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Beta Patch 1.31
Hey Guys,

Thank you to everyone for the feedback we've received since the launch of our GT Series and Create a Team DLC. We love hearing about the experiences and challenges you’ve encountered with this new content.

Since the DLC released we've been hard at work on a new patch to squash a number of bugs that have cropped up since it was released. This patch is going to be released now on the beta branch. A number of the changes we’ve made are subtle or balancing related and whilst our QA team have tested these changes and are happy everything is working well we’d like to also get your input on the changes before we make it live on the main branch.

One of the key changes we’ve made in the patch is to the blue flag system. We’ve improved the detection of car performance to ensure that the game is more appropriately taking into account how fast a lapped car is in relation to the car ahead. This will make it easier for cars to unlap themselves when they are faster than a car that’s lapped them.
We have also included an option to toggle on/off blue flags. This is something that the community have requested, but we advise caution in its use as this will inevitably cause leading cars to be held up by backmarkers.

If you would like to access the beta branch here is how you can do so:
• Right-click game in steam library
• Select properties
• Go to betas tab
• Enter password “MotorsportManager” in the text box
• Choose the beta option from drop down menu above the text box
• Starting the game will install the beta

Here are the patch notes:
• Added a Blue Flag preference toggle
• Blue Flags now take into consideration how fast a vehicle is compared to the backmarker
• Fixed an issue with fuel time costs in long races in the GT series
• Fixed a bug where drivers would occasionally ignore pit orders and then crash
• Fixed an issue where the weather tooltip appeared too far away from the race weather forecast panel
• Fixed instances where the Race Results screen would show incorrect position gains/losses from the driver starting positions in ERS
• Fixed instances where driver weights would say 0kg
• Fixed a bug where music would continue to play during sessions if a new career had been started with the tutorial on
• Fixed a bug where the Commentary Feed would not display in the race if the player had skipped the previous session
• Fixed an issue where the 'Pre-Season Start' item would refer to the series you came from, instead of your current series if recently promoted
• Fixed an interview question where the player's driver that finished in first was treated as if they were not part of the team
• Various interview bug fixes
• The graphics quality settings in 3D mode affects the quality of the GT car image displayed in 2D mode
• Improved AI in-lap and out-lap behaviours to give other cars more space during practice and qualifying
• There is now less corner-cutting on certain layouts in Beijing
• Fixed an issue where any votes the player had chosen wouldn't appear in the calendar until the day the vote was due
• Fixed an issue where messages telling the player that their tyres were not appropriate were always incorrect
• Fixed an issue where the incorrect wheel models were being picked based on the tyre rules
• The "Living Up To Their Namesake" achievement has been made easier to obtain
• Adjusted the way lock ups are calculated
• Fixed an issue where the qualifying rule type could be changed for previously saved games.
• Fixed instances where movies wouldn't play in 2D mode during Car Design and Pre-Season
• Fixed a bug where traffic would not move in Yokohama
• Fixed an issue where driver morale was not being calculated properly during the 3 qualifying sessions
• Fixed an issue where save files could drastically increase in size, rendering the saves unusable
• Fixed an issue where the player could get new sponsor offers during a race
• Fixed a rare boot-up crash
• Fixed a bug where a second chassis would appear in the Car Screen after part development was reset by the GMA
• The number of real safety cars that can appear in a race has been capped per session length
• Modified the tyre information rollover so that 'estimated laps remaining' takes the current tyre wear into account
• Added a rollover to locked tyres at the start of the race to display the estimated laps remaining for that tyre
• When entering the pit screen in Q3 and observing a locked tyre, this tyre is no longer permanently locked for both drivers in the following race
• Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to progress past the 'accept money from chairman' phase in a new game
• Fixed a rare crash bug when loading into a race
• Fixed misaligned tutorial boxes
• Changed the way the race director assesses the weather forecast to unlock tyre selection
• Fixed an issue where the 'Liverypack AssetBundle' would prevent the game from starting
• Fixed an issue where the reserve driver was using the main drivers feedback stat during practice
• Fixed an issue where the "Reigning Champion" trait would not be re-applied to drivers who had previously won it
• Fixed an issue where pre-race media messages were not being triggered after loading and saving a game
• Fixed an issue where Predator's rival team was... Predator
• Fixed a bug where Practice bonuses would only be applied in Q1
• Fixed a graphical issue where the WMC trophy was being displayed in the podium screen if a player achieved 3rd place in a GT race
• The reserve driver's post-race improvement is now doubled if they were used during Practice
• Qualifying trim practice bonuses are now applied correctly to Q1, Q2, and Q3
• The 3rd place podium trophy has been changed to the correct one
• Reserve drivers improvement is now affected by them taking part in a practice session.

Happy Racing!
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