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Nomada_Firefox Feb 27, 2016 @ 9:04pm
Star Wars Polaris Sector Alliance mod
Polaris Sector Alliance 1.0b converts the new 4x game from Slitherine at a Star Wars 4x game very similar at concept to the old SW Rebellion game but with the new features and mechanics from Polaris Sector. However, it adds several new features thought exclusively for modding.

You can find the first version from the mod here. http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-polaris-sector-alliance/downloads/polaris-sector-alliance-10b/#6013066

Additionally you can find the last patch for the mod here. The 1.02b.

This is the mod installation instructions:

Remove your designs folder at ..\Documents\My Games\Polaris Sector\.. folder.

Remove the imgsize.ht in the ..\Documents\My Games\Polaris Sector\..

Uncompress the mod in the game folder ..\Program Files (x86)\Slitherine\Polaris Sector\..

You will see a new folder into the original game folder named Polaris_Sector_Alliance, do not rename it.

After uncompress the mod, enter the mod folder named Polaris_Sector_Alliance and copy the REMEMBER.CFG inside the Polaris_Sector_Alliance folder into the ..\Documents\My Games\Polaris Sector\.. folder.

Next you can play. You can see the mod credits here. Firefoxccmods.com

If you have any problem, remember ask at my site Firefoxccmods.com or Slitherine forum Slitherine.com

These is the main list of new features.

-More of 240 different space units, all them with detailed graphics created with a similar 360º movie as in the original game. They were recorded with the models from my Star Wars Forces of Corruption mod Alliance where all the textures were made by Nawrocki and by this reason, there are not units looking different, all them use the same style. You can see a list of units here.

