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Steam games you can't buy
ok so we have Metro Exodus, what about others?

Some I can think of:

- Jurassic Park: The Game

- Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

- Nosgoth

- brain.exe stopped responding

Any you can think of?


Oh right, and the original Metro 2033 isn't available anymore either. Altho they did give it away for free before it went down.
最后由 n00by 编辑于; 2月18日下午5:35
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You can't buy Homeworld: cataclysm which gearbox renamed to Homeworld: Emergence.
最后由 Michael 编辑于; 2月18日下午5:28
Mdgrim 2月18日下午5:31 
Aww man... Nosgoth was pretty fun :|

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition can't be purchased anymore, if you don't own DS1 and want to play it on Steam, you need to get the Remaster
最后由 Mdgrim 编辑于; 2月18日下午5:32
xabie 2月18日下午6:09 
Neverwinter Nights 2
Some of old metro game before redux are no longer available :taloslol:
Are you on about games that were released on Steam and have since disappeared from the platform or any game?

I would need a list of games for that but I would say Fable 2 or 3.
Oh yeah Lego lord of the rings and the hobbit no longer available
Transformers: Devastation.
n00by 2月19日下午3:21 
引用自 Pat on the back
Are you on about games that were released on Steam and have since disappeared from the platform or any game?

Stuff that was on Steam but got pulled down.

Remembered Alice Madness Returns and LawBreakers.
LEGO The Hobbit
LEGO The Lord of the Rings
Alice Madness Returns (still available on Origin and Amazon)
Ghostbusters The Video Game (DRM free version still on Amazon)
Family Guy Back to the Multiverse (available on Amazon)
Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition (was replaced with "20th Anniversary World Tour" which i like even more so no big is missing some extra episodes Megaton had)

Alan Wake had been gone for a while and suddenly came back last Halloween. Get it while you can. I also read many Marvel games are gone like Deadpool, X-Men and Spider-Man. My account is turning into a game graveyard over time.
最后由 Mr Bigglesworth 编辑于; 2月19日下午9:32
There are well over 1000 games that can no longer be purchased on steam. There is even a dedicated group for removed games.
Some of you mentioned Alice Madness Returns above it's a game I could actually see myself playing lol. Seeing as it was pulled from Steam and I would most likely have to use Origin to buy it I think I'll still pass.

My pick was Fable III @ the above and it seems you can still buy that game online and activate it with Steam, issue is the botched GFWL it's tied to.
最后由 Pat on the back 编辑于; 2月19日下午4:41
Deadpool, Ashen, Genesis Alpha One. Upcoming games are World War Z, ManEater.

Well those are the games I would play that are removed or not released on Steam.

It's an exclusive on epic for a year. I am sure it will turn up again here.
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