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SEGA Developer  [developer] Aug 22, 2017 @ 9:55am
Beta Patch 1.41
Hey Guys,

This should only affect a small minority of users, but we've noticed a few people have been having some issues with the game since the Challenge Pack update. As a result, we're working as quickly as possible to remedy these issues.

We've decided to put a patch onto our Beta branch so that you can access today's fixes straight away.

If you would like to access the beta branch here is how you can do so:

• Right-click game in steam library
• Select properties
• Go to betas tab
• Enter password “MotorsportManager” in the text box
• Choose the beta option from drop down menu above the text box
• Starting the game will install the beta

Here are the patch notes:

• Fix to AI chassis stats being zero on older saves.
• Fix to a crash in practice to do with the simulation speed.
• Fix to crash after qualifying if running a reserve driver during Q1.
• Fix to wet and dry tracks producing the same lap times.
• Turned on practice bonuses for long races in single seater and GT series.
• Fix to a crash on some mail messages.
• Fixed the red zone on parts disappearing sometimes.
• Fixed Workshop mod cars crashing when running wide.
• Pit stop error only occurs when error chance is greater than 1%.
• Fix to the pitstop icon being wrong on the position tracker screen.
• Fix to access violation crash when loading in to a race.

Thanks for your patience and incredible ongoing support.

^The Motorsport Manager Team
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Motorsport Manager > Announcements > Topic Details
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2017 @ 9:55am
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