Galactic Empire:
Imperial TIE Fighter
Imperial TIE Bomber
Imperial TIE Interceptor
Imperial TIE Avenger
Imperial Gunboat
Imperial TIE Defender
Imperial Missile Gunboat
Imperial A9
Imperial TIE Hunter
Imperial Corellian Corvette Mod
Imperial Bayonet
Imperial Carrack
Imperial Carrier
Imperial Dreadnought
Imperial Acclamator Star Frigate
Imperial VSD MKI
Imperial ISD MKI
Imperial Lancer Frigate
Imperial Strike Cruiser
Imperial Inmovilizer
Imperial Gladiator
Imperial ISD Dominator
Imperial SSD MKI
Imperial Death Star
Imperial Attack Carrier
Imperial Eidolon
Imperial Harrow SD
Imperial SSD Venganza
Imperial Allegiance
Imperial Titan
Imperial Tyrant
Imperial Implacable Gris
Imperial Eclipse MKI
Imperial Golan III
Imperial Star Base 5
Imperial Mini Death Star
Imperial Star Galeon
T4 Lambda Shuttle
Rebel Alliance:
Rebel Z95
Rebel X-Wing
Rebel A-Wing
Rebel Y-Wing
Rebel E-Wing
Rebel B-Wing
Rebel K-Wing
Rebel Assault Fighter
Rebel Corellian Corvette
Rebel Corellian Gunship
Rebel Quasar
Rebel Bulk Cruiser
Rebel Nebulon B
Rebel MC40
Rebel MC80B
Rebel MC80A
Rebel MC80
Rebel Dauntless
Rebel Heavy Gunship
Rebel Assault Frigate
Rebel Liberator
Rebel CC9600
Rebel CC7700
Rebel MC120
Rebel Bulkwark MKII
Rebel MC60
Rebel MC75
Rebel MC80C
Rebel MC90
Rebel MC90B
Rebel MC108
Rebel MC112
Rebel MC104
Rebel Golan II
Rebel Starbase 5
Rebel Gallofree Transport
Rebel Shuttle
Rebel Luke X-Wing
Rebel Millenium Falcon
Rebel Dodonna Assault Frigate
Black Sun:
Black Sun Fighter Light Fighter
Black Sun Pirate Fighter
Black Sun Virago
Black Sun Fighter Medium
Black Sun Fighter Medium Bomber
Black Sun Crusader Gunship
Black Sun Rand Ecliptic
Black Sun Vengeance Frigate
Black Sun Faragut
Black Sun Krayt Destroyer
Black Sun Kedalbe MKI
Black Sun VSD
Black Sun Kedalbe MKII
Black Sun ISD
Black Sun Kedalbe MKIII
Black Sun Megator SSD
Black Sun Golan I
Black Sun Star Base 5
Black Sun Vehicle Transport
Black Sun Guri Stinger
Black Sun Bossk Houndstooh
Black Sun IG-88 IG2000
Black Sun Tyber Zhan Peacebringer
Galactic Republic:
Republic V-19 Torrent
Republic Naboo Fighter
Republic V-Wing
Republic Y-Wing Proto
Republic ARC-170
Republic Corellian Light Cruiser
Republic Corellian Medium Cruiser
Republic Victor II Frigate
Republic Trireme Frigate
Republic Acclamator Cruiser
Republic Longhorn
Republic Procurator
Republic Venator Cruiser
Republic Valiant Cruiser
Republic Protector Cruiser
Republic Legacy Destroyer
Republic Mandator MKI
Republic Missile Station
Republic Starbase 5
Republic CR20
Republic Pelta Frigate
Republic Anakin Delta 7
Republic Obiwan Delta 7
Republic Naboo Cruiser
Republic Victory VSD
CIS Vulture
CIS Tridroid
CIS DroidBomber
CIS Marauder Corvette
CIS Missile Frigate
CIS Diamond Frigate
CIS Munificent
CIS Recusant Frigate
CIS Providence
CIS Carrier
CIS Techno Destroyer
CIS LucrehulkC
CIS LucrehulkB
CIS Pinance
CIS Missile Station
CIS Starbase 5
CIS CC Transport
Dooku Shuttle
CIS Invencible
CIS Aurra Sing
CIS Cad Bane
CIS Ventress Givinex
Krayt Empire:
TIE Predator
TIE Neutralizer
Krayt Fury Fighter
Krayt Assasin Corvette
Krayt Acclamator MK3
Krayt Ardent Frigate
Krayt Ardent Frigate Interdictor
Krayt Pellaeon SD
Krayt Imperious SD
Krayt Dragon
Krayt Golan V
Krayt Starbase 5
Krayt Nune Shuttle
Fel Empire/Galactic Alliance:
TIE Predator
GA Crossfire
Fel TIE Neutralizer
Galactic Alliance X38
Fel Sigma Shuttle
Fel Assasin Corvette
Fel Acclamator MK3
GA Sabertooth Frigate
GA Sha Shore Frigate
Fel Ardent Frigate
Fel Ardent Interdictor
GA Scythe
GA Vekker Interdictor
Fel Pellaeon SD
GA TriScythe
Fel Imperious SD
Fel Nemesis
Fel Golan VI
Fel/GA Starbase 5
Fel Nune Shuttle
GA X38 Jedi
TIE Predator Imperial Knights
Cade Skywalker Mynock
Morrigan Raider Gladious Class
GA Imperious SD Alliance
Fel PellaeonSD SD General Jaeger
Hutt Cartel:
Hutts Light Fighter
Hutts Medium Fighter
Hutts Medium Fighter Bomber
Hutts Heavy Fighter
Hutts Corvette
Hutts Nave
Hutts Balrus
Hutts Jehavey
Hutts Jabba Cruiser
Hutts Kyramud
Hutts Bloodstar
Hutts Cruiser I
Hutts Mandalorian Cruiser I
Hutts Heavy Cruiser
Hutts Battleship I
Hutts Battleship II
Hutts Dark Saber
Hutts Asteroid Base
Hutts Starbase
Hutts Xiytiartransport
Corporate Sector:
Corporate IRD Fighter
Corporate Z95
Corporate T-Wing
Corporate Cloakshape
Corporate R41
Corporate Toskan Fighter
Corporate Skypray Blastboat
Corporate CR Patrol Ship
Corporate CR Lt Gunship
Corporate Marauder Corvette
Corporate Thranta Frigate
Corporate Corellian Light Frigate
Corporate Corellian Medium Frigate
Corporate Bulk Cruiser
Corporate Corellian Frigate1
Corporate Corellian Frigate2
Corporate Corellian Destroyer MKI
Corporate KDY Frigate
Corporate New Corellian Destroyer
Corporate Goliath Carrier
Corporate Bulkwark MKI
Corporate XQ3
Corporate Star Base 5
Corporate Cargo Ferry
Hapan Dragon
Hapan Battledragon
Hapan VSD
Hapan ISD
Hapan Nova Cruiser
Hapan Dragon




