Serious Sam 3: BFE
Server works, yet invisible.
Hey, so Sam does not require port forwarding, right? My router doesn't support it.
Well, here is the deal - Hosting on normal BFE, not modded. Not dedicated, simple player host.
Nobody joins...Then I asked a friend to test it out, blam. He joins and we play. I invited him. He also checked it in the server browser, and it's invisible there.
So, the server works in-game, why is it invisible? I didn't activate Private Server or anything.
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Cunin Jun 15, 2014 @ 8:55am 
I have no experience with Sam's server but every server for any game uses a port for incoming connections. That port and your IP is sent to the masterserver when the server connects the first time, so that all clients will get that information when they get the server listing from masterserver, otherwise they won't be able to connect.
Your problem seem to be different, as it's not listed in masterserver's listing but accepts clients, which may be a different problem than port forwarding. One can be the options you chose when creating it (public?), another can be if you're using the modded version, and yet another one can be the masterserver needing more time to list it.

I know I had problems with server listing in the past, showing servers that were no longer running, so maybe, and I say maybe, the masterserver isn't that quick at rebuilding/managing its server listing.
I made sure it's public, and I was using the vanilla version. Perhaps I just had to actually wait for masterserver to list it, tho.
Well, nope. Not working for sure
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