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Mars 2030 | User Guide [1.4.3]
Updated: 6-13-2019

You can view the keyboard controls from "Help" on the Main Menu or by clicking the [?] button in the bottom left corner of the main game window.

[Left click] the U.S.S. Armstrong spaceship - to open the Status window. From here, you can control all ship functions and features. Click [1], [2], or [3] buttons to switch tabs.

Launch Failures

Launch failures are on by default. Turn them off anytime from the Main Menu.

If on there is a chance the rocket will fail to reach outer space for one reason or another. If you survive you get a bonus to your score on Mars. There are also two easy achievements for it. More types of launch failures are under development.

If it happens more than 2x in a row, sorry, it's a string of bad luck!

How to Save/Pause your Game

The trip to Mars has no save and quit feature and neither does Mars 2030. Instead, there is a half way check point. You will first need to make it half the distance to Mars to auto-save your progress. You will continue from the check point, should you fail during the last leg of your flight.

Press “Space bar” to pause the game between events.

Note: if you fail to orbit Mars or crash land, the simulation will end and you will need to start from the beginning.

I have a blinking light on my Alert screen, what does it mean?

If an alert LED is blinking it spells BIG trouble for your mission. The crew will eventually find a way to resolve the trouble, if they have the skill and aren’t incapacitated. They will let you know if and when they find and can attempt to fix the problem.

Left click the USS Armstrong or press the [P] key, then click [2] for Task List.

Why do my Crew take so long to Act?

The Crew of the USS Armstrong do not automatically discover new tasks or instantly react. They will usually act quickly enough to avoid doom unless they are incapacitated by an ailment, such as a broken bone.

The Crew Status browser allows you to confirm who is incapacitated and by what.

My Crew failed to make a repair, now what?

If a crew member fails any ship system repair task, the damage becomes permanent. You may still try to make it to Mars anyway if you are close. (We are looking at adding a feature which will permit the crew a second more costly attempt.)

The crew are highly skilled, but not perfect.

Why am I getting no Crew Repair Tasks?

There is a small chance that the United Space Society "ideal" crew selection did not include engineers. You may want to reroll -if you are missing a software engineer.

Why can I no longer access the Media Room?

Check for a blinking alert light. If there is anything seriously wrong with the ship, you may not be able to access the media room.

Mars 2030 is too Slow/Hectic!

It's possible to play Mars 2030 and have non-stop crisis thrown at you or have little happen. When things are quiet it's a good time to play mini-apps!

We are looking into event sliders and AI directors in a future build.

Do text about what the crew are talking about impact the game?

Yes. The crew can talk about a variety of topics (more to come). Some are uplifting and some are depressing. This includes debates. Conversations affect the status of the crew gradually over time.

What value does the Botanist have on the Mission to Mars?

Sometimes the United Space Society select crew best suited for life on Mars. The botanist currently offers a slight boost to baby lettuce farming. Which is not needed on most flights!

My Sim Rat died. Why?

First be sure he isn't just sleeping. Nimoy the rat requires regular feeding and attention to survive. Like the crew, he is quite vulnerable to radiation exposure. Especially if shields are down for extended periods, he may expire before reaching Mars.

Limited Touchscreen and USB/360 Controller Support

Touchscreen simply allows you to dodge, shoot, and make menu selections. USB controllers have the most functionality while 360 controllers are mapped for gamepad movement, shooting, and some haptic feedback.

ProTips & Hints
  • Don't Panic: Keeping calm in a space crisis is your best chance at survival.
  • As soon as your crew find a problem fix it by pressing [P] then click [2] for Task List.
  • Overclock shields only works if your shields are up and running.
  • Space Gunners do double damage with Mass Drivers, if they aren’t incapacitated.
  • [Rare] Strong Bones perk grants immunity to bone and limb problems.
  • Landing on Mars is not a cut scene! Tap “W” to thrust the Mars lander or your rate of decent will be too great.
  • Losing is fun: Many of the Steam achievements are for failing a mission!
  • Two people can play Mars 2030 at once! Player one can use keyboard & mouse while Player Two uses a USB or 360 controller.
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