Heroes. You can find heroes from your faction when you conquer temperate planets. Some times, you can capture and to use enemy heroes when you conquer enemy planets. Each heroe has unique abilities. You can know about the abilities in the heroes description. Some of them have special space units.
Galactic Empire:
Emperor Palpatine
Darth Vader
General Veers
Moff Jerjerrod
General Klev
Admiral Griff
Captain Piett
Commander Orlok
Rebel Alliance:
Mon Mothma
General Jan Dodonna
Admiral Ackbar
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, C3PO
General Rieekan
General Madine
Lando Calrissian
Wedge Antilles
Black Sun:
Prince Xizor
Tyber Zann
Galactic Republic:
Canciller Palpatine
Senator Padmé Amidala
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Anakin Skywalker
ARC Alpha
Bail Organa
Captain Dodonna
Cound Dooku
Nute Gunray
San Hill
General Grievous
Admiral Trench
Aurra Sing
Cad Bane
Krayt Empire:
Darth Krayt
Moff Morlish Veed
Darth Wyyrlok
Darth Nihl
Darth Malady
Darth Stryfe
Captain Meeshal
Darth Azard
Darth Talon
Moff Fehlaaur
Fel Empire/Galactic Alliance:
Emperor Roan Fel
Marasiah Fel
Antares Draco
General Oron Jaeger
Cade Skywalker, Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn
Morrigan Corde
Admiral Gar Stazi
Wolf Sazen
Shado Vao
Hutt Cartel:
Jabba the Hutt
Queen Jool
Bevel Lemelisk




There are more type of units and the name types have been changed.

All the ground units have been replaced by units from each faction.


Most of the buildings have been replace by Star Wars buildings.


The tech has been adapted for be more from SW with new weapons, items and more.


Superweapons. The Galactic Empire and Hutt Cartel can build the Death Star and the Dark Saber. Both can destroy enemy planets. The Galactic Empire can research and build a super station, the mini Death Star. With a super laser, it can destroys all type of ship with one shot.




There are several customized planets. The Coruscant type is one of them.


Star Wars names of planets have been added.

The game counting time has been changed and now it count by hours. You can build units at days or months. Upgrades are faster.

Maintenance balance. The unkeep values from the space units have been reduced and now more easily you can build a big amount of ships (if you have the resources). Now you will not lose them easily by lack of resources.

The music has been replaced by original Star Wars music.

Several sounds from weapons and other things have been added.

Several customizations around the code.

You can see the credits from the mod here. http://firefoxccmods.com/Descargas/PS/PolarisReadme.txt
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pinbag Apr 16, 2016 @ 12:48pm 
Beautifull work.

I believe you can now add heroes witht he last patch.
Anny idea's how to implement them ?

Will you ?

Nomada_Firefox Apr 19, 2016 @ 5:18am 
Yes, the heroes are one of the new features created thinking in the mods. Heroes can give special abilities in the planet where they are and they are transported by customized space units. Have fun.

The special space units from heroes, with some of them, they will have advanced weapons and other systems-non researched in the begining.

