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[CT]Robert  [developer] Jun 18, 2013 @ 7:46am
Serious Sam 3 Update 182970
Serious Sam 3 Update 182970

Build 182970 for Serious Sam 3 is released.
If you have previously opted into public beta, you already have this.

Here are the changes:

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a rare crash in physics solver.
- Fixed a rare issue causing the game to freeze in certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue preventing players from respawning in CoinOp games if they became spectators.
- When changing "Prefer 3rd person view" option in Game Options menu, this change now immediately takes effect.

- Greatly optimized performance of menu rendering in Linux.

- Legged puppets can now have a model mover stretch specified via new macro function: SetModelMoverStretch(). There is an accompanying getter function, as well.
- Exposed GetArmor() and SetArmor() macro functions on puppet.
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