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Who has the hardest achievement; Queen Hatshepsut?
Cuz I do. :B1:

I was playing that last level on serious difficulty for the achievement, but then I completed the whole thing in one try without dying or loading a save... ridiculous boss fight included.

Got the achievement for doing that at the same time I got the achievement for beating the game on serious difficulty.

It wasn't my first run at that level. It was the second time I beat the whole thing but the first time I attempted it on serious difficulty.

So who else here was SERIOUS enough to earn this achievement? I want to see who you people are!

The global achievement stats say .6% of people that own the game have this achievement, but I'm going to assume some people cheated and unlocked all the achievements with the Steam Achievement Manager therefore screwing up the stats.
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didhnt even know that was a achievement 0.o
is it only for the last level?
i completed the game on serious difficulty but no achievement (i was using a khum menu theme and a beefier shotgun sound mod with a golden eye death theme bbut no cheats ;p )
kickass knum menu > achievements :)

Yea you would probably need a video or at least honesty to say you didnt hack the achievement lol
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Yea you would probably need a video or at least honesty to say you didnt hack the achievement lol

Damn... Well you could check my profile and see that I don't have ALL the achievements unlocked. People that I've seen use the hack get all the achievements at once. I don't know if it's possible to get only some.

Yes, the achievement is only for the last level. I died plenty on the other levels.

I could probably do it again actually. The valley of death part is relatively easy, it just takes FOREVER and you have to use "granny strats" which is the opposite of "YOLO strats" which in this case means playing it safe the whole way and running back and getting health/armor whenever you need it.

The boss fight is the hard part. You screw that up and you'll probably give up trying since that sets you back almost an hour. The key is to keep moving when the boss is shooting at you and drop down to cool your jets only when his guns are down and he's not shooting you. Gotta watch out for the damn khums, those fireballs are way faster than the rockets.
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not saying you didn't earn it im saying that not all .6 % earned it honestly
i died so much :<
i couldnt see thosse damm kleers]
grats too
Yeah they mauled me REAL bad a few times down to 44 health from full XD

and thanks
if jjust one darn kleer got through my line of defence that messed me up bad :(
were you really cautious and stuff? what kinda things were you doing lol ( i was being conservative with my ammo for the last wave there)
I used the hell out of all the rockets, yes. I use rockets for almost everything and I always made sure I had some to shoot. Rockets are great against everything. Directly hit baddies that are charging at you. Backtrack the whole way. Don't let anything get close. Make sure you can kill everything that comes after you. If something is getting close and the rockets won't help, use minigun. If the minigun won't cut it, just break out the cannon and throw a couple so you have a clear area. Shotgun usually won't help you, It's far too slow.

There are actually a lot of devastator rounds in the level. Don't be afraid to use some of them. I got to the end with nearly a full stock of them and I had passed plenty of refills on the way. Consider using them to clear away a scrapjack or rocket mech or a khnum that you think might be able to get a shot in at you.

Backtrack backtrack backtrack, stay cautious, granny strats. But, I'd try to always keep near a rocket dispenser. You're gonna need rockets.

Don't forget C4 and your assault rifle at times. C4 is nice to spam sometimes in between rocket boxes.

Also, there's 150 laser gun ammo you can use if you have the gun from earlier secrets in other levels. In the clearing with the lone temple in the middle where the psychic witches attack you, it's to the left behind some rocks facing the sand desert. It's almost as good as a minigun for damage, so there's that.
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yea i found that if i used any rockes vs those knum ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s they always dogded em
they dont so with devastator and i found its more effective vs knum and kleer
a dam grenade launcher shouldnt be more effective then a rocket launcher vs the toughest non boss enemy :L
There's way too many kleer to be using TOO much devastator on. Just focus on being able to pop every kleer in the face with a rocket.

And the devastator is some ridiculous super weapon lol. refresh the page, I edited in some more info in my last post... I think.
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The boss is the hardest part though. I got lucky I think doing it without practicing a lot. You'd want to practice in a save if you want to try for the achievement.

You can land to cool your jets only when his guns are down. Watch out for khnum fireballs because they're really the only things that are fast enough to hit you from a distance. Try not to land near any khnums. Consider clearing small enemies from the sky near where you need to land or get rods with minigum, devastator, or even the cannon.

To hurry the fight along, you can try to get behind him and throw another rod when he's struck by lightning. You don't want the fight to drag on; I just barely was able to do it before I got killed.
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Anyone can get it now. I got it the hard way back then while some others (earlier last year) took it the other way around bygoing around the map. Thankfully they may think they earn the achievement but they really do not know the skills in earning the achievements.

Anyhow. Just focus on Ugh Zan and mostly ignore the other enemies around is how to do it. They just there to distract you. Higher and moving about with the Jetpack no Ground Enemies really cannot hit you unless you go near them. The Helicopter one is the thingy depends on its presence around you and position. WHich is kool lol

If you can use the Unlimited Ammo from customize Menu. You can still get the achievement, Let the Cannonballs be your friend,

The Hardest is On SS HD The second Encounter. The Cathedral King. Is more Challenging and Harder than this one anyway.
but but thats using cheats :(
Here is your pat on the head, or gold star or whaterver form of attention your require!

I got it took me like 3 tryes but i nailed it.
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Here is your pat on the head, or gold star or whaterver form of attention your require!

I'd like it in the form of a cookie thanks :)
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