Last edited by Nomada_Firefox; Apr 19, 2016 @ 5:41am
pinbag Apr 19, 2016 @ 11:48am 
sweet , if you want i have a big collection of characters from my distant mod ?
You could win some time collecting and searching stuff.
Nomada_Firefox Apr 19, 2016 @ 1:32pm 
If I am not wrong, there is only one DW mod and I have it. I will take a look.
Nomada_Firefox Apr 20, 2016 @ 12:41am 

Originally posted by pinbag:
sweet , if you want i have a big collection of characters from my distant mod ?
You could win some time collecting and searching stuff.
What is the exactly name from your mod and where can it be found? with all my respects for the DW community, their big mistake was a big mess of information. This is one thing which I hope it does not happen at PS.
Last edited by Nomada_Firefox; Apr 20, 2016 @ 12:42am
Nomada_Firefox Apr 20, 2016 @ 5:48am 
Some more news here about heroes. This is the shuttle design from the Imperial heroes. It has a lack of weapons but it has very good defensive systems.

After the shuttle design image, you can see a preview from the Imperial heroes, I have choosen this type of icons style because it is as others in the game.

In a first place, I will add 5 races for most of the factions. It can look as very few but.......there are 9 races and some of them will need new space units.

About new space units, I have added a new type, the Shuttles, mostly, they will be used as heroe-transports and you will need other starship if you want move to other system.

Yes, I could create the heroe shuttles with hyperdrives but with this way, they are more useful and by example, you can put them in the hangars from your mother ship.






pinbag Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:10pm 

Unzip and check under \images\units\characters
Last edited by pinbag; Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:12pm
Nomada_Firefox Apr 21, 2016 @ 1:38pm 
Yes, I have it and it is good but........for the PS images from heroes, I need images with a size of 1024x768 or similar. However, I am sure how I will use some of your images for other mods. With credit of course.
Nomada_Firefox Apr 24, 2016 @ 7:21am 
I have uploaded a video fighting with heroes. This is what I made by the moment.

The shuttles are heroes. Mon Mothma between others use these ships which they must be transported by other ships with hangar bays.

The fighers as the X-Wing from Luke, they need a hangar bay. The Millenium Falcon can fly as other starships and it can travel without the normal routes, jumping from a planet to other.

Other ships in battle are the Majestic ISD from the Emperor, the Stalwart from Vice Admiral Thrawn, The Executor from Vader, The Frigate Dodonna from General Dodonna and the Home One from Admiral Ackbar.

You can see Tarkin but......it will be dead because the time era will be after the battle of Yavin. It is the better time era for this mod.

IndiVestor Apr 29, 2016 @ 7:07am 
What is your ETA for this mod now? There are zero mods for this game at the moment and we really some!
Nomada_Firefox Apr 29, 2016 @ 8:34am 
I have uploaded a new video showing the heroes from the Black Sun. Most of them have special ships with special equipment.


The ETA is unknown but everybody following my mods know how I do not speak from years, weeks, a month more.....perhaps.

For the record, most of the mods for other games are released after one year or more.
Nomada_Firefox May 6, 2016 @ 6:04am 
This week I go to show you only the Republic heroes but really, all the heroes stuff is mostly finished. Just I need the hands from Ufnv improving one thing from the original game. Unfortunately, he is a bit out home and I must wait. But do not worry, the mod will be finished.

About the Republic. I have added the Naboo Cruiser for Padme but it is a non-armed transport. You will need to build N1 Fighers for to escort it, by example.;)







pinbag May 7, 2016 @ 4:10am 
Good Job !!!
Nomada_Firefox May 11, 2016 @ 9:59am 
Well. Most of the heroes from all factions are finished. But I will show them slowly. ;) There are factions with more than others, other factions have more customized ships than others.

About the CIS. At a first place I thought the General Grievous with the Invisible Hand (his Providence Cruiser from the Episode III) but we have seen him with many and different ships. By this reason, he has not a customized ship. But I have added the Malevolence and you can mount him at this ship.

With Dooku, I could add him with the Geonosian Sailer from Episode II and in fact, I added the ship as a shuttle but it can be used from many ways.






Come_Get_Some May 13, 2016 @ 9:03pm 
I just stumble across this post and after seeing the videos, I got to say, "Amazing." For someone like me, just to say amazing right off the bat especially on a mod that I haven't play or even heard of until today is very rare. So keep up the good work and I am looking forward to playing this mod when it gets release. Cheers! :steamhappy:
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