 8:39pm 
I typed up some high score tips in another thread, figured I'd post them here too:

Shield + railgun is the non-negotiable loadout. Nothing else (right now) can score as high.

Everything I'm about to say pales in important to never missing. Never missing is by the most important thing, since the more you hit, the faster things die, the fewer things are shooting at you, the less often you get hit. Get a consistent grip you can find every time and when you hold the gun, keep your arm fairly straight, and keep your hand relaxed. If you have a death grip, I guarantee your shots will be less consistent. It's better to take an extra moment to line up a shot and hit than fire as fast as you can and miss.

Once you start going for score, combo is the most important thing. Because of the way it scales, getting long combos is way more important than killing quickly, so this affects how you should play. One example is that you WANT to be shot at for the bullet time, but only in manageable amounts. You still want to cut off flanks, but you should be letting robots shoot at you a bit.

Since dinking enemies extends your combo, you should usually be going for dinks if you're in bullet time. Sometimes you can recover if you miss a 1 charge shot out of bullet time, but it won't be consistent, so go for one hit kills there. In bullet time, you can easily make up for a 1 charge miss, maybe a 2 charge, but reasonably not a 3 charge.

The red ones are generally the most dangerous, prioritize them if you can.

Moving is super critical. If you're not moving much and relying on your shield to cover your front/side, you're relying on staying lucky, since robots will go above and behind you. If you move tangential to the robots, they can't hit you. Generally, you want to move diagonally or sort of in a circle. I highly recommend practicing runs without a shield, it'll force you to learn this movement and situational awareness.

Learn to shoot with your arms crossed, with your dominant arm above and below your non-dominant. This is critical when you're shooting robots on your non-dominant side.

Shooting all the robots on your dominant side and holding the shield up to your non-dominant works pretty well, for a while. The problem is it's difficult to keep track of where the robots are, and then you get killed by one that just got a little bit too far behind. Plus, the robots have some AI that causes them to fill in gaps (I'm pretty sure) and as they travel, there's a good chance they'll make an unexpected move and surprise you, which means you die. You also need to hold your shield in the direction you're walking, otherwise you're likely to walk into some bullets. This means you should get into a flow of focusing on different areas. I alternate generally between the left and right sides, and angle the shield towards the center if I see shots coming from there. Shield left, shoot right, keep moving, then switch, shield right, shoot left. This flow is what jumped my score from 175k to 300k, it's a lot more consistent.
Kaputtmachaa May 7, 2016 @ 11:54pm 
Here I am, sitting at ~ 10k points.
Thanks for all the great tips. ;)
hanZ May 26, 2016 @ 5:27am 
Unfortunatlely I hate the playstyle of the railgun. I wonder what the highest possible score with the other guns (espacially the quick single shot gun) is.
LRyder2k6 May 26, 2016 @ 4:39pm 
Originally posted by Lemming:
Shield + railgun is the non-negotiable loadout. Nothing else (right now) can score as high.

That definitely seems to be the case. While pretty much all of the guns are fun to use including the rail gun, it would be better to actually have some more viable options. Do the dev: are you planning on rebalancing the weapons by nerfing the rail gun or buffing everything else at some point?
Lemming May 26, 2016 @ 9:42pm 
It was probably a bit premature for me to say that, I know there are multiple scores in the 200k range that use the single shot with and without a shield. I doubt any of the other weapons are in the same league though, the single shot works because it's very spammable during bullet time.
morderkaine Jun 15, 2016 @ 6:33pm 
I love the Quark Cannon (top gun) because it is instant and the laser sight is handy. I find its too hard to hit the often quickly moving targets with the rail gun. And when using dual guns the Quark cannon takes out drones pretty fast.
Plus mostly it feels more like firing bullets and sending them out as fast as I can pull the trigger and watching droids die one after another is great.
SgtCarrot Aug 28, 2016 @ 5:27pm 
Here are my tips:
- I use shield and sniper (with laser site) as my weapons. Fastest way to kill bots and protect myself.
- I shoot to my right and protect my left, at all times, until I am cleaning up the last couple bots.
- In relation to my play space, I start each wave in the top left corner and then progressively move diagonally across the space, always shifting.
- I will always aim the shield to get maximum damage from deflections. On later waves (say 25+) I think I get more points with the shield than withe the gun.
- Keep the shield high: They are aiming for your head.
- The combo is where you get the most points, try to hit successive bots either destroying or damaging them. When you get a 25 bot combo it is worth over 25K points.
- And finally, and most importantly, rock out to your favorite tunes. I like to start with ACDC Shoot to Thrill, and have a playlist set up for SPT.

Just made the top ten global with a score of 300K+, I love this game and cannot wait for the Beta. Great work guys, this is definetely my go to game